UPDATE on Rebecca Stirm! 06-20-12

Our congratulations go out to Ms. Stirm who has done us proud representing Belize at the Mission Catwalk fashion design competition. She ultimately did not win BUT we know that this is just the glorious beginning of a looooong career for this young lady. She is proof that you can do anything when you put your mind to it, with limited resources and yes, at a very young age. She had a vision and she pursued it. Take notice Belizeans! It IS possible!


3 thoughts on “UPDATE on Rebecca Stirm! 06-20-12

  1. …and Congrats to Twocanview LLC for reaching over 30,000 hits! I’m so sorry Rebecca Stirm did not win but in our eyes she is a winner. I hope she will get to pursue her dream. Thank you Rebecca for making Belize proud.

    Congrats to the winner Gregory Williams.

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