Joseph Sanchez is dead, but who am I? written by: Aria Lightfoot

… I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse; therefore choose life.”  Moses

Joseph Sanchez  Murdered cross dresser teen

Joseph Sanchez
Murdered gay teen

Joseph Sanchez is dead but who am I?   Who am I must be the one universal question we have all asked ourselves while staring at the reflection in the mirror staring back at us, mimicking our moves and sending back signals to our brains. We have tacitly accepted the reflected image is actually who we see. Some scientist believe that we would not be able to recognize ourselves if we could actually see ourselves outside of a mirror or picture.   We see a face staring back at us and many times we are left with more questions than answers.  Am I pretty? Am I fat? Why is that flaw so prominent?  Who am I?

Many of us depend on the mirror to help us project the image we consider acceptable or want to share with the world.  Most of us would never leave the house without visiting the mirror for confirmation that we have portrayed the right image.  We take care in what we wear to fit into certain cliques, or professional groups; we look to the mirror to determine our ratio of sexiness or decency; sometimes we want to ensure we are emulating our heroes by copying his or her dress, or hair or make up; we sometimes want to seem intimidating; regal;  sometimes we want to look “fresh” or stand out; but most times we just want to fit in. The way we choose to dress many times gives a glimpse into who we want to be but not necessarily who we are. One thing for sure, we all inhibit some level of insecurity about the image staring back at us, maybe wishing we had the money, or DNA, or will power to change it.  And while the world can see the actual physical manifestation we ourselves cannot see because we can only see it through a mirror or picture;  the world is not privy to our feelings, or thoughts not projected in our physical appearance.

Joseph Sanchez was an 18 -year old gay teenager, barely legal and the same age as my son.  He loved to dance in the Belize Carnivals and did very well in that element. He reportedly preferred to dress in skirts and dresses rather than pants…but think for a minute… so do Scottish men, many men in the Middle East, Africa and India. Here we have a teenager, terrorized by some members of Belize society and then executed. Joseph’s family told the media that he quit school because of numerous death threats and the constant hate he endured. He must have been assaulted on many occasions and decided not to report it. He may have thought his attackers were just another bullying incident he had endured many times.  If being gay was a choice, who would choose to live under such constant threats, terror and judgment? Joseph was said to be mindful of where he went and who he affiliated with and yet he still was subjected to the brutality of a judgmental society gone berserk. Joseph was brutally murdered early Sunday morning January 12, 2014. A knife in his heart sealed his fate.

Growing up I was a tomboy. I loved playing sports. I personally hated dresses because it meant I could not run around and would have to sit properly or risk chastisement. I use to wear my brother’s t-shirts and shorts.  I just cannot imagine that anyone would want to kill me, beat me up or terrorize me because of what I chose to wear. Joseph, a teenager barely into adulthood, digressed from what Belize’s machismo “God fearing” society thought was appropriate dress code and now you hearing the proponents begin to rationalize his murder.  That is disturbing to me.  For those who think that this young man was seeking special rights, then you are clueless about freedom and rights and you have no respect for it.

Freedom does not only encompass your happiness. Let me repeat. Freedom is NOT ONLY ABOUT YOU. Living in a free society means that you will be subjected to images, beliefs, opinions, people and lifestyles you don’t agree with;  things and people you don’t like or support;  but in such a society, the same freedom allows you to equally  live your life as you see fit;  offer controversial and opposing opinions and ideas;  dress in a manner that expresses who you are;  pray as your personal faith dictates;  and be who you want to be,  free from any fear  or terror.  Joseph was never afforded such freedom. The people who chose to rationalize Joseph’s murder are  willing accomplices to his demise. Freedom is in serious peril when we are trapped in ideology.

Joseph Sanchez is today free from all the hate and anger. He is free from fear, he is free from judgment and he has left behind a society that has rationalized their own imprisonment.  There is never, ever a rationalization to kill someone because you disagree or dislike who he or she is.

The Bible thumpers, who continue to quote death verses, consider that God gave Moses ten simple commandments to follow.  Thou shalt not kill was one of the commandments. He did not say thou shalt not kill those I agree with or like. There was no caveat to the commandment. Thou shalt not kill was a commandment handed down by God himself. Yet the self appointed religious leaders and arbiters completely ignore a direct commandment of God and direct their followers to verses in the Bible interpreted by priests who themselves have blatantly ignored and rejected God’s commandment of thou shalt not kill and encouraged their followers to kill in the name of God.

