Winning Entry : Citizenship – Why I will vote on November 4th, 2015 written by: Jaime A. Burns Jr.

Citizenship – Why I will vote on November 4th, 2015

I have never bore witness to a purer, more innate sense of patriotism than that of the collective Belizean people. Belize boasts a national haven of resource, both human and natural. “Mother Nature’s best kept secret” remains only on the fringes of secrecy, because our earthly divinity is rapidly becoming world renowned and internationally beloved. Who then, will be selected as caretakers of our Belize? Furthermore, who will be held accountable for those choices? How do we vet and vie the candidates who seek to subscribe to the guardianship over the “Land Of The Free”? Democracy – the process which harkens our participation and gives content to the speech of the populace; therein lies the engine of our governance. My vote is my voice, and I will vote on November 4th, 2015.

In direct opposition to the carefree cliché, ignorance is not bliss, certainly not when it comes to general elections. To abstain from voting when you possess the eligibility to cast a ballot is tantamount to being wilfully mute in the discourse of our national regime. Your voice is inevitably drowned amidst the ones of those who practiced their right and adhered to their responsibility to see the one, true victory present itself on Election Day: democracy. Some vocally defeat the value of their vote, convinced that their say will not sway an election. If I may contravene from a logically-parallel perspective: one vote is resonant in adding to or subtracting from the eventual majority or minority. If there is strength in numbers, then there can certainly be weakness in few. I, for one, crave progress so mightily for Belize; my vote is my strength, and I will vote. I would be remiss not to mention, however, that even in the abstinence of voting, the candidate who is elected is nevertheless your representative. Still, refraining from voting diminishes your stake in assessing the performance of your representative, for you veiled yourself in silence when the remainder of your fellow constituents lent their voice on your behalf. Ergo, accountability – your vote is your solemn invocation of your involvement in computing Belize’s prosperity.

Men and women who both possess and present the integrity, interests, goodwill, and compassion of Belizeans are oftentimes the ones who solicit our confidence. The Belizean citizenry, however, must confront the political stigma that concurrently connotes itself with elections; i.e., corruption. It can be defeated, but only when we are willing to inject the vaccine of diligent democracy to provide for governmental health. My vote is my vaccination; I will vote. Naïveté assumes immunity from corruption; national pride compounded by wilful virtuousness asserts the fervent combat against it. My vote is my fight; I will vote. My sincere respect for the legacies of great Belizean figures – Phillip Goldson, George Price, and even Antonio Soberanis – and my gratitude for the historic strides they effected, shames any inclination on my part to abstain from the rectitude of voting. My vote is my honour; I will vote.

While most people may assess any government on a utopian premise, I implore them to accede to the position which accepts that harmony is the ideal goal, but success through respect is the realistic one. Administrations will perpetually contain divergence – we toil for the attainable synergy of all comprised, which eludes us. Admittedly, in the history of Belize, we have elected both martyrs and tyrants to our government. I feel we have been too complacent in granting communal clemency to the latter. As for the former, I have bore witness to manifest proof of the absolute and inherent patriotism in the blood of the Belizean people. That bloodline must live on, and my vote is my life. I am Belizean; “I am Belize.” On November 4th, 2015, I will vote.


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Jaime A. Burns Jr.

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Election Date has been set for November 4th, 2015.  Michelle Obama once said that you should not be cynical about politics – Voting is an important part of democracy and extremely important to forge a nation forward. Additionally, we the people elect our leaders who are accountable to us ….When you don’t participate, you allow someone else to make a choice on your behalf.

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Citizenship – Why I will vote on Nov 4th 2015.

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Andre Alamina on his way!

Lady Kim Barrow, Andre Alamina, Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Alvaro Alamina

Andre Alamina, Winner of essay contest,  got an opportunity to be a guest at the ceremonial opening of Parliament today.  I am very proud of Andre…Keep up the good work and reach for the stars!

Kay Alamina, Lady Kim Barrow, Andre Alamina, Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Alvaro Alamina

Lady Kim Barrow, Andre Alamina, Alvaro Alamina, Kay Alamina

My Vision for the Nation as Prime Minister of Belize by: Andre k. Alamina

Our country is polarized by politics so much so that in the past 30 years of our short independent history, representatives from both political parties have rarely, if ever, united amenably for the betterment of our country as a whole. Instead, they eradicate or undermine policies set in place by the previous administration, essentially starting policy making from scratch. This, I believe, is one of the major reasons why our country has found such difficulty in making large economic, social and cultural strides towards a better Belize. If I were given the opportunity to lead this nation as its prime minister, my first order of business would be to create a master plan for the next 10 years in Belize. It will be a realistic, but challenging and robust blueprint that includes the prospective future for healthcare, industry, immigration, housing, education and other factors.

Among the many things I will need to accomplish with the initial establishment of my administration, one of the first things I will need to do is to seek and surround myself with people who are of high integrity, competency and committed to the development and betterment of our country. As the Prime Minister, I will never have all the answers, and I will need to be advised by talented and knowledgeable Belizeans living within the country, and those who are members of the Belizean diaspora overseas (who constitute for a large percentage of our educated population). These individuals will be chosen based solely upon knowledge of their proven efficiency, not based upon whether they hold a seat in the House or simply because they are members of my political party.

One of the greatest predicaments our country has seen is the vast marginalization of thousands of our country’s people, particularly our creole populace, due to the effects of poverty. For decades, these communities of poor people have been unable to break away from the suppressions of poverty, mainly due to the unconvincing efforts being made to assist them. The extent of government aid has been limited to issuing steady streams of cash handouts directly into the hands of these young, strong but often uneducated persons. Creating jobs for these people is the only real practical solution. How do I plan to do so?

In order to provide more jobs, I need to ensure there is more work created. Because of this, I will place greater emphasis on infrastructural improvement and waste management efforts that both require a large labor force the impecunious population of our country can supply. This will not only act to improve infrastructure and keep our nation clean, but it will provide these impoverished persons with a source of income.

I will also need to engender a climate that is attractive to foreign investors. However, I do hope to attract investors that will invest in fresh industries and develop them for the greater benefit of the people. Not those that will come in with rapacious intentions and exploit already profitable operations as has been the case with some existing “investors”.

Careful planning and strategy will be implemented to create the enabling environment that will attract, at the outset, foreign manufacturing enterprises such as, for example, garment factories and call centers. These will serve the purpose of employing our less educated populace as my policies in education bear fruit and produce a more educated, skilled and indeed robust and resourceful workforce. This initiative coupled with the sound management and investment of our existing and potential oil revenues will allow for increased and better quality job opportunities for our small population. The quick wins will portray themselves in lower crime and improved social harmony as undoubtedly this will strike at the heart of our increasing unemployment phenomena and chaotic way of life that currently prevails as a result. A nation that can achieve as near as full employment as possible, in my mind, is one that has the capacity to transform itself in the right direction.

These are just some of the areas that will engage my full attention as I lead my team, with a sense of purpose, to bring about tangible and sustainable economic and social transformation to this beautiful jewel of ours. Although I am just a boy, I am confident that given the opportunity to lead this country and manage the rich resources we possess here in Belize, I can make a tangible difference.