Dear Teenage Girls….by: Kiah Pastor



Kiah Pastor

Dear Teenage Girls of Belize,

There are a couple tragedies currently in the media that has hit close to home therefore I’d like to speak on one. There was a situation that occurred where a 13 year old female sent nude photos to a man and he then threatened to expose them if she did not have sex with him. Well she ended up having sex with him twice.

We live in a Society where men glorify women and their bodies but there is a very fine line between being human and appreciating a woman’s natural physique and then just being out right disrespectful. In Belize, most cases it’s being disrespectful. But as a child having your body go through changes, you’re left some what confused. Why should I as a teenager not show off my newly developed breasts if they’re so many older and more developed women on social media also showing off their bodies and getting glorified by not only men but other females as well. Do you see my point? Nudity has become a part of pop culture. Nudity has become art. Nudity has been accepted in every case EXCEPT when it has been shared against your will. The amount of guys I’ve seen preaching about “having self respect” and telling girls to stop sending nudes to young boys are the same guys I recall have asked me to send them a nude when I was between the ages of 12-16.

Almost every male will vow they’ll never associate themselves with younger girls but they’re so many of them who love it! It’s the idea of being with a female who doesn’t have a set of boundaries mostly because they don’t know what the boundaries should be. The idea of not being with a female you need to break all sorts of walls to get through to because she hasn’t been scarred by other men in order to build those walls up in the first place. And lastly it’s the idea of having a body that hasn’t been touched. The inferior feeling of taking it all away. Men love dominance.

Now let me redirect my energy. It’s not solely the men of our society’s fault but also the women. We should work hard as women to be advocates of true self confidence and self love. We should be more willing to reach out to the younger girls around us and be a big sister figure to them and be there to advise them so they don’t need to figure it all out on their own. This is very hard because there’s a lot of adult women themselves who don’t have self respect nor show true value of themselves as women but that’s okay! You don’t need to be in that space forever! You don’t need to be vulnerable to these men. You don’t need to use sex to feel powerful and you don’t need to showcase your body to get attention. You do what you’re confident with not what you feel is pleasing to others. Where do you think promiscuous women are stemmed from? Sexual acts that occur in early stages of life. Let’s make an effort to be the best examples to younger girls and to show them how they should react when put in compromising positions! You’re not alone!

From a young woman building herself back up,
Kiah Lisani Pastor ūüíď

Anti-Cyber Bullying Message – Click here

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A storm is brewing ‚Ķ. by: Aria Lightfoot


Belize is facing an approaching tropical storm, possibly a small hurricane, and one cannot ignore the cosmic correlation of recent events involving Mason. Mason was introduced to the Belizean public as an expert or specialist offering services to aid the National Emergency Management Organization. Two weeks after the murder of Llewelyn Lucas, there have been a plethora of fallouts, accusations, restructuring, investigations with even more pending. In some poetic sense, Belize system is definitely under National Emergency Management Re-Organization of government – courtesy of William Mason.

Mason’s identity is still unknown. He has a Belize birth certificate with the name William Mason and Guyanese passport with the name Ramesh Oulette. My Guyanese friend informs me that Oulette is not a traditional Guyanese last name. A little bit of research on the name Oulette indicates that the name is French Canadian in origin. It is possible his mother could have been French Canadian but Mason’s true identity is essential in getting to the bottom of this mystery.

william mason

Danny Mason‚Äôs true identity is extremely important because he may be linked to other crimes in Belize and worldwide. The aliases circulating are Danny Mason, Thomas Tharakan, Jagdeep Chahal (picture does not look like him), Raj Oulette, Ted Oulette, Danny Ferguson, Danny Oulette, Ramesh Oulette and Ramesh Singh. As I browsed RipOff Report online comments, I found it interesting that several people in Belize, as early as 2014, were reporting his presence in Belize. There are reports of Mason in South Africa, Thailand and South America scamming people, using similar tactics he did in Belize, befriending unsuspecting victims and stealing their money. A friend confided that Mason, known to her as Danny Oulette, attempted to extort her aunt. Her aunt had to get the police involved and remove ‚ÄúDanny‚ÄĚ from her land. She claims this was a few years ago and they thought he had left Belize and headed back to Canada.

