Pro Con List: By: Aria Lightfoot

Elections are drawing near; the propaganda machinery is in high gear.  Information, money, mortgage write-off, Belizean citizenship, finger pointing and empty promises are being thrown your way from every direction.  We are all weighing in on this circus for our votes. The media sources, political foot soldiers, religious organs, special interest groups and citizens are making noise.  The frenzy is confusing and feels like mosquitoes irritatingly buzzing in your ear.

I guess what is bugging me is my inability to write a pro and con list.  I know the importance of voting, but as a voter can I truly make a difference?  If vote for PUP, do they plan to change their evil ways? I am not sure.  Am I wrong? But it seems that PUP candidates are the same perpetuators of some serious corruption and flaws in judgment in the past administration.  These candidates and affiliates are proudly displayed on their websites and out campaigning.

 If I vote for UDP, do they plan on changing their evil ways? UDP has backtracked on most campaign promises to offset corruption and in fact celebrated the “spoil system” as PUP gave an approving nod.  They have conducted some questionable activities and lately they seem more like the PUP that was voted out of office.

Mein, I feel frustrated and powerless as a voter, I don’t even think there is a third party candidate in my division and if there was, would voting for them just be wasting my vote?  How can a party without the requisite seat plan to address any changes when they cannot even come up with 31 candidates?  

I am not like those abused, forgiving voters…the ones who make excuses and try to justify the evil of their  party.  I want to know what these parties are doing for Belize.  Will they change it? Will they run  Belize to the ground until there is literally nowhere else to go?  Do they care about my vote?   Let your voices and expectations be heard clearly as they canvass for your vote. Stop treating fellow citizens from a different party like your enemy because here is the real tidbit:  

Our politicians are becoming super millionaires with your vote endorsement.  Their children attend the best schools worldwide and have the posh jobs. Dean Barrow and Francis Fonseca don’t really hate each other!  Let me say it again! PUP and UDP politicians don’t hate each other!  They all hang out together, go to the same parties, belong to the same clubs, and celebrate each other successes in life and in many instances, RELATED to each other!    When we witness the argument in the House of Representatives, that is just the obligatory show time performance for the “fool fool” Belizeans.   So we di fool fool ones think that these politicians are sleeping at night worried about our well being.  IF they truly loved Belize, the first day in office they would begin implementing the changes to cure the deficiencies that create corruption.

Wake up my Belizean people, take off your red and blue and yellow lens and let’s start seeing where our country is broken and let’s start fixing it…! DEMAND ACCOUNTABILTY FROM THESE LEADERS WHO DEPEND ON OUR BLIND ALLEGIANCE!

6 thoughts on “Pro Con List: By: Aria Lightfoot

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  3. this really expresses how so many of our voters feel. so many who are more inclined to one party do not even want to go out to vote ca the just don’t want to vote for their party nor the one they despire for their trickery and corruption!

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