Daily Dingleberry 03-23-2012 What Is That?

You ever notice that the people you think are going to support you kinda DONT? Friends, family, colleagues…. your support comes from far and weird places you never even thought of? WHAT IS THAT?????

And then, have you noticed that when you ask people to really “put your money where your mouth is”, they won’t? It’s kinda surprising. I have friends who talk all day long about social injustice and then don’t do shit about it…not a protest, not a dollar donated, not even a Facebook post in support. WHAT IS THAT?????

I understand some people just aren’t into this type of stuff and that is your prerogative but seriously, why bother get up in arms about anything if you ain’t go do shit about it? WHAT IS THAT?????


Daily Dingleberry 03-17-12 Methinks the Jealous do Protest too Much

We will stand alone.

LMAO! So, wild accusations are flying about causing much consternation for my co-blogger Aria. Her every ethical and honest bone is being rattled by all these blatant attempts to discredit her and my intentions. BUT I frankly don’t give a damn. As the saying goes, “Any press is good press”. I welcome the spin doctors and the naysayers because you are doing exactly  what I want you to do. You are bringing attention to my efforts to provide honest critiques of the goings on in Belize. Every time you say my name, you give me legitimacy.

Let’s practice: twocanview, twocanview, twocanview. OOOOPS! You done sed it 3 times!!!!! You in trouble now!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!

The only reason nasty people get nasty is because they feel their own power being usurped. What’s the best thing to do to someone who is gaining ground? You try to remove the ground- in this case, accuse us of bribery and calling us unethical and biased. But that will prove to be  a misguided move because I’m standing on diamonds, my convictions are that strong and pure. You will only reinforce my stance and expose for the world to see that I really am who and what I say I am.

I could get caught up in being disappointed in people and their attempts to destroy a good thing that really could have a positive impact on politics in Belize but I’m  not gonna belabour it. To be honest, things like this are to be expected and it’s sort of anti-climatic for me, because I thought it would  have come a lot sooner.

So keep spinning and repeat 3X: twocanview, twocanview, twocanview!!!!!!!!!