Daily Dingleberry 01-24-12

People make me soooo tired *sigh*

Eribadi just yak yak yak yak…are we listening to anything?

I see lovely, passionate people but instead of debating ideas…we are debating records…as in, who duh what, when, where….we are gonna get nowhere like this. We need to establish a solid, sound framework within which our government, blue, red, pink needs to work. We have to acknowledge that the system is ROTTEN TO THE CORE. As long as our rules and laws are outdated, as long as we are operating under the same old premises and archaic ideologies, we will be third world. Third world ideas, third word behaviour, third world life. Don’t like that? Meh…sux for you.

We need to stop this ‘crab enna bucket’ mentality. We need to stop letting rich and powerful families get away with murder, literally. Nothing can get done if people are intimidated and threatened at every level. The smart people keep yaking yaking yaking (wait, would that include me? LOL) but we continuously fail to address the fact that we are fighting some pretty strong, deep seated, (no, it’s not deep seeded cause anything planted too deep doesn’t grow, hence has no roots)  historical and cultural factors. ANd then it all comes back to who, how, when, where and with what the hell money?


Depressed yet?