This case has exposed a dangerous weakness in Belize’s identification system (maybe Guyana and Canada too) and a flagrant loophole indicating a lack of necessary checks and balances. Mason operated unfettered because he flashed money, made sizeable donations, was able to obtain fraudulent identity documents, gun licenses, property, status and access. All this with the admitted knowledge of the then Minister of Police and key police officers. The aftershock of this has yet to quantified. Mason’s operations have called every Belizean identity into question. He exposed Belize as a place that facilitates international criminals for the right price and with the knowledge of relevant authorities. The case highlights the ease to wash illicit funds through donations and investments; a revelation that could have dire consequences for Belize. Belize could face international repercussions such as de-risking and heightened security for all Belizean citizens worldwide. Whether or not the P.M. realizes this, there will be keen international monitoring of this case especially since Mason littered the world with victims. Mason could be wanted for serious crimes worldwide, even other murders. How Belize proceeds handling this will be vital.

The Prime Minister has done the necessary initial steps to cure some of the problems but there are so much more to be done. The PM must create the necessary legal checks and balances to ensure this level of abuse never again occurs. Mason may be the most sensational case, but criminals have entered and abused Belize’s lax system too many times. The PM has elevated credible people in the right places, but I urge him to also formulate a bipartisan team to assist those new leaders to correct the deficiencies in the system.

The P.M. must recognize that he represents the last vestiges of politicians whose personal service and reputation is the key to their political life. The new breed of politicians enters public life for personal and financial enrichment. They lack service and empathy for their country and people, they lack purpose and they lack a moral compass. The laws in Belize that originated from the days when handshakes sealed deals, does not align with this new era of politicians and criminals.

Currently, the Belizean people turn to Hon. Dean Barrow to solve problems, to hold his cabinet accountable and to fight on behalf of the nation of Belize. That is a difficult task to ask any one person to do. The current system does not create perpetuity and it is not conducive to promote proper development and not responsive to identify, analyze and eradicate corruption. I have heard many people echo that their support of UDP begins and ends with the current Prime Minister. What will happen to Belize when he retires? Belize system seemed to be designed for strong and principled leadership. A leadership game of Russian Roulette.Write-off

The electorate has grown in sophistication and knowledge due to the unprecedented access to information. People are understanding that leadership defines their identity, success, and generation’s future and they are growing weary of abuse. To forge a prosperous future for our children and children’s children, the laws and constitution must reflect a system of limits and accountability.

And Belize this is not over yet. It has been reported that a prominent CEO of the Government of Belize and former Director of immigration was denied access to the United States and her visa cancelled. Countries battling terrorism are likely very concerned about their own vulnerability when criminals can mask their identities in countries like Belize, Canada and Guyana. A red flag has been raised warning of a storm brewing.

Where does the truth lie? by Aria Lightfoot

John McAfee


John McAfee gave an interview to the wire. Please see link here: McAfee Claims Innocence.

So who is telling the truth Belizeans?

The alleged drug crazed McAfee with a thirst for attention and who previously vowed to bring the name of Belize down or the ¬†powerful ¬† alleged “rights violating” GSU ? ¬†It is an interesting development in our small country ¬†of Belize. ¬†Power games being played.

Now here is what I don’t get. Why does McAfee still want to remain in Belize? He ¬†claims he is deathly afraid of being killed and he stated that even the Prime Minister is out to get him…but yet he remains in Belize because Belize is “the nicest place on earth”? ¬†He claims the murder of his neighbor was a case of mistaken identity. ¬†However, how many mistaken identities happen in the home of the deceased? ¬†I could understand a street assassination of mistaken identity but Faull was killed in his home with a single gun shot to his head. ¬† Anyone see the inconsistencies here? And when does a suspect get to decide whether he will speak to the police? ¬†He has been shamelessly wielding his special privileges and highlighting our corrupt system in our faces.

The media, namely Love FM seems reluctant to report the news of this event. Patrick Jones Facebook page which is normally a daily page of carnage and bloodshed was mum. ¬†What is up with their silence? Is Love FM intimidated? and if they are…maybe they should stop reporting news.

The international media is all over it. NBC, Wall Street Journal and several internet blogs has picked up the news. ¬†They seem to know more information than Belizeans. Vidal had no problem fingering McAfee as the suspect…late rumblings have changed it to a “person of interest”. ¬† Would McAfee be crazy enough to create this stir himself? Is he being set up? ¬†Games Games and more Games. ¬†We cannot live in ¬†country with two sets of laws. One where we enforce ¬†strict compliance upon the poor and then look the other way for the rich. We will send our country in anarchy and Guatemala is happily waiting to take it over if we do.


