There is a monster in our midst. The story of Jasmine’s demise by: Aria Lightfoot

Jasmine Lowe – victim of a child predator

The average person sees a young, lanky and carefree child going about her business. She laughs and finds simple joys in the innocent things in life. She may still play with dolls or dream up a marriage to her prince charming. She may still watch cartoons or chat all day with her giggly friends about insignificant consequences. She probably says a prayer every night as she fades into a dream state, her mind anxious to relive the day of hanging out with her friends and enjoying simple pleasures.

The child predator sees the same thing, except he has an unquenchable thirst filled with lust for the child he sees every day. So powerful is the feeling, he begins to stalk her, he knows everything about her. He salivates with every laugher and with each movement of her body, his loin throbs. He transforms into an animal. He loses all sensibilities and is motivated on pure unadulterated aching lust. His fixation seals her destiny. She remains innocent to a sadistic plan that will cause her demise. Each day seeing her, the compulsion to rape and kill grows and he becomes less human. Initially he attempts to fight the monster within and tries to adjust to some semblance of humanity; but he enjoys the pleasure of stalking and ruining innocence too much. The other victims left in his path paints a scary story. He has no internal conscience of right or wrong. He sits and waits for a window of opportunity.

On June 4, 2012, the window of opportunity opened up when Jasmine was spotted alone heading to meet her mom. He probably befriended her in the past, or may be a family friend or a familiar face. She felt an element of safety to accept his generosity to take her to her mom. He was elated his plan was coming to fruition. He drives off with young innocent Jasmine into oblivion leaving behind a traumatized country frantically, desperately and prayerfully demanding her safe return. As night drew nearer, the father, family and friends feels a surreal panicked fear knowing Jasmine would never just run off.

Jasmine probably told her abductor he missed the turn. He pretends to have made a mistake or probably convinced her that he needed to do something else first. An instinctive fear probably builds in her as she knows something is wrong. He offers to calm her down and maybe even offer some treat to her. He drives her to a safe place. A place other victims have seen before. A place where he fulfills his despicable inhumane desires.

He takes pleasure ripping away everything innocent in her. All her moments of happiness destroyed. Her soul leaves her fragile, battered and ravaged body. He savours as life escapes her …then she takes her last gasp for air; her eyes become dim as he temporarily satisfies his insatiable thirst. He no longer has any use for her, so he dumps her body on the Cristo Rey road.

He drives off, probably not even looking back. He could care less that he stole Jasmine’s innocence, life, and future. He could care less that he robbed a community of its peace of mind. He could careless that he devastated a family. Where was all this concern when his innocence was stolen? He probably headed back to a viewing area looking at the kids running around and laughing and playing…suddenly his attention is drawn to a young, pretty, twelve year old giggling with her friends…he feels a familiar stirring..

I perused the internet for child serial killers and chatted with a person who is a behavioral specialist. It is horrifying what these men admit to. Many come from very disturbing origins and kill without remorse. Many get an intense pleasure from living and killing in the their communities. He may be a psychopath. For more on how psychos see

Don’t be surprised if the monster is someone you would least expect, and may explain why he has been able to move around undetected. He may be well respected and may be wishing the family his “sincere” condolences while smirking inside. He may be your family or friend. He may be a “stable” family man with his own children. He will be monitoring the news and social sites for the latest. There is no picture of who he is. It is the biggest secret he keeps to himself and it gives him immense pleasure that he knows the answer while the entire community is left in a state of shock and despair. There is a monster in the midst….he will strike again!

10 thoughts on “There is a monster in our midst. The story of Jasmine’s demise by: Aria Lightfoot

  1. God bless her soul..!! Words cann’t go into places…my heart goes out to the family,i have a daughter..God knows I would have mu own justice if it was my child..hope he gets the justice he deserves to the fulless..hope our justice department really don’t screw this one up!!. And have justice for “Baby Jasmin”..she was still a baby….hope the right person find that monster first…!

  2. My heart aches at such despicable act against this child he has disrupted the peace in the community and left her parents with such grief no one should feel.I know we all want just but I leave it in God’s hand for he only can be judge and jury and most of all executer.My condolences goes to the immediate family and may the lord give them strength and forgiveness now and for their future life.Only God can give comfort

    • thank you…please continue to show support by sharing this page with your friends…a lot is happening in response and we wish to really make it meaningful for Jasmine and all other victims…

    • These barbaric acts, are or were only heard of in other parts of the world, the frequency and seeming ease with which they now confronts this nation viz a viz Jackie Malic, Jay Blades, and others, this barbaric act in particular has left us flabbergasted and dumbfounded to say the least. The unfortunate and shocking reality however is, from all indicators, this beast and perpetuator comes from and is hiding in our very midst. He is a member of this very community we refer to as peaceful. This is one murder too much for this community one, too close to home, one, too cruel to imagine…… Jasmine, you were helpless in your last hours on earth, you were just a babe unassuming and unafraid to walk in your home town, and this would be an injustice if for these reasons you were cut down long before your life even begun… if its wrong to be a child, and to be free,then we should all take a stand against such injustice, and if we cant stand for you now then we should all fall for anything…. I am ready to take a stand would you join me?????????


    • I know this article was written in intense disgust and anger and rightfully so. But I do not see the need for the bazaar and graphic nature of it. The “throbbing loins” of the killer are quite frankly the last thing I want to consider and keep in mind who may be reading this – people in that warped frame of mind would consider this depiction exciting.

      We must remember her in the light and acknowledge the beautiful life she lived with us. Her gifts to us can never be taken away by any man- her innocence is eternal and her light can never be extinguished. My love is with you and I am so sorry for your loss.

    • Imagine what the child endured. We don’t want to hear it or see it. But we must! They walk among us and we MUST know how they think and feel. If someone is excited over this article they will be excited over a child.

    • as sad and disgusting as this cold hearted murder was , it is most important to remember this beautiful child by how she lived and not how she died. But this child belongs to all of us and so it is the duty of all to see that justice is done by capturing the beast that is still living amongst all of the people of Belize. may God bring comfort to mr. Lowe and his entire family and may her little angel Jasmine rest in peace

    • The time will come when we can only think of her beautiful memory, her wonderful spirit but first we must honour her by finding her murderer. Human beings are fickle and their attention span is short. I think that is why there is such an outpouring and focus because this has happened before with no justice. None of us wants that to happen here. FAC

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