Daily Dingleberry 01-09-13

Gangs101_t618Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo…..how do you murder four burly men all at once? Without using a gun BUT by slitting their throats and no one fought back or caused a raucous???? Seems to me that they had to know the perps AND there had to be a group of them AND they had to somehow subdue all these men in order to get up close and personal enough to slit their throats. An eye witness, who better watch her ass now, says she saw the GSU go into the house…is she a real witness or was she planted to just raise speculation? Could this be the work of trained assassins imported from say…..Mexico???? Any number of possibilities exists. And something tells me we will never know because we are not meant to know. Food for thought: if this were a rival gang, wouldn’t they have claimed they did it by now or else how would they establish cred???? And then what if, just what if, it was an inside job? Like say, get rid of the boss so you can become boss? And then allllll that chaos that happened yesterday would basically be for nothing. No conspiracy. No state sanctioned hit. Just some dude getting a promotion to head honcho.