Salima Barrow takes on Cancer…

Salima Barrow

Young Salima Barrow was apprehensive as she witnessed her mother , Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow, go thru the fight of her life. She wanted to do something to honor her mother and wanted to raise funds while raising Cancer Awareness. I spoke to 7 year old Salima tonight and she is excited to be able to contribute in some way.¬†She said she wanted to do something “a long long long time ago, from she was 3 but her mommy would not let her”. She made me smile. ¬†I am sure in her mind, ¬†her mother must have been battling Cancer for as long as she can remember. Children have simple yet powerful ways of articulating their feelings. ¬† ¬†Salima is only 7 and time is relative for her. A year of missed events with her mom must have felt like forever. ¬†Salima knows the importance of raising funds to help with the life saving treatments for kids with Cancer. ¬†Salima is a young lady with a plan to raise “lots of ¬†money” ¬†for cancer. She also wants to meet the kids affected by cancer. ¬†When I was a child myself , I witnessed too many of my own family members afflicted, so I wholeheartedly embrace and endorse her drive. ¬† Please assist Salima, along with a few of her friends,(Haley, Abigail & Gianni) and the generous sponsorship of Bowen and Bowen, ¬†in a worthwhile fund raising event to help fund the Children’s Cancer Wing. I have pledged $100.00 and hope you can donate ¬†or support her initiative by attending the event and purchasing a few drinks. ¬†Remember, ¬†Cancer is a disease that does not discriminate. ¬†Salima’s class from Hummingbird Elementary School will also be having a similar event on November 30, 2012.


October – What it means to me! Reprinted with the permission of Kim Simplis Barrow


Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow


October is a month that will always have a special significance to me. It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and everyone will be talking about it; cancer survivors will say thank you Jesus, families and friends of victims will say a prayer in memoriam, and the rest of the world will remain hopeful for a cure. All around the world it will be a sea of pink. Many will remember the infamous cancer and the fear that it evokes in the hearts and souls of women and men all over the world.¬† This is the month that we most remember to offer support to families enduring this battle and organizations that are trying to find a cure for this awful disease. So we purchase items, support cancer groups, donate and attend fundraisers, give talks, walk for a day, run for miles ‚Ķ and yes, at the same time hoping and praying that we never have an encounter with this deadliest of foes.

Breast cancer is a sneaky, insidious devil. It hides wherever it can and when you least expect, it wreaks havoc on the life of the woman or man it has claimed as ‚Äúits own‚ÄĚ, their family and their friends. It can take over your life, ruling your health like a dictator. However, it is important to remember we have come far and today we know much more about this disease than ever before, making us better prepared to do battle. We know that our only recipe for a successful outcome is to prepare for combat – lace up your boxing gloves and fight with all you‚Äôve got.

Unfortunately, many people don’t realize the presence of cancer and often such late diagnoses cause the kind of pain that lives for an eternity.¬† Today we are more aware and educated: early detection, yearly mammograms and breast self exams are keys to winning this battle! We also know that some people manifest no physical signs‚ÄĒsomething I know all too well having lived a healthy lifestyle by eating well and exercising daily.

My cancer journey began on October 22nd, 2011, when I felt a lump during an official trip abroad. Upon my return home, October 28th, I went to the doctor, got a mammogram, and tissue was sent for biopsy.¬† On November 3rd, I heard the devastating words: ‚Äúyou have cancer‚ÄĚ. This disease has consumed my life for an entire year and for the next 5 years I’ll be on medications‚ÄĒfor cancer and my heart complications. It has zapped me of my energy, my good health, and my time‚Ķ but not my LIFE!

It may seem strange, but cancer has given me my greatest gift: it has reminded me of the fragility and brevity of life; that we all need to live everyday to its fullest. The thought that I was slowly dying‚ÄĒand yes we are all going to die one day, but just knowing that I was actually staring death in the face, makes me appreciate and enjoy every minute of every single day. This disease has taught me how to cope with fear; strengthened my faith in God; has emboldened my spirit and restored my faith in humanity. I now know that the only day that really matters is today! Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is but a dream … there is just today!

