Is Dr. Asphyxia qualified? by: Aria Lightfoot

Medical Malpractice?

I received information today that is  quite a bit disconcerting.  I was told that our doctor who consistently reaches inconclusive results,   is not an actual forensic pathologist.  He never specialized in the field. I can neither confirm nor deny this information; however, if this information is true…He is operating in a field he has no expertise in whatsoever.  As tax payers I urge that you demand to know if this information is true. What are his credentials?  Is there some great ongoing miscarrying of justice? What happens to all those bodies he has examined in the past?  Who would be liable if such is the case? What is the solution? I demand answers. I demand that the people who should know, provide this information ASAP.  If this information is true…This is shocking, unacceptable and maybe even illegal! Jasmine deserve better.  Belize mainstream media, time to start asking the tough questions!

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    • Well the archaic and now defunct law has allowed for this so the necessary action is to change the law but even before that we can pressure them to hire someone else who does know how to properly examine victims. FAC

    • Here in Ontario, Canada we had a Pathologist who faked his results for years, causing innocent people to do jail time and be saddled with a poor reputation. When found out, back cases were reviewed, people released and pardoned AND compensated. DO look into this doctors credentials, it surely can’t hurt if he is legit but if not . . .

  1. I hope that we are not killing the messenger here. Dr.E. has been my doctor for many years and has always been about healing rather than collecting money like some of the other medical facilities. of course he is not a pathologist-we’re talking about belize-we dont have alot of essential things -like a police force with ability to solve crimes- why on earth would we have a forensic pathologist? is there anyone else out there to do this work? NO. he is just as limited as the rest of the system. I think it is unfair to make the statement that he is the root of the failure of prosecutions….there are many more levels of incompetence before you reach Dr. E. we only have to re-examine “jack” to overstand the real issues of crimes against little girls in belize.

    • That is a Great. However that has nothing to do with the fact he is NOT trained to be making determinations regarding cause of death. Would you go to a dentist who never study dentistry, even if he was the nicest guy on earth? Probably not! Your job is about capability and not personality especially in the professional field…

    • We have Dr High Sanchez, a Belizean, who IS a trained pathologist. We do not need this imported fraud mishandling our murder cases. Let him practice medicine in Mexico. We need a REAL pathologist, and we have one, Dr Hugh Sanchez.

  2. Update to this story: Belize law does not require a forensic pathologist to examine murdered victims. IT really explains the root of the failure in prosecutions!

  3. Here comes the time when incompetence and negligence by our ‘professionals’ is no longer accepted to the public at large and people need to account. I agree that mainstream media needs to start asking the relevant questions. Aria, your tireless efforts to shed light & open our eyes
    is much appreciated!

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