I am completely disgusted with those people in our Belizean society who attempt to rationalize the murder of Joseph or the murder of anyone for that matter and especially those in the LGBT community.  How dare you use God as a foundation for your personal hate?  Joseph was just a kid. He was somebody’s child. He was a fellow citizen and human being and he deserved life and respect even when you disagreed with how he chose to express himself. We are on a slippery slope Belize when we rationalize murder of those we don’t like.

Martin Luther King Jr. said that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.  When you have lost your empathy for human life, when you rationalize bad behavior, when you have selective morality- don’t be surprised when injustice meets you next.  We need to honor life and investigate death in such a manner to prove that we actually honor life.  We live in a diverse world and only people who believe in acts of genocide, dictatorships and totalitarianism reject the idea of diversity.

You are now at peace Joseph…let those who revel in your death feel the wrath of their own conscience … God please help us find our moral compass because we are lost sheep!

A year later and still no answers. Written by: Aria Lightfoot.

“Let there be justice for all. Let there be peace for all. Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all. Let each know that for each the body, the mind and the soul have been freed to fulfill themselves.”  Nelson Mandela

Keino Malcolm Quallo- murdered 7/1 or 8/1 2013

Keino Malcolm Quallo- murdered 7/1 or 8/1 2013

It was reportedly a stormy late night January 7th or early morning January 8th, 2013, when several people  (likely men), entered into the apartments of Keino Quallo; Anthony Perez, Albert Fuentes and Leonard Myers and brutally, savagely and gruesomely murdered them. Although the houses in that neighborhood practically sit on top of each other, no one heard or saw anything.

It may be a coincidence that the police visited the house the same night and broke a lock the assailants came through; and it is plausible that the police surveillance camera was not working that night; Belize get equipment donated without technical support. What was unimaginable were the the heinous crimes splattered all over the media; showcased by the police; and hurriedly theorized by media as gang affiliated murders.  Evident were the unprofessionalism and incompetence on proud display. The murder scene quickly  turned into a public spectacle filled with reporters, onlookers and police officers; treating the crime scene as a blood filled sideshow; trampling through an unpreserved crime scene; with no regard for family and friends who looked on in horror. It was a very disrespectful and unethical event behaving as if the lives taken meant nothing.

The murders shocked the core of citizens, friends and strangers; it almost caused a riot and created such a volatile environment that even the US Embassy issued warnings.  Fingers began to point, accusations ran rampant, gunshots rang out; residents were visibly upset and a standoff between the residents of the area and the Gang Suppression Unit played out on the news, social media and YouTube.  After the drama subsided, four men not only died but also joined the ranks of more than a thousand unsolved and un-investigated murders in Belize.

The sad reality is that the lives of those stolen means absolutely nothing to a good portion of Belize Society; the powers that be; the police force, who seem to have stalled on a disinterested investigation; the media, who just needed their sensationalism fix for the week and the government of Belize who have treated the death of our troubled youth population with disdain; keeping intact a DPP and Attorney General inept to address the failed criminal justice system.

So a year later, the death of Keino Quallo remains un-investigated and unsolved. No updates, no witnesses, no claim about ongoing investigations. I really don’t think they care. It is this exact unprincipled attitude that is creating a ripe environment for criminals in Belize.   I ask everyone reading this… what does it say about our society that does not respect the lives of its own citizens? What does it say of our society where citizens cannot seek justice for their injustices? What does it say of our society where murder is so rampant that it no longer offends our moral compass?  Unfortunately, we have seemingly evolved into a society where many Belizeans are bedazzled with pageantry, position; the rapture and pettiness to grasp the magnitude of one thousand unsolved murders; too docile to hold our government accountable for the incompetence of the criminal legal system and too aloof to feel empathy.

Murder is running free in Belize; acting irresponsible; choosing randomly; acting irrationally and violently… he has an unquenchable and unrestraint thirst; he is no longer confined to the Southside of Belize City; he no longer thirsts for only the poor and disadvantaged; he has expanded his scope. Recently three Canadians killed or missing…when he visits, we still remain numb to his pain, oblivious to the path of self destruction…Can you see our shameful and disgraceful shell of a justice system?

