Daily Dingleberry 03-29-12 Cousin And Cousin Make Million$$$$$

There is a secret that is not so secret in Belize but over and over again, people just ignore the impact of this dynamic. Belizean politics/government is very incestuous. In all the upper echelons of our political parties and hence governing bodies, the people in charge are cousins, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives. They can paint their houses party colours and fly bed sheets as flags; they can holler on the rostrums about the thieving scumbags in office; they can incite riots and fierce debates…the list is inexhaustive. But at the end of the day, they eat dinner, drink champagne and sleep together: blue and red. Oh yeah and make MILLIONS together, in “hand wash hand” deals.

So, while you are hating your neighbour and calling him/her names; while you are telling your kids they can’t play with so and so; while you are doing their dirty work campaigning and running yourself ragged drumming up support, they are vacationing together in Hawaii, Italy, or right there in Placencia. How does that corn tortilla and beans feel going down your throat, now? Ain’t no friggin lobstah is it?