Listen To This Shit

Anthony “Boots” MartinezMinister Human Development
“No man, come down – various equipment – my main focus was people. I was in charge of an amount of people of which, literally under the Ministry of Works, we were acting as a great degree, as the Ministry of Social Services and Human Development. The amount of single mothers we had employed, the amount of at-risk people we had employed, I was of the thinking that the name of the ministry is not important. The function of the ministry is what is important. I see that as a huge upgrade.”

Jules Vasquez
“So you actually – wait, because most people say it’s a downgrade, you actually see it as an upgrade?”

Anthony “Boots” Martinez
“Yes, that’s a huge upgrade. You have the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation, and Poverty Alleviation.”


I can’t believe that the perception of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation is “a step down”. WOW and we wonder why our people are disillusioned and feeling hopeless? Do you understand what that means? We couldn’t be bothered to invest in our greatest asset? US????? Thank you Mr. Boots for putting Jules Vasquez in his place…Maybe Jules thinks that this ministry is too lame and is more like “woman’s work” huh? What the hell prompted his dumbassedness? If this wasn’t a seriously disturbing reflection on our society, it would be funny. But sadly, I can’t laugh. It’s more like I want to scream and rant and rail.


We need to take the weakest in our society seriously because a society which doesn’t is destined to fail miserably.


Very upset with Belizean mentality in this moment. Reminds me of when a certain dean of a certain school told me that they wouldn’t be giving out scholarships for psychology because it is not important. Shortsighted muthafuckahs.