Keino, my friend,  you can never die when your memory lives.  Your life mattered! The state is responsible for investigating your death and the death of every person whose life is ripped from them.  The government has a duty to ensure the safety of citizens and visitors to Belize. The government should put the mechanisms in place to bring murderers to justice; to give family members closure;  and to hold each and every life in the highest regard regardless of status or stature.  One year later and no answers…

TWO Missing Belizean Children have been found safe !

Update #2 : 

8 year old Nehemiah and 9 year old Fanny Romero who were reported missing more than ten days ago have been found. The children are now in the protection of their father, Felix Romero who had to travel to Copan, Honduras to look for them. It was initially reported, Juan Jovel, the grandfather, had abducted the siblings, but now Felix Romero has stated the children followed their grandfather who had no choice but to take them with him to Honduras. It’s a huge misunderstanding surrounded by miscommunications says Romero. Whatever the case may be, the children are in the safe hands of their father and they are scheduled to return to the country tomorrow. (source Capital Newspost Facebook Update 7/31/2013, Belize)


UPDATE: Children are suspected to have been abducted by their grandfather Juan Jovel with the assistance of an unknown and unidentified woman (source Capital Newspost, Belize) 

Juan Jovel - believed to have abducted his grandchildren

Juan Jovel – believed to have abducted his grandchildren

Missing: Fanny Romero – girl

Missing: Jairo Romero – boy

Name of Parent: Felix Romero

Missing From Cowpen Area, Stann Creek District, Belize Central America

Last Seen: Wednesday July 17, 2013

Reports: Reports of two children of similar Description with older man in Western Belize however Belize is small so they could  be in any area of Belize.

Please look at these children faces carefully. Many times the kidnapper may attempt to change appearances by cutting hair or changing clothes. Please be on the look out and if you see anything suspicious:

call the nearest police station by dialing 911

or call ( 011-501)-624-4051.

Jairo and Fanny Romero

Jairo and Fanny Romero

TWO Missing Belizean Children- please share with everyone.

Missing: Fanny Romero – girl

Missing: Jairo Romero – boy

Name of Parent: Felix Romero

Missing From Cowpen Area, Stann Creek District, Belize Central America

Last Seen: Wednesday July 17, 2013

Reports: Reports of two children of similar Description with older man in Western Belize however Belize is small so they could  be in any area of Belize.

Please look at these children faces carefully. Many times the kidnapper may attempt to change appearances by cutting hair or changing clothes. Please be on the look out and if you see anything suspicious:

call the nearest police station by dialing 911

or call ( 011-501)-624-4051.

Jairo and Fanny Romero

Jairo and Fanny Romero

Happy Birthday Twocanview and Merry Christmas to All!


One year ago on December 26th, 2011, Twocanview splashed onto the Internet scene with a hard-hitting poem ‘Jingle Bells’ by Fayemarie Anderson Carter ( and an article ‘Reflection’ by Aria Lightfoot.  (

The idea of Twocanview was borne to address issues in Belize normally too taboo to discuss, or due to political affiliation, fear of retaliation or apathy, not addressed.  We are two Belizean women, giving a bird eyes view of our beautiful country Belize.   We chose the name Twocanview as a play on the word toucan, Belize’s national bird.

What was the year like?

Twocanview’s articles brought out very strong mixed emotions from readers and from writers of Twocanview alike.  We were enthusiastically encouraged to continue by some; some readers were deeply offended, even those we were not talking about; our Belizeanness were called into question; one person threatened to ‘bring down’ Twocanview (the most hilarious threat);  we were blocked and reported as spam;  we were called insignificant;  we were ignored;  we were taken very seriously;  we were prayed for;  we were called evil and one fanatical church lady called for my personal arrest when I reach Belize.  Some opposition members accused us of being an arm of the government and the government had no idea what to make of us.  Maybe starting a controversial blog months before a major General Elections could make a lot of people ‘naaavous’ and suspicious.

As the year progressed, many people calmed down, and many of our readers developed a level of trust for us.  We received many tips on stories and many times people reached out for us to address issues and helped to add credence to our articles.  Faye and I have been very clear and consistent in our writing. We are anti-corruption, pro-Belize and we are adding our voice to the discourse to move Belize forward. We firmly believe that Belizeans want the same things, regardless of political affiliation, social or financial status.

