Daily Dingleberry 2/25/2012 by: Aria Lightfoot (until Faye is back)

March 8th, 2012 cannot get here quick enough!  At least I know after March 7, 2012,  the nonsense of politics will be over for a couple years.  Mein I don’t think Twocanview fit too well into political party agenda. Every time Faye and myself open our mouths (type our thoughts ie), we are attacked and accused of political party agenda,( btw, my mind and prayers are on Faye today as she  lay her younger brother Henry to rest). …I find when people try to shut you up, several reasons may explain this …You speak the truth that is offensive to their position; they want to control what you say; they realize people may be listening, reading and taking you seriously;  maybe you need to shut up or maybe they do too.  They will use intimidation, name calling, mockery and they call on their party supporters to do the same. These are  the people who want you the voter to entrust them with the job of moving Belize forward.  Try having an objective conversation anywhere on the internet…If your position does not fit a particular party, the party faithful attackers come out of the woodworks. It is almost disgraceful and definitely immature.  I am always reminded that dissent is the highest form of patriotism.  Speak up my Belizeans, challenge the status quo, don’t turn a blind eye to injustice, let your voices be heard, demand respect, respond respectfully, don’t be bullied into silence because silence gives consent to bullies to continue bullying!   The internet and Facebook are changing the landscape of public opinion and I can see that many of these party animals have not adapted well to this new forum. Their normal boorish and manipulative ways becomes apparent with each comment and they forget their comments can be downloaded, shared, searched, quoted and witnessed by thousands of people in a matter of seconds.  Censorship coming soon maybe?