Over the past year, people saw me bare my soul and lose my hair–those of us with my kind of hair go to the hairdresser at least once a week because we are obsessed with our hair and making it look good. It was not easy and as soon as mine started falling out, I went to my hairdresser and shaved it off. I wanted to lose it completely on MY terms! I was still in control and it was going to affect me the way I wanted it to. I must say I loved being bald. With my daughter’s thumbs up and Dean’s unending support, I never wore a wig. For once I felt free!¬†It was wonderful and comforting to see how people reacted when my most true self was showing. The real me: open, honest and bare to the bones. I saw my soul during this journey …This dreadful disease taught me to love myself and its imperfections, to appreciate me‚ÄĒall of me‚ÄĒfor me.

I also know that this is not my final chapter! I will keep on fighting until I have rid my body of cancer‚Äôs existence. This is not my final nemesis. Today, I think cancer knows exactly who it’s fighting … It knows I have faith, spirit, courage, hope, and that I fight with all I have. Cancer surely picked on the wrong one!


Kim Simplis Barrow

October 1st, 2012


Women are we failing our children? by Aria Lightfoot

Hi Readers,

I took a pretty long hiatus off the blog to find the time to breathe and create some balance in my life. This summer I got involved with the Obama campaign then got a full time demanding job, full time Grad School program and full time mom.  It has been hectic may be an understatement.  Thank goodness for Faye who continued writing without complaining.  Each time I attempted to write, sleep won the battle. Writing at times can be mentally exhausting, and writing about issues that move you can be emotionally draining.

I have been following the Belize news and issues during my hiatus and even trying to incite discussions to evaluate how people are thinking on some issues.  One of the good things about written discussions is no matter how heated it becomes, it gives one the opportunity to go back and read the words and thoughts of others. It allows one to even examine arguments after tempers have cooled.

On a more serious note and the purpose why I have ended my hiatus is to continue discussing the issues facing Belize and dominating the news cycle lately, namely sexual assault.  Sexual Assault has become a desensitized public issue.  Each victim story is being headlined for a day worth of news, while the victims’ entire lives are permanently ruined. The scary aspect of sexual assault is when it affects our children.

Jasmine ‚Äės murder is still relatively recent in my mind. To many, her death is already a fading memory. ¬†She became a child martyr who symbolized a fed up society ready to exact justice.¬† The outraged public has now returned to their daily lives and anger meters reduced to a mere whimper. All the different groups who were motivated to action have become inactive.

And while Jasmine’s accused killer awaits trial, I can’t help but think Рhow many predators can a small country of Belize have?   Lets examine what is happening in the Jewel that lately seems synonymous with sex crimes.

An 11-year-old child is raped. The doctor certified her rape. The child is found in the presence of the accused. The accused, not a family member of the child, admits to being in the presence of the child. The child tells the court that she is raped by the accused.  A jury of mostly women allowed this predator to walk amidst their own children.   How could a predator walk away from a case with such seemingly strong definitive evidence?

Another little two year old is dead after her tiny body is violently brutalized and raped, possibly a family member. How could a mother not identify her two year old being raped? Except for Mose Hyde who expressed utter and bitter disgust for what happened to this baby, nothing much else.  No candle vigils, speeches, outrage…nothing!

In the midst of it all, a well respected Pastor Willacy, pastor, principal and counselor with daughters himself, admits to a sordid affair with a child he teaches, counsels and pastors to.   The prevailing rumor is that this was not his first affair with a student.  A well-known secret is what I was told.

During all these assaults on our children an irritating pattern is emerging in Belize as it appears to me. It seems Belize has homegrown quite a few insecure competing women who measure their worth by the men in their lives.  Why do I say this you ask?  Apart from the women quarreling endlessly over the same man messing with both of them, lets relate it to the victims I have mentioned.  Pastor Willacy made an interesting claim to the child.  He told the child her own mother was jealous of her youthfulness.  Is he on to something?  Are older women jealous of these young teenagers, forgetting they are mere children?