Over the year, we promoted a successful writing contest with the winner, Andre Alamilla, receiving over 1000 dollars in gift and prizes through the generous contribution of our readers. We were also featured in the Independent Newspaper;  we had the opportunity to interview the Prime Minister of Belize, Dean Barrow and also met several past and present members of House of Representatives.  Several writers contributed to Twocanview with opinion pieces of their own and Twocanview also sponsored a child through Restore Belize hoping to make a difference if only in one child’s life.

In our first year,  Twocanview wrote 355 articles, received 1,132 comments from readers,  had more than 48,000 hits. About 800 email subscribers, 40 blog followers and almost 400 Facebook likes.   The most read story in one day was “The mishandling of the Jasmine Lowe investigation” ( which had over 4250 views in one day and reprinted by two small newspapers.  Our blog has been viewed in Belize, USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.  Even though we do not blog daily or weekly we still get about 50-100 daily viewers.

The year has seen some ups and downs. Faye and I have disagreed on how to address certain issues and as passionate women, we made our stand.  Our writing is real and emotional and driven by our love of country.  We have also received very good, not so good, rude and interesting feedback from professors, co-bloggers and just about anyone with an opinion.  The last few months we have had less articles due to school and work obligations for myself and Faye began pursuing other projects.

What is in store for 2013?

As I become acclimated with working full time, I plan to continue blogging in the New Year. The membership has been renewed and in 2013 Twocanview, will continue to bring to readers perspective on issues we think are of national importance. Belize is too important to us.  We will not go quietly into the night and promise to continue our advocacy of good governance for Belize.  We wish you a very merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Please continue reading and spreading the birdflew.

Daily Dingleberry 10-11-12 Sedi Dun “Sed-it” Yu On Yuh Own

I know. I know. You haven’t heard from me in a long time…my squawk box was broken and I had to take some time so it could mend. Miss me? Didn’t think so. So now to business.

I am extremely grateful to the people of Cayo who have continued to demonstrate all that is good about Belize and our people. They have once again raised their voices in solidarity and solemn determination to fight against the sickening crimes crippling our country. They have been respectful, peaceful and firm in their convictions. They have laid out their concerns and have turned to the government, who promised that it is the choice of the people, the voice of the people and are of the people, for direction and support. AND WHAT DID ITS REPRESENTATIVE DO? Hold me back now!


He sat there and basically blamed his people for where we are and told us to fix it ourselves….I can’t even imagine what a mother or father who has lost a child must have felt to hear those words. What went through their heads when it was confirmed by the gatdamn  Attorney General   himself….you will not be getting no justice no time soon people…sorry your kid died but uhm…das yo problem boo…so Mistah Sedi…wut u gone do when people staat tun up DED????? Hangin from the lamp post? In front of the court house???? Maybe your front door?

Because….people will only take so much. When people come to believe that no one cares and there is no hope, they take drastic measures. I don’t want this to happen. Of course not. But if we can’t support each other in what is a debilitating situation affecting everyone of us, what can we expect?

Here’s what: Mr. Sedi Elrington was cruel in his dismissal of people’s pain and their pleas for his help. He was callous in his judgement and cold in his attitude toward his own people. Shame on you Sedi. Shame on our government for mishandling such an opportunity to join hands with the good people of our nation in a fight for our children.

May this fight continue in the name of Jasmine Lowe, Suzenne Martinez and all the missing/murdered girls and boys.

Women are we failing our children? by Aria Lightfoot

Hi Readers,

I took a pretty long hiatus off the blog to find the time to breathe and create some balance in my life. This summer I got involved with the Obama campaign then got a full time demanding job, full time Grad School program and full time mom.  It has been hectic may be an understatement.  Thank goodness for Faye who continued writing without complaining.  Each time I attempted to write, sleep won the battle. Writing at times can be mentally exhausting, and writing about issues that move you can be emotionally draining.

I have been following the Belize news and issues during my hiatus and even trying to incite discussions to evaluate how people are thinking on some issues.  One of the good things about written discussions is no matter how heated it becomes, it gives one the opportunity to go back and read the words and thoughts of others. It allows one to even examine arguments after tempers have cooled.

