Twocanview by Fayemarie Anderson Carter printed in The Independent 02-03-12

Aria Lightfoot and Fayemarie Anderson Carter met in 1991 while attending St. John’s College Sixth Form in Belize City. They were often pitted against each other by their English teacher, who would put them on opposing sides for the purpose of debating current issues. For some 20 years, the two had not been in contact. They both, unbeknownst to each other, emigrated to the United States, attended college, got married and now have families. It may have remained this way, had it not been for the chance run in on Facebook. They saw each other responding to political debates, sometimes agreeing, sometimes disagreeing and sometimes, chastising each other, just like old times. Aria soon decided she wanted to take on these issues in a more neutral arena, one not coloured by party loyalty and agendas. So, she approached her old debate “nemesis” with the idea of creating a blog to do just that. Together, they try everyday to encourage open and frank discussion in an effort to inspire change. Aria tackles the issues of the moment, writing hard hitting articles addressing concerns and criticisms of both the present government and the opposition.  Fayemarie writes satire using birds to represent the different sectors of Belizean society in a column called “the Aviary”, similarily addressing these issues but in a less direct way, often using Creole expressions and vernacular of the true Belizean.  Fayemarie also writes a daily commentary called the “Daily Dingleberry” to draw attention to the various obstacles Belizeans face as we fight for change and progress. Their goal is to lift the sense of helplessness and hopelessness crippling our people and replace it with determination, pride and a feeling of ownership. This is our country and we have every right to steer the course of its future.

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