I am no psychologist, but I know men enjoy these nonsense competitions, where women will fight and quarrel for a man while he enjoys the company of both women.¬† (I want my sweetheart and my wife to be friends). Women tear each other apart and argue base on what position they play in a man‚Äôs life.¬† It is this same stupidity that a predator enjoys.¬†¬† He targets the youthful underage girl with supple breast and young curves and a fit body and that negatively affects the self-esteem of the older, sagging breasts, child barren women. In a ‚Äúman shortage, man sharing society‚ÄĚ, instead of seeing the predator for who he is; a manipulative dangerous predator; many women begin to do what Belize men have culturally taught them to do. ¬†Blame the other women, in this case, blame the female child!¬† The man walks away blameless or the forgiveness comes quickly as he makes her feel special, after each consistent indiscretion.

When I listen to women bicker about men, I use to find it comical, now I find it troubling.  When I read some of these women statements defending Willacy and blaming his 16-year-old child victim, it was quite disgusting and disturbing.  How can any woman, who was once 16-years old ever think any 16 year old can be sophisticated enough to trick a 50 year old plus man?

After children are abused, our society continues the assault by blaming them for being victims.  I have been in court with a woman who blamed her own seven year old daughter for the predatory acts her boyfriend unleashed on her own child.  She preferred to have a man in her bed that gets up middle of the night to rape her child, than to get rid of him and have him prosecuted.  She chastised her daughter for bringing the matter to court.  I have never been more disgusted.

I implore the women in Belize to start looking out for our young women.  When you see a young teenager girl going astray, instead of labeling her a whore, bitch, sketel, quoting Bible to her etc.  Before you dismiss her pain, reach out and find out what pain was inflicted upon her. It may give you some deep insight to the type of predator who may have her life in shambles.   What ever happened to the society where we use to look out for each other?

Positively Change a Child’s Life! Restore Belize!

Hi Readers,

I came across this and I love this idea.¬†¬†This allows you to effectively make a positive change in child’s life.¬† Many times circumstances and not ability prevent children from achieving. My only suggestion is that Restore Belize¬† should have the children,¬† who are involved in the program, engage in community service efforts such as clean-up and beautification¬†campaigns, hospital visits,¬†help feed the poor¬† and youth group engaging in positive changes etc.

Please my friends..Please adopt a child.



Dear Friends,

RESTORE Belize, has recently launched its Adopt-a-Student Programme. The goal of the “Adopt-a-Student” Programme is to engage the wider community in providing Belizean children with the necessary financial and social support to make it successfully through secondary school. International studies indicate that education is one of the greatest mitigating factors against violence. Unfortunately, school participation in Belize has been identified as one of the greatest current social needs in Belize, with nearly 50% of our school-aged population not attending high school.

The “Adopt-a-Student” Programme allows each donor the flexibility to choose the level of giving with which he/she is comfortable. It also allows you to pool together with other friends/family/co-workers to cover all the expenses of a Belizean child. A full description and a detailed breakdown of the cost of educating a Belizean child for one academic year are attached. The Adoption Process works as follows:

The Adoption Process works as follows:

1. Mrs. Tina Cuellar-Augustus, our Human Development Programme Officer, will be the primary liaison officer throughout the adoption period.

2. RESTORE Belize will suggest to you a child that currently is in need of adoption and provide the estimated cost of adoption for the year, with invoices or payment requests provided by the school and an “Adopt-A-Student” Sponsorship Commitment Form for your signature.

3. You can then decide whether you will cover the full cost of the child’s education, including tuition, fees, books, uniform, shoes and incidental expenses. Alternatively, you may choose to cover a particular portion of the education expense (only tuition and fees, or only books) or make a fixed contribution to the overall cost. In the latter two cases, RESTORE Belize will seek complementary funding to ensure that the child’s full educational costs are met.

4. Furthermore, you can choose the time frame of your commitment, whether it is for one year only or until the child completes his/her secondary education. You may choose to adopt for an initial period of one year with the option to renew at the end of the year.

5. You would then advise RESTORE Belize of your chosen level of commitment by completing, signing and submitting the “Adopt-A-Student” Sponsorship Commitment Form.

6. You may then deposit the amount into our “I Am Belize Scholarship” Account and advise us when the payment has been made, or make a payment directly to RESTORE Belize.

7. RESTORE Belize will then make the necessary payments to the school and send you copies of the receipts received from the schools, bookstores, or other service provider, once the required amounts have been paid. Please note that it sometimes takes a couple of months to complete the payments, especially for the books, which may not all be available at the start of the school year.

