Daily Dingleberry 04-13-12 Women vs Men

Look how well that fits 🙂

There is a presumption many make about women: we don’t get along but men do. Women don’t like each other; all we do is gossip and fight and compete agaist each other instead of working with each other. Men don’t hold grudges; they aren’t emotional so make better teams; they get ish done (rolling my eyes on this one: sorry guys, but you rule the world and yeah….’nuff said).

I disagree. I think that the relationships are different in nature which leads to particular challenges. What do I mean? Men appear to get along because they keep it superficial. Can you imagine a conversation that goes: “And how did it make you feel when the boss touched your ass?” Not gonna happen.

So women and their relationships are under a lot more stressors than their male counterparts which may seem compromise productivity at times. For a brief history read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women’s_rights   So, evolutionarily speaking, perhaps this is exactly the kind of dissonance and discord which needs to take place in order to strengthen our understanding of each other so that we can develop better resolution of problems facing our society: domestic violence, equal pay etc.

What does this mean in the world of politics? A LOT. If men are unwilling to delve into the effects certain issues have on the quality of life of women and children, these issues get pushed into the background and are ignored. It is proven that societies in which women enjoy greater independence, access to education, representation in court etc are stronger economically.

It would seem then, instead of seeing things in a negative light, let’s learn from each other to find an optimum level of respect, understanding and good intentions so that we can all contribute to the growth of our society. Don’t blame women. Don’t blame men. We are the victims of our history BUT we are in control of our future so be grown and act accordingly.