On a more serious note and the purpose why I have ended my hiatus is to continue discussing the issues facing Belize and dominating the news cycle lately, namely sexual assault.  Sexual Assault has become a desensitized public issue.  Each victim story is being headlined for a day worth of news, while the victims’ entire lives are permanently ruined. The scary aspect of sexual assault is when it affects our children.

Jasmine ‘s murder is still relatively recent in my mind. To many, her death is already a fading memory.  She became a child martyr who symbolized a fed up society ready to exact justice.  The outraged public has now returned to their daily lives and anger meters reduced to a mere whimper. All the different groups who were motivated to action have become inactive.

And while Jasmine’s accused killer awaits trial, I can’t help but think – how many predators can a small country of Belize have?   Lets examine what is happening in the Jewel that lately seems synonymous with sex crimes.

An 11-year-old child is raped. The doctor certified her rape. The child is found in the presence of the accused. The accused, not a family member of the child, admits to being in the presence of the child. The child tells the court that she is raped by the accused.  A jury of mostly women allowed this predator to walk amidst their own children.   How could a predator walk away from a case with such seemingly strong definitive evidence?

Another little two year old is dead after her tiny body is violently brutalized and raped, possibly a family member. How could a mother not identify her two year old being raped? Except for Mose Hyde who expressed utter and bitter disgust for what happened to this baby, nothing much else.  No candle vigils, speeches, outrage…nothing!

In the midst of it all, a well respected Pastor Willacy, pastor, principal and counselor with daughters himself, admits to a sordid affair with a child he teaches, counsels and pastors to.   The prevailing rumor is that this was not his first affair with a student.  A well-known secret is what I was told.

During all these assaults on our children an irritating pattern is emerging in Belize as it appears to me. It seems Belize has homegrown quite a few insecure competing women who measure their worth by the men in their lives.  Why do I say this you ask?  Apart from the women quarreling endlessly over the same man messing with both of them, lets relate it to the victims I have mentioned.  Pastor Willacy made an interesting claim to the child.  He told the child her own mother was jealous of her youthfulness.  Is he on to something?  Are older women jealous of these young teenagers, forgetting they are mere children?

I am no psychologist, but I know men enjoy these nonsense competitions, where women will fight and quarrel for a man while he enjoys the company of both women.  (I want my sweetheart and my wife to be friends). Women tear each other apart and argue base on what position they play in a man’s life.  It is this same stupidity that a predator enjoys.   He targets the youthful underage girl with supple breast and young curves and a fit body and that negatively affects the self-esteem of the older, sagging breasts, child barren women. In a “man shortage, man sharing society”, instead of seeing the predator for who he is; a manipulative dangerous predator; many women begin to do what Belize men have culturally taught them to do.  Blame the other women, in this case, blame the female child!  The man walks away blameless or the forgiveness comes quickly as he makes her feel special, after each consistent indiscretion.

When I listen to women bicker about men, I use to find it comical, now I find it troubling.  When I read some of these women statements defending Willacy and blaming his 16-year-old child victim, it was quite disgusting and disturbing.  How can any woman, who was once 16-years old ever think any 16 year old can be sophisticated enough to trick a 50 year old plus man?

After children are abused, our society continues the assault by blaming them for being victims.  I have been in court with a woman who blamed her own seven year old daughter for the predatory acts her boyfriend unleashed on her own child.  She preferred to have a man in her bed that gets up middle of the night to rape her child, than to get rid of him and have him prosecuted.  She chastised her daughter for bringing the matter to court.  I have never been more disgusted.

I implore the women in Belize to start looking out for our young women.  When you see a young teenager girl going astray, instead of labeling her a whore, bitch, sketel, quoting Bible to her etc.  Before you dismiss her pain, reach out and find out what pain was inflicted upon her. It may give you some deep insight to the type of predator who may have her life in shambles.   What ever happened to the society where we use to look out for each other?

This Says It All… And Then Some by Fayemarie Anderson Carter

Lock ’em up

Anybody heard what the Catholic priest said about child victims of sexual abuse? He said that oftentimes, they are the “seducer”. You heard it right and he did say it, although if you go look for where he originally said it, you won’t find it. Instead, you will find that that article is already taken down and has been replaced by an apology article.