8. You will receive mid and end of semester reports on the child (children) you have adopted.

9. You may also chose to become more involved socially with the child by becoming a mentor for him/her, through which you can serve as a positive role model for the student, by engaging with him/her in various social activities and providing general guidance based on the student’s needs. You will be able to indicate your interest in mentorship on the Sponsorship Commitment Form.

Thank you for your consideration this request. We hope that you will partner with us to support our Belizean children. Please contact us if you are interested in joining this programme as a student sponsor.

Warm regards,

Luwani F. Cayetano<>
Resource Mobilization Coordinator

See Flyer RESTOREBelizeAdoptaStudent

The Belmopan Humane Society is having a Social






See Flyer: BULLFROG social July 2012 flyer


 Where: The Bull Frog Inn, Bmp

When: Thursday, July 19 (Add it to your calendar so you dont forget)

Time: 6-10 pm

Come and enjoy a social and informative get together. All are welcome. There will be raffle, cash bar, full menu and guest speaker.


Contact information:

Belmopan Humane Society

Tel: 822 0176 / 602 7947



Facebook page:

Membership fees to Join the Humane Society: $20.00 per adult; $10.00 per child; $5.00 for dog ID tags. 




The Jim Jones Kool Aid by: Aria Lightfoot

The rhetoric of any organization to promote their agenda is expected except of course when the agenda is fraught with dubious intentions.  As a society I find that we Belizeans are gullible, forgiving and downright too trusting of strangers, except when it is our own people! How many people will it take to screw over Belizeans before we develop an innate sense of distrust and begin questioning as opposed to simply accepting?

Lately several prominent church leaders have been tacitly making statements to garner public opinion.  One that really caught my eye was equating secularism to religion.  To the casual eye that may mean absolutely nothing, but when you start digging into the organization and association of who are making these statements, you get a nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach as the agenda of these leaders become evident. (More on that theory later)  When someone compares secularism to religion, they are saying that religion has an equal place as secularism.  Secularism is the belief that civil policy (government business) should be conducted without the introduction of a religious element.  It is the theory of separation of church and state.

Why would church leaders want to introduce the Bible into government? Sounds like a great idea right? I mean Belize is a God fearing country and what is wrong in letting God decide what is good for us with the guidance of the Church leaders?  Well here is the problem. It is estimated that there are over 38,000 versions of Christianity which does not even take into consideration other religions and their differing versions.  Each religion believes their interpretation of the Bible, Koran, and Torah etc.  is true.  Each religion believes they are the only true path to God. Let us not forget the terrible incidences with religious fanaticism where thousands have died following behind some charismatic leader such as David Koresh, Jim Jones , Osama Bin Laden and a few other nut cases.

The idea of separation of church and state was borne from the pursuit of religious freedom.  Pilgrims (initially) and Jews  left Europe in droves running away from the strong and many times brutal and unforgiving control of the Catholic Church.  When they decided to form what is now the United States of America, they did not want to recreate a country where one religion dominated the thoughts and actions of everyone. They wanted the ability to worship freely without the state dictating whose God was the right God.

When people try to sell me religion in a forceful manner and dictate their righteousness on me, I instantly become suspicious of that person’s true relationship with Jesus.  Being a Christian is trying to replicate the life of Jesus.  I have never read anywhere where Jesus was ever on a pulpit damning anyone to a fiery pit. In fact throughout the Bible, Jesus on many occasions challenged the status quo on the treatment of sinners, reached out to his enemies and declared that God was not for one chosen race.   The only time in the bible when Jesus showed any aggression was towards the church and some of their leaders.  Many people can quote Bible verses but have no true grasp of the man they claim to follow. They quote controversial Leviticus verses calling for the death of sinners, especially gay sinners but fail to see that following Leviticus today would render them in jail or the mental asylum. So who is more important to you as a Christian, the words of Jesus or the words of Leviticus?

So my natural curiosity led me down a path of trying to examine the man who is creating such religious awakening in Belize. I always find it interesting when a young man would leave a first world country and move to a ‚Äúthird world country‚ÄĚ such as Belize with his entire family. A man called Jim Jones did something similar when he moved to Guyana. ¬†¬†I began to ask about Scott Stirm, a native of Waco Texas. (hmmm sounds eerily similar to another fanatic).

