Finally…The Bapist Church Responds But Is It Just A Strategic Delay? by Fayemarie A Carter

Broken Trust

After meeting with Willacey and the mother of child accusing Willacey of having an inappropriate sexual relationship, the Belmopan Baptist Church has placed Willacey on a 15 day suspension. Willacey will not be in school or on the pulpit. According to their policy, Willacey must be charged within these 15 days or he will be reinstated without prejudice. On the other hand, The Education and Training Act of 2010’s only child protection clause is that it is the responsibility of management…

Minister of Education, Hon. Patrick Faber has expressed concern about the situation and made a plea to the Baptist Church to “deal with the matter swiftly” but he also cautions that there is nothing the Ministry can do “to punish” the Baptist Church should they fail to comply with this request.

Hmmmmmmmmm…..why are we acting like we have never confronted this sort of situation before? By his own admission, the Minister stated that there are many instances of this type.  Why are there no safeguards in place against this kind of shit? What do you mean the Ministry can do nothing to protect our children in SCHOOL?????? All  students within a secondary school system should enjoy  the protective arm of the law and the Ministry of Education. What sort of message does this send to predators and victims? Why are we not charging him with rape of a minor since this relationship is over a year in duration, as already established by emails and texts? What happened to enforcing the sexual harassment laws???

I just feel like there is much hemming and hawing and wringing of hands that ultimately will lead to nothing.

Link to Channel 7 News:

Daily Dingleberry 04-12-12 I Loves Me Some Happy People

I’m not quite sure how or why or when it became okay to hate our fellow human beings just for being. Maybe it has always been that way as we competed for food, land, women. At the same time, haven’t we learned that it doesn’t work when we fight amongst ourselves?

I love Native American philosophy. They believed that if the creator made something/someone the way they are, who are they to question it. It sounds similar to Christian teaching doesn’t it? So why are we having a problem with homosexuals? Why do we act exactly in opposition of the our Christian beliefs? Why do we marginalize and discriminate and even hate our fellow man/woman?

In Native American society, gays were not treated any differently. It was a non-issue. Some married and had families. Some didn’t.  It was a simple matter of how one wished to contribute/exist as part of their tribe.

What infuriates me to no end, is that despite given facts to the contrary, people continue to insist that people choose to be this way and as such, can choose to be heterosexual if they want. All they need is a little bible thumpin’ and some river dunkin’ and viola! he/she will be saved and converted. Blech. Why the hell do you care?

Everything exists on a continuum: intelligence, wealth, mental health, you name it, so why is hard to believe that sexual orientation isn’t?

I just despair at the thought that so much of our resources and energies is being used to create an issue where there already exist many that could be given as much fervor to a much better end: child hunger, domestic violence, debilitating disease, drugs, gang violence…the list is inexhaustive.

Lemme hear you fight FOR something that our children can be proud of: better education, safer streets, safer homes, strong economy.

Daily Dingeberry 02-09-12

I think Aria and I are both getting a little emotionally spent at this point…writing every day means a heavy commitment to reading a lot, discussing even more and then formulating a concise bunch of words that appeals to our audience. That said, we are not going to quit, not by any means; but, lawd a massi, as one of my friends says it, this is truly trying. I suppose we were prepared for opposition and discord, even outrage. What we weren’t prepared for, I don’t think, is the hatred. Aria and I are similar in that way. We have a keen sense of what is fair, what is right, what is just. We cannot stand aside and watch when others are attacked and belittled, demeaned and now, actually physically assaulted. Where is the Church now? Why have the leaders not come out against this crime? this sin? One doesn’t have to look far for direction on this matter. Jesus didn’t ascribe to the morality of the day, you know, stoning of the immorals; and, in fact, told religious bigots that the prostitutes would enter in heaven before they do. He preached tolerance of the ‘immoral’ you know, ADULTERERS, PROSTITUTES AND HOMOSEXUALS. He socialized with them and even made some of them APOSTLES…I’m just saying, if you are feeling lost and unsure of how to proceed…Jesus has been showing you for, oooh, a couple thousand years.