Daily Dingleberry 04-14-12 Would the real Belizean please stand up?

Something very perturbing is starting to happen. I suspect it was always an undercurrent but now it is coming to the surface. Belizeans who live in Belize are accusing Belizeans who live outside of not being real Belizeans.

Let’s get this straight. According the laws of Belize and everywhere else, uhm, we are Belizeans, no matter what you say or think. Watch us get deported. We come home to Belize. We cause gang wars and violence.

The next annoying thing is: There are over 160,000 of us spread allllll over the world and more than likely we are contributing to the greatest industry we got in Belize: Western Union. AND DONT START WITH IT’S ONLY BETWEEN US AND WHO WE SEND MONEY TO. That is naive. We send money cause the economy sux. There are no jobs and our families need to eat. Imagine if we didn’t send packages and money. Belize would be run over with the homeless and starving children and quite a few dead people too cause we send money to pay medical bills.


We’re out here developing expertise in many areas and many of us would love to return home but to what? And then what will you do without our money funneling in???? Think!

We contribute in soooo many ways….the construction industry bc we send money to  build our homes; the tourist industry cause we come home and eat in your restaurants and rent your cars and stay in your hotels, never mind the friends we send and bring to visit; the business sector bc we send goods to sell or we send money so our family can buy goods; education because we send school fees and supplies; medical services because we send money to pay for hospital stays and medicines….I think you get the picture.

Athletes, artists, doctors, soldiers, you name it, are trained around the world, representing Belize with NO recognition. Sometimes you wanna just say &^%$ y’all! But we don’t. We keep trying, despite your vitriol and attempts to alienate and discriminate.