I finally got my blog as a mom and wife living with ADHD started. I share my crazy day to day challenges and mishaps with the world- all  for your benefit. Truly! If not for the commiseration, at least for the laughs!   Do your kids run around like monkeys on the lose? Does your husband start projects and never finish them? Do you forget what you were doing and so you burn dinner more often than not????? Take a peek! You might find yourself in there or maybe someone you know who might be going through something similar!


Chris Lowe Took Jasmine Out of School For a Year to Spend Time With Her 06-07-12

Jasmine Lowe

Jasmine was so bright that she was skipped a grade BUT dad decided she was too young. Instead he has been working with her in the family business and spending what is sure to become treasured time with his daughter. Read the following from Channel 5: