Buy A Beanie And Support Breast Cancer Awareness!!! Kim for Kim ;)

Twocanview, in collaboration with KCB Custom Crochet, would like to enlist your support in helping those 

Kim Longsworth Black

suffering from the devastating effects of breast cancer. Kimberly Christine Black, is one of our own Belizeans living in California. She has agreed to help the cause by designing and lovingly making each one by hand. 

Check out Kimmy’s selection at  They make Perfect gifts for Baby Showers, Birthday Gifts, Celebration of Life parties, Mother’s Day, and so much more! Should you want to customize your hat, head band, hair bow, she would be happy to accommodate you! She will be coming out with a collection for your guys soon too!

Your $5 donation will be made in the name of Kim Simplis Barrow to the Belize Cancer Center Dangriga in Stann Creek, Belize CA. If you prefer not to make a purchase, please feel free to make a donation of  any amount to this worthy cause and thanks! 


A Certain Decorum Please! by Aria Lightfoot

When I see potential leaders acting like children with pettiness, inappropriateness, and tasteless behavior to get their point across, it concerns me a great deal. The old adage says ” you catch more bees with honey than vinegar”.
Please let us elevate our debates to that of respectability. Last night I was appalled when someone attacked the first lady’s picture. It had nothing to do with any political affiliation. I was just greatly annoyed at the vitriol displayed in a person’s weakest moment. Last I checked she is NOT a politician. Save that level of disgust for the actual politicians.
Free speech comes with serious consequences, remember with privilege comes great responsibility. Let’s try not be bullies and asinine individuals. It tells me already that will be your leadership style. Please let us bring back civility and respect to our culture. Treat people as you expect to be treated. A simple formula in life.
Martin Luther King , Gandhi, Mandela and Jesus were consistently humiliated, abused and discounted. Never once did their words and actions become spiteful or bitter. They were able to change the hearts of many nations and their impact is timeless.  Remember we lead by example. Let us aspire to be like these great leaders. Lets teach followers how to behave appropriately and please continue the good fight!