Corruption and Hypocrisy – by Aria Lightfoot

Corruption. Social Security corruption is just another example of my previous blog. (Grade “F”). A decline in the ethical standards of our society. Part of the problem in our country is this accepted belief that when one person blatantly and corruptively thrives in Belize, there is nothing wrong to if others conduct in similar behavior. Our society will continue to decline until we are so sick of it that that we put barriers and serious consequences in place to offset it. Shame! Shame! Shame! on the Social Security employees that engaged or encouraged corruption. The average Belizean worker pays their hard earn money, hoping to receive some benefit when they enter into their golden years, only to be mercilessly raped by those who are responsible for the public trust.

Social Security is just the tip of the iceberg. It seems to me that the allegations suggests a culture and comfort with such behavior. If someone knows something is wrong, they would act covertly. Hide their actions, be ashamed. These Social Security individuals allegedly went around advertising and encouraging other staff members to get in on the tax payers money grab. I am personally disgusted and sick of it. To hell with some poll suggesting that Belizeans people don’t care about corruption…I do… and even more insulting to the Belize taxpayers is that the same person was charged with investigating corruption of others.. How hypocritical!

Hypocrisy. The worst kind of hypocrisy is the kind when you condemn people, cost them their jobs and you are responsible for similar behavior… case in point, politicians! Until we begin mandating an open society and government, demand everything that involves tax payers money become an open process for review, we will continue in this culture of corruption. House of Representatives members, Senate members, Public Officer and Quasi Public Officers , Cronies, and connected family members- the Belizean tax payer is paying your salary, benefits, extravagant lifestyles, trips around the world etc . Please STOP with the pillaging already! We cant walk the streets, we cant live securely in our homes, we cant afford our daily bread because you are contributing to the growing poverty and social decline by your insatiable greed!

2 thoughts on “Corruption and Hypocrisy – by Aria Lightfoot

  1. I think we all agree it is time to change…what are some alternative ways of building the economy? Can we point to corrupt free businesses and use them as models? Does anyone know any economists who could give us some insight on what needs to happen and is feasible?

  2. It’s dispiriting, depressing, disgusting. The mad people are running the asylum. The Belizean people are just taking it. Everyone is hoping for their little piece of the action, corruption is endemic, top to bottom in society. We need a sea change, but how?

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