The Rev. Benedict Groeschel of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal said a lot of “dafuq” things in his interview with the National Catholic Register (NCR). Like what, you ask? O, that child molesters shouldn’t go to jail for their first offense, because they didn’t really mean to commit a crime; and, he refers to Jerry Sandusky as “this poor guy” as he wondered how no one said anything for years. “This poor guy” remember, is the Penn State coach convicted for molesting boys under his tutelage.

What did the Catholix have to say? Well, Editor in Chief of the NCR Jeanette De Melo, was really sorry they published what he said and called it an “editorial mistake”. Whatever, lady. And his fellow friars??? They likened him to an elderly relative, old and addled, not responsible for his ramblings. And what did HE say? Oh, that his brain ain’t the same since he’s been in a car accident. So then, why the hell was he in an interview again????? Bull!

David Clohessy, director of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, or SNAP expressed concern for victims, witnesses and whistle blowers saying that comments like that are “incredibly hurtful and mean spirited” and that there should be consequences for people like him.

So, here we go again. If this is the kind of thinking that is prevalent in our churches, is it any wonder that Pastor Willacy, of the Belmopan Baptist Church, got off with not a single charge??? Despite existing sexual harassment laws in Belize? Until we rise and holler at these people, refusing to swallow this garbage they spew from the pulpit, we can look forward to more of our children being used to satisfy the depraved sexual desires of our leaders. I don’t know about you, but I aint in for sacrificing lambs for that purpose.


Link to article about comments:

Link to apology:

Finally…The Bapist Church Responds But Is It Just A Strategic Delay? by Fayemarie A Carter

Broken Trust

After meeting with Willacey and the mother of child accusing Willacey of having an inappropriate sexual relationship, the Belmopan Baptist Church has placed Willacey on a 15 day suspension. Willacey will not be in school or on the pulpit. According to their policy, Willacey must be charged within these 15 days or he will be reinstated without prejudice. On the other hand, The Education and Training Act of 2010’s only child protection clause is that it is the responsibility of management…

Minister of Education, Hon. Patrick Faber has expressed concern about the situation and made a plea to the Baptist Church to “deal with the matter swiftly” but he also cautions that there is nothing the Ministry can do “to punish” the Baptist Church should they fail to comply with this request.

Hmmmmmmmmm…..why are we acting like we have never confronted this sort of situation before? By his own admission, the Minister stated that there are many instances of this type.  Why are there no safeguards in place against this kind of shit? What do you mean the Ministry can do nothing to protect our children in SCHOOL?????? All  students within a secondary school system should enjoy  the protective arm of the law and the Ministry of Education. What sort of message does this send to predators and victims? Why are we not charging him with rape of a minor since this relationship is over a year in duration, as already established by emails and texts? What happened to enforcing the sexual harassment laws???

I just feel like there is much hemming and hawing and wringing of hands that ultimately will lead to nothing.

Link to Channel 7 News:

PUP Speaks Against Recent Allegations Involving Baptist Pastor

The full text of what the PUP’s UWG said on August 21 – August 21, 2012
Press Release
The United Women’s Group (UWG) of the People’s United Party is appalled by the recent reports of sexual misconduct of adult men with minors, by persons in positions of trust and authority; and in particular by the matter involving the Principal and Pastor of the Belmopan Baptist School and Church who has confessed to being involved in an inappropriate relationship with a teenage female student and church member.
The UWG finds this report against this individual very disturbing. At a time when our young people are faced with lack of opportunities and positive role models, those in positions of authority entrusted as the guardians of the welfare of our children and youth, must not betray this trust for their own selfish gratification.
The UWG condemns in the strongest terms, any exploitation, sexual, physical, emotional or economic of Belizean youth. We deplor

e any conduct that preys on upon our women, youth and children.
The UWG calls on the Ministry of Education, the Belize Association of High School Principals, the Baptist Association of Belize and the Belize Council of Churches to act swiftly and decisively in dealing with this matter; and to immediately implement appropriate measures to ensure that such actions doo not re-occur within the school and church systems in Belize.
The UWG encourages all Belizeans to continue to advocate in the most vigorous manner for the protection of our children to keep them free from all forms of exploitation and abuse.=ENDS=