Constitutional Convention – by: Aria Lightfoot on Saturday, 27 August 2011 at 11:59(repost)

Recently, the idea of a constitutional convention was suggested, I give credit to Mr. Hubert Pipersburg, who is quickly igniting a necessary debate about the effectiveness or lack there of, of our system of governance!

This was something that should have been done back in the early 70s when the writing on the wall indicated that England was ready to kick us out the proverbial nest! If I recall the debate of the time, one party supported it and the other party boycotted the formulation of our constitution in a shortsighted protest that has Belize in this conundrum today!

Today in Belize, one party makes a suggestion and the other party outrightly rejects the idea. Policies are written with no intent to implement, but rather to win elections,  promote political party agendas,  as opposed to national agendas. Boycotting has been the opposition response to controversial legislation and as a result, 30 years of our history is marred with stagnation and an ineffective system of governance.

I love the idea of Mr. Pipersburg’s  convention with one reservation; he called for the convention to be  “the brightest minds in Belize!” Unfortunately for Belize, many of our brightest minds also represent the elites in Belize,  who many times are detached from the struggles of the country;  are themselves the perpetrators of the abuse in the system;  and too politically entrenched to make the convention a worthwhile effort.  I call on suggestions to be induced from all organizations in Belize and a consensus of the masses solicited.  If we are rewriting our constitution we need inclusion.  We need to limit the power of government and empower the masses. We need oversight of the public coffers and give our politicians a mandate, with serious reperccusions for unethical deviation. We need a “bill of rights” to ensure fundamental rights are cemented into our legal framework. We need to remove the “discretion of ministers” and replace it with laws mandating the office they hold. We need representative government and we need to  have equal access and strong protection of our citizenship!

Take heed to the call politicians who shape the divide  our country. The people in Belize are voting for a change in the system! They cannot articulate it, so they keep voting parties in  or out on promises of change! Recognize that the populace wants equality and access and an opportunity to enjoy the spoils of the country.  Recognize it before our change is shaped by the people calling for violent revolution! Get off your tax payers’ educated butts, tax payers’ financed lifestyles and do something meaningful for the country of Belize!  Let’s create a Belize for all Belizeans…

4 thoughts on “Constitutional Convention – by: Aria Lightfoot on Saturday, 27 August 2011 at 11:59(repost)

  1. I think it was very convenient for the leaders to leave things as they were because it gave them carte blanche but the internet is doing its job. People are part of a global community now and we cant ignore the horrible injustice occurring in Belize and elsewhere in the world.

    • Completely agree. The system was setup to fail the people and none of the politicians that held office did anything to change it except for their benefit. Hopefully we will get a good set of leaders that will be able to correct this wrong.

    • Well here is the thing…we can all do our part by becoming involved and it starts at home. It takes very little to get groups of children together and teach them civic pride…every Saturday go clean streets and parks…explain to them why they need to love Belize and take care of it…Perhaps we can encourage this by arranging it with schools to give extra credit for their participation and maybe some businesses can sponsor a cold drink and a snack as an incentive…something like this can grow into a community project and soon local leaders can lend their expertise and teach kids about farming, law, tourism…you name it…start small and go from there…this is where real progress starts. Fuhget di damn politicians…

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