Daily Dingleberry 06-09-12 Just when Mary K Cariddi Was Talking Me Off The Soapbox, THIS ISH HAPPENS!

Ok…so Mary K Cariddi or Aunt Kathy to me, sort of “put me to rights” yesterday when I decried the incompetence of our police force. She was quick to point out that there are many good, honest, “want to do the right thing” police officers out there who can’t because they lack training, leadership and proper funding/resources. I agreed because that is true and I wasn’t actually talking about individual police officers. I was talking about the whole system. Ok so we came to that place where we could both see that we were on the same page.


I read the transcript from Channel 7 News and my ire went right back up. Sorry Aunt Kath but I do have to go after an individual police officer and yes I know that he is not all etc……

“With respect to speculations; the girl may have been rape. That was also inconclusive as well?”


Senior Superintendent Chester Williams
“Yes that was also inconclusive but I doubt pretty much that she was rape because I don’t see a rapist raping a child and then putting back on her clothes so perfectly because her clothes was totally intact. It doesn’t seem to have been tampered with. I am not saying that she was not rape but I doubt she was.”




Look Mistah Senior Superintendent Chestah Williams…I have no doubt that you are sincere and that you mean well but pretty please…don’t speculate. People are very angry and worried and fear for the safety of their children. Don’t come on here with no real evidence and give false hope, ok? And the powers that be, please train these people to know what t say and what not to say?!

Aye Yai Yai…..breathing…..

For full transcript: http://www.7newsbelize.com/sstory.php?nid=22649


Mary K Cariddi Pushes For New Law

Mary K Cariddi, a long time volunteer and activist, is calling all Belizeans to please help her to get a new law passed. Jasmine Lowe, the little girl who was found murdered on Wednesday, was last seen getting into a taxi on Monday afternoon. She was supposed to go to her mother’s salon to get ready for that evening’s Celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee.

The fact that there is no uniformity in taxi cabs in Belize made getting an accurate description difficult. Mary wants to ensure that this sort of thing is never an impediment in an investigation ever again. She wants to make sure that we can be assured in knowing that we are dealing with honest, real cab drivers and not predators posing as one. Here is her proposal for Jasmine’s Taxi Law.

The Ball Is Rolling! Now Let’s Get Some Heads Rolling! 06-08-12

ID Yourself Mistah!

Several of our citizens have been so touched by Jasmine Lowe’s story that they have already started petitions, Facebook Groups and are calling for new legislation. One such person is Mary K. Carridi. She herself has faced very tragic circumstances when her mother was brutally murdered. Here is her proposal, or one of them. This lady has many, many good ideas:

Mary K Cariddi idea…..TAXI
We need new laws governing Taxi`s. 1. All taxis should have a Number issued and be displayed on the front, back, and both sides of the taxi. 2. All taxi drivers should have a back ground check/police report, and should be a Belizean national. 3. Each district should have a set color and all taxis working in the district should be painted that color. 4. Each taxis should pay for an individual trade license in there town and a registry of the taxi number and who is licensed to drive that taxi should be sent out to all police and traffic departments. 5. a 4in x 8in photo ID should be displayed on the dashboard in clear view. 6. All Taxis should have Plexiglas partition between front and back seat. 7. All taxis should be inspected every six months.

This is the time y’all.