Daily Dingleberry 04-01-12 I Pity The Fool!

You can NEVER read too much!

So…..one of the silliest criticisms of the Interview with the Vampire, ehem, Prime Minister, was that the reader didn’t care about what the Prime Minister reads. LMAO! En Serio!!!

Actually, I am very interested in what a leader reads and maybe even more importantly what he/she DOESN’T read. I would hope that he/she wouldn’t make decisions in a vacuum. That would be like the “Emperor With No Clothes” right?

I hope he/she reads newspapers; trade magazines; economic reports; dossiers; opposition propaganda (not too much, that can be distressing); some basic psychological theories on behaviour/learning/conflict resolution;papers on legal nuances, political strategies…o good lord…the list should go on. Why wouldn’t I want him/her to know about the effects of economic stress on a populace? Or what maritime laws affect shipping? Or how chemicals destroy our water supplies? Or how deforestation destroys habitats? Or that our vulnerable citizens need protection? Or what type of education is deemed most successful? Or that prevention is best medical/dental care?

I would hope that my leader is well versed in all manner of topics. An ignorant leader will only lead as far as his/her ego. A true leader is one who knows how to use resources, how to delegate responsibility, who to recruit…..it all requires deep knowledge.

I thank you reader for giving us here at Twocanview an opportunity to espouse the value of reading. We encourage you to keep reading our blog and keep contributing. It’s all an education!