Daily Dingleberry 01-20-12

Belizeans taking this “we are a nation of pirates” LITERALLY as they host website accused of piracy.If you haven’t heard of SOPA then you have been under a rock 😛 The US is trying to get laws passed that basically attacks the freedom of the internet and it’s pissing off a lot of people including my 10 year old. So, this group Anonymous does things to retaliate or just grief government agencies in protest. Yesterday, the FBI shut down the website http://www.megaupload.com bc it accuses it of being an entity that engages in illegal file sharing SO Anonymous shut down the FBI’s computer system. You with me so far? THIS MORNING ABC reports that megaupload is back online using a BELIZE web address. I’m not sure what that means for Belize but it  sure doesn’t help our case days after being reported as being poor cause we tu corrupt and tief???!!! Remember that likkle article that pissed everybody off? Weeeeellllll….may be now we can accept that the whole world is watching us EAT CROW. BAWK!!!!



For a full and more detailed explanation: http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/justice-fbi-crack-megauploadcom-hackers-hit-feds-entertainment/story?id=15396526&page=2#.TxmDQG9PvBs