Daily Dingleberry 01-25-12

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I think we are all getting a little exhausted bc now we are starting to turn on each other…so let’s look elsewhere for today while we gather ourselves and our thoughts. Can we say OBAMA!!! Wow! He left his opposition basically stuttering. It was awesome! Even if you won’t vote for him, that was so admirable last night. He was  eloquent and confident. But what I liked even more was, he addressed accusations made against him. He addressed less than popular issues and he made a stand. I loved how he called out the Congress and I hope they felt ashamed because basically they are just cock blocking. That is never acceptable. At this point, I think the Republicans are their worse enemy and has been for a while but if that’s what it took to get our first bi-racial president elected? Then so be it. I hope they get over their outdated views and get with what is best for the country. We all need representation. We are all important. It takes all kinds. Sounds just like Belize doesn’t it? Maybe Belize will finally get a female president…but under what banner? Which party will be brave enough, forward thinking enough to accept a female leader?????