The Jim Jones Kool Aid by: Aria Lightfoot

The rhetoric of any organization to promote their agenda is expected except of course when the agenda is fraught with dubious intentions.  As a society I find that we Belizeans are gullible, forgiving and downright too trusting of strangers, except when it is our own people! How many people will it take to screw over Belizeans before we develop an innate sense of distrust and begin questioning as opposed to simply accepting?

Lately several prominent church leaders have been tacitly making statements to garner public opinion.  One that really caught my eye was equating secularism to religion.  To the casual eye that may mean absolutely nothing, but when you start digging into the organization and association of who are making these statements, you get a nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach as the agenda of these leaders become evident. (More on that theory later)  When someone compares secularism to religion, they are saying that religion has an equal place as secularism.  Secularism is the belief that civil policy (government business) should be conducted without the introduction of a religious element.  It is the theory of separation of church and state.

Why would church leaders want to introduce the Bible into government? Sounds like a great idea right? I mean Belize is a God fearing country and what is wrong in letting God decide what is good for us with the guidance of the Church leaders?  Well here is the problem. It is estimated that there are over 38,000 versions of Christianity which does not even take into consideration other religions and their differing versions.  Each religion believes their interpretation of the Bible, Koran, and Torah etc.  is true.  Each religion believes they are the only true path to God. Let us not forget the terrible incidences with religious fanaticism where thousands have died following behind some charismatic leader such as David Koresh, Jim Jones , Osama Bin Laden and a few other nut cases.

The idea of separation of church and state was borne from the pursuit of religious freedom.  Pilgrims (initially) and Jews  left Europe in droves running away from the strong and many times brutal and unforgiving control of the Catholic Church.  When they decided to form what is now the United States of America, they did not want to recreate a country where one religion dominated the thoughts and actions of everyone. They wanted the ability to worship freely without the state dictating whose God was the right God.

When people try to sell me religion in a forceful manner and dictate their righteousness on me, I instantly become suspicious of that person’s true relationship with Jesus.  Being a Christian is trying to replicate the life of Jesus.  I have never read anywhere where Jesus was ever on a pulpit damning anyone to a fiery pit. In fact throughout the Bible, Jesus on many occasions challenged the status quo on the treatment of sinners, reached out to his enemies and declared that God was not for one chosen race.   The only time in the bible when Jesus showed any aggression was towards the church and some of their leaders.  Many people can quote Bible verses but have no true grasp of the man they claim to follow. They quote controversial Leviticus verses calling for the death of sinners, especially gay sinners but fail to see that following Leviticus today would render them in jail or the mental asylum. So who is more important to you as a Christian, the words of Jesus or the words of Leviticus?

So my natural curiosity led me down a path of trying to examine the man who is creating such religious awakening in Belize. I always find it interesting when a young man would leave a first world country and move to a “third world country” such as Belize with his entire family. A man called Jim Jones did something similar when