Daily Dingleberry 06-16-12 Belize Is Definitely Worth Fighting For

Unlock Your Mind

It is a sad truth, that just like an insecure beautiful woman knows not her worth, so are Belizeans when it comes to Belize. She bats her eyelashes, beckoning her man, wishing only to serve. She is hopeful HE is the one, the one who will worship her and take care of her, make her feel special.  Little does she know that the man she lets climb atop her is undeserving and has no intentions of appreciating her delicate beauty. He is only with her to exploit, take his fill, casting her aside broken and used, unloved, uncherished. Desperate, she lets another one in and so on and so on until she has nothing left to attract them. She is but a shriveled shadow of herself, eyes blankly staring out. All because she didn’t know how special she was. Sounds  much like what we Belizeans do, advertising our Jewel to tourists and investors, hoping they will be the ones to alleviate our poverty and social ills. Are we going to let that happen to us, Belize? Are we going to throw up our hands and hang our heads in shame, waiting and waiting for “the one” to come rescue us?

Why do we do that? Why do we tell ourselves we don’t know what to do? Why do we give up control to others? *sigh*

We didn’t get ourselves here. We really didn’t. We were a colony that was ignored and treated like crap for over 300 years. They sent politicians and Lords who “behaved badly” to Belize as a punishment- remember, the asshole of the world? No one invested in us…they took everything and then left us to rot in filth and squalor, basic needs unmet and unaddressed. We were treated as unimportant, ignorant and less than human. After all, we are uncivilized animals who steal, cheat and wreak havoc on all that is sacred and holy. HEATHENS! We have sex like monkeys and all our babies have different fathers. Our men are drunken blackguards,  thievin’ n’er do wells and our women are loose sex pots to be had for a pint of beer, wooden coins, empty promises of a new life in England.

Fast forward to 2012. We are independent for just 30 years, trying to keep up with the rest of the world and in some ways doing remarkably and in other ways, failing miserably. Let’s look at why. What is the one thing that hasn’t changed? Unfortunately, our mentality. We still behave like the colonized, waiting for massa to do it for us. There is no “Massa“. We is MASSA! SO THEN WHY ARE WE STILL LIVING ACCORDING TO ARCHAIC BRITISH LAWS?????EVEN THE BRITISH DONT USE THOSE FRIGGIN’ LAWS CAUSE THEY DON’T WORK!!!!

And so here we come back to Jasmine Lowe. Her case is a magnifying glass on all that doesn’t work. And why did this happen? Why were there no change in the laws that might have allowed for a better investigation, prosecution and justice for this little girl? Because we don’t understand that we are worth it. We, Belizeans, are worth demanding better laws. We, Belizeans, are worth demanding better protection. We, Belizeans, are worth demanding a sound justice system. This is more than gangs and guns. This cuts to the core of what we stand for, what we represent. Our laws are who we are. Our laws tell the world what is important to us. The problem is we don’t even know that we are important so how could we know what is important to us?

My partner Aria Lightfoot just wrote an article further commenting on all this…take a look and then start reflecting…do you know you are worth it? Do you know you are worth fighting for? Only until we get that, can we be ready to build Belize and be the change we wish to see.


Daily Dingleberry 03-22-12 We Are One

In every society, there will be poor people for various reasons.  In every rich family, there will be poor of spirit and weak constitutions.   In every Church, there will be bigots and the self serving. In every school, there will be ignorant teachers with authoritarian attitudes. In every corporation, there will be greed and embezzlement. In every court, there will be bribery and injustice. In every government, there will be inefficiencies and bureaucratic obstacles. My point? Every institution has rules, protocol, ideologies BUT every institution is only as good as the people who work within them. Just because we face challenges, does that mean we should holler and scream insults? Spread accusations? Hurl slander? Overthrow everything? Incite division?

Oi….it is painful to watch all the fighting going on, because all that energy is being wasted. It is one thing to criticise. What is the purpose though? Is it toward betterment? More success? OR are we just saboteurs and greifers? Observations are crucial for development. We have to know what is wrong in order to fix it, right? But what I’m seeing out here is just counterproductive to everything we all claim to want for our beautiful Belize.

If you have an issue with something our leaders are doing, why call them names and wreak havoc? Can’t we act civilly and towards a productive end? If there is corruption, then gather the evidence and do your civic duty by reporting crime or participating in some sort of advocacy group. If there is crime that is reaching your homes and neighbourhoods, report your child, your husband, your friend. If you worry about your children’s future, work with your church, your PTA, your city council to make sure schools have what they need. If you worry about health issues, get educated. Find out what you need to know, what you can do and how to prevent everything you can.

Do you hear what I am telling you? You are the only one who knows what you need. You are the only one who can do the best for you. You have to work with what you have and then reach for more. But all that yelling and hollering….will soon fall on deaf ears and you will still not have what you want and need. You have to work for it. So start at home with your kids. Teach them to be fair and honest. Confront wrongdoing and prejudiced thinking. Ask of yourself all the things you ask of others.


Daily Dingleberry 03-21-12 I Told You So Part II

AYAYAI!!!!! I had a sneaking suspicion ALLLLLLLL along that someone is using the Maya to create discontent and bad press. I kept asking who wrote the infamous letter circulating all over the internet, displaying the letterhead of the MLA but bearing no signature. Then here is the transcript from interviews conducted with Mayas from Toledo. I want you to please notice how shallow their grasp is on their own situation. Here we are on the outside trying to protect the damn Rosewood from being exploited and right there in the their very words, you shall see that they don’t have that intent for themselves! They put conservation and creating a sustainable economy second to the immediate selling, no matter the repercussions, of the Rosewood for pocket change if you ask me. MIRA! LEA!


I guess they didn’t learn from their own fackin’ history nuh?