Scott is affiliated with a Ministry in the US called Extreme Prophetic Ministries.¬† Patricia King in the following¬†video describes Scott Stirm as their ‚Äúmissionary in Central America, Belize‚ÄĚ and called him a ‚Äúprophet and wonderful intercessor:¬† see Prophet¬†.¬†¬†David Koresh was also called a prophet. ¬†There is nothing troubling about this video until you start to examine who Patricia King, the speaker is.

Patricia King belongs to this ministry in the United States called Extreme Prophetic Ministries that reportedly is a part of the hardcore Seven Mountains Dominionism movement, which is also linked to the New Apostolic Reformation movement. ¬†Seven Mountains dominionism seeks to place Christians in control over the seven forces that shape and control our culture: (1) Business; (2) Government; (3) Media; (4) Arts and Entertainment; (5) Education; (6) Family; and (7) Religion.¬† ¬†¬†I want my readers to grasp the order of which this is placed; business first and then government. ¬†Are they attempting ‚Äúshape and control‚ÄĚ Belize? ¬†Do you see any hard core personalities in the media today affiliated with Stirm? Didn’t they recently¬†pressure the Minister of Education in his¬†educational materials? ¬†¬†¬†I also read somewhere that Stirm is training a radical new set of Christians. Radical means favoring drastic political‚Ķreforms. ¬†¬†Seven Mountains theology, believes that Jesus “doesn’t come back until He’s accomplished the dominion of nations.”¬† And the way “dominion of nations” is accomplished is by having Christians gain control of these “seven mountains” in order to install a “virtual theocracy” overseen by “true apostles” who will fight Satan and his Antichrist agenda.” Explain to me again how they are preserving Belizean culture by this advocacy? ¬†Who will be these true apostles running the new theocracy of Belize?

Additionally Patricia King has a reputation in Arizona for going to morgues and trying to raise the dead. Yes Raise the Dead! Check it out: Raised from the Dead   Yikes…Nothing strikes me as crazy as the lady who believes she has Jesus power!  She also makes a lot of infomercials and peddles the word of God for profit.  Selling God.  If you are buying God, they will sell it.  I still cannot grasp how the established churches in Belize are part of this nightmare!  Shame on the Catholic and Anglican Churches!

I also found a long winded piece called Time and Eternity (which is about how long it takes to read it) at¬†Time and Eternity . The writer was impressed with Scott Stirm and describes Stirm as someone who ‚Äú had given up drugs, booze and living on the wild side a little over two years earlier as a sophomore in high school. Scott had ‚Äúgiven his life to the Lord‚ÄĚ.‚Ä̬† ¬†Obviously he didn‚Äôt descend from sainthood.¬† Please know that I am not judging him, I mean we all make mistakes and fall short of God‚Äôs Grace. ¬†However, I believe Belizeans need to know they are part of a bigger agenda that is borne out of the Ministry where the crazy lady tries to raise the dead and calls Stirm their prophet.

Finally Lauren Jacoby gives her account of visiting Belize in her blog. In her blog she boasts of Stirm power in Belize as ‚Äúkey leader in Belize‚ÄĚ and having contact with thousands of pastors in Belize (we have thousands of pastors?) ¬†and Belmopan being the spiritual hub of Belize?¬† Whoa..Spiritual hub? What snake oil are they selling people? (see¬†blog ) ¬†Whatever they are selling, they have done a great job of selling it in Belize.

So convincing is this movement in Belize that even the original bullshitters, the politicians of both parties, made testimonials about their commitment to God.¬† ¬†Stirm have incited debate and incited fear and hate. They are steering the ‚ÄúChristians‚ÄĚ to selectively battle the ‚Äúabomination‚ÄĚ of homosexuality while ignoring the other 50 abominations plaguing Belize. ¬†Wake up Belize, this agenda has nothing to do with homosexuality. They just knew that waving the homo flag in a homophobic country of ours would blind us to their true agenda.¬† They got the prominent churches, politicians, attorneys, many well intentioned citizens in such a state of fear that they have joined a misguided agenda. A lie is dependent on the innocence of the believer. However, with all the news of church leaders using and misusing faithful believers, I find our blinding faith incredulous bordering on stupidity.

I will be the first to say we have been hoodwinked, tricked, deceived and there is a bigger agenda at play. The Jubilee Ministries of Scott Stirm is connected to Patricia King, a self-proclaimed dead raiser, who seeks to control Belize via the seven forces.  Have fun drinking the Jim Jones kool aid Belizeans but know that sweet taste in your mouth is poison!