Daily Dingleberry 01-26-12

Griefer” is a gaming term used to describe someone who sabotages a fellow gamer. Basically, a griefer can destroy your house that you built and steal your treasures, for no reason. It’s not a provoked attack, it’s just done to undo a gamer’s painstaking, hard work. Sounds like some of us, huh? No matter how carefully one may explain one’s position, no matter how thorough an examination of the issues, no matter how inclusive one tries to be, someone will “grief” you. Someone will pick on one thing, usually not the most salient point, and try to demolish your entire stance which was made in a genuine effort to provide insight or suggest solutions for all of us, not just a red side or a blue side. This results in a discussion veering down a path of divisiveness and cock blocking. “Cock blocking” is a term used to describe the act of just being oppositional and obstructionist because basically, one refuses to let the other person get credit for having a great idea. Poor Obama has been cock blocked from day one by Congress. Ironically, many of his proposed solutions were once proposed by the Republicans themselves. He acknowledges that, gives credit where credit is due, and STILL those griefers cock block him. This is just like what Belizeans do to each other. Jealousy, insecurity and narcissism stops very passionate, brilliant minded, forceful people from coming together and seriously working to overcome our challenges. This is very selfish and short sighted and ultimately, self destructive.

I challenge everyone today to take a step back and seriously do some soul searching. What is your purpose? What are your ideologies? What is your vision? Are you secretly nurturing a hero fantasy, you know, the one where you and only you get to save the day? There are many reasons people do seemingly altruistic things that upon examination are anything but. Before you turn that mirror on anyone, turn it on yourself. Face your ugly before you show your ugly face.