Daily Dingleberry 02-01-12

Hello lovers!!! Lovers of Belize!!! It is a new month! And thank goodness it is a leap year caz dem poor politrickans will surely need that exxxtra day 02-29-12 to campaign since elections were called YESTERDAY for 03-07-12. Talk about SURPRISE!!! But really, were you s-u-r-p-r-i-s-e-d?? *wink wink* People have been calling this election since last year. Anyway, given how broke we are, maybe it’s a good thing…not enough time to squander money on useless ads and propaganda. Let’s face it. Die hards will vote colour, independents will get support from friends and family and the rest? Dey gonna stay the f*k home. And there you have it. Political analysis at its best. Straight and simple. And it didn’t cost you nuttin 🙂

Seriously though, I’m getting pissed off with all these party people throwing grenades at each other about which debt is worse: BEL or Superbond. Are you fukin kidding me? This is your campaign strategy? OMG! We are in the crapper for sure! PUP can say all they want about how they had a surplus when they were voted out and UDP just frittered it away???! Can we say 200 million ain’t shit when you have to make superbond payments twice a year? AND WHERE DI HELL DID DI BILLION GO??????? I still wanna know that. And then these UDP people…what you plan to do about it? How are we going to pay off these debts we keep getting ourselves into?????? ANd did we strike oil or not???? You SOB’s are keeping this shit hush hush, hoping you get reelected and then by then you and all your friends will already have your damn paws in the pie. You just wanna make sure PUP cronies don’t get their hands on it huh? Whe happun to honour among thieves? LOL

Aye…it truly is between the bukut and the broomstick…either way it’s gonna HUUUUUUURRRRTTTTT!