Confronting the bullying tactics by: Aria Lightfoot

The fact that the [ woman ]emerges a formidable character is often met with amazement, distaste and even belligerence….

Maya Angelou

Recently, an independent Belizean went after me in a forum demanding that I show him and several people respect.  His accusations of me  being disrespectful and obnoxious went on unabated for about 100 comments.  Most of the commentators who  joined in the onslaught of insults are self professed members of the opposition. One fellow journalist went as far as accuse me of having a chip on my shoulder.  When I asked  to quote me instances of where I was disrespectful, he directed me to go read my comments. It is a similar tactic I have seen him use on someone else in the past.  He makes an assertion, repeats it over and over, offers no proof and waits for the choir to join the song. In fact, I reviewed my comments and I said “The Lord is a parasite”. After making that comment, I was verbally attacked and lectured on how disrespectful I was. I wonder if I offended him or the Lord so much by making such a comment that he was forced to take me on in such a manner?    He could not even quote one instance where any disrespect was shown.  So now I am forced to evaluate what was disrespectful in my comments and why he was so offended that he turned an entire forum about the Budget of Belize being delayed into an evaluation of Aria Lightfoot.

I am outspoken, I speak my mind and I will challenge people’s ideas. I am adamant in my position, but ultimately so is everyone commenting.  The one thing I never resort to is name calling. If calling someone who has professed being a member of a certain party, a member of that party, name calling, for that I am guilty but otherwise, I am yet to be shown proof of such. I suspect my Belizean friend is usually good at shutting up people when he is offended but cannot exert such control over me.

If calling out instances of corruption; if holding professionals to a higher standard;  if demanding people wake up and start demanding their rights;  if pointing out parasitic investors who feed off our society;  if asking politicians to follow laws; if demanding bar members become active in our legal society; if asking journalist to ask tougher question and present better information; if pointing out discrimination; if asking for civility in the way we deal with each other and asking tough questions is being disrespectful…then I am guilty as charged.  I do not have a history of  name calling or being  abusive or even bullying anyone…Can you say the same?  I can only be responsible for what I say and not what you understand.

3 thoughts on “Confronting the bullying tactics by: Aria Lightfoot

  1. Aria,

    I enjoy your blogs. I must agree that they are many of us who wish that we could write and express our thoughts without the fear of being attack by the ones who you don’t agree with. I think in this day and age people should no longer be afraid to voice their opinion on the issues that affect us everyday. It happens everyday in our daily lives weather at work, home, school etc.
    Belizeans tend to listen to foreigners more than their own because they feel like they have all the right answers. I am even more disappointed with those who you think should know better. I am still waiting to see the journalist do investigative reporting and ask the hard questions in a tactful and respectful manner.
    Continue the great work and remember that they a lot of people out here that have unu backs.

  2. I am so sure a lot of people wished they had the courage to confront people like this. It is amazing to me, how in their own self righteous rants, they fail to realize they do what they accuse you of.

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