Daily Dingleberry 04-26-12 Amazing Grace?

They seh dont speak ill of the dead but rass dis di tek di cake! Look…I understand ok? Even gangbangers have people who think they are great. You can almost always find someone who will swear that he is sweet, charming, fun, caring….even it is only his momma. But we have to tell di truth and shame di devil man!

I respect all human beings even if they are the most evil monsters you can fathom. It doesn’t mean I have to like them or not face facts. Sometimes, the only good thing about a person is what he teaches you NOT TO BE. Let’s stop dis shit about making these gang bangers into martyrs. They are behind much misery in many people’s lives. They are cruel inconsiderate bastards who would sell their mothers to the highest bidders. So, why is it that WOMEN seem to be the ones defending these guys? These men aren’t loyal. They use you. They leave you with babies they won’t support or can’t be good role models for. Are you so shallow that you are blinded by a beer and some chicken? IS that the requirement to be considered a “good” man nowadays? RASS Then I am ten times that man huh? cause I could buy you a whole case a beer and all the chicken da di shop! Can I be KING now?

It is a sad state of affairs when we sell ourselves so cheap. And we are. Have you thought of the message we are sending our children???? Don’t drugs. Go to school. Go to church. BUT you si Mr. So and So? Check out ih new ride! Wow! UGH

Grow up people. Have some integrity. Uno eat uno pride wid da fry chicken?

Do you want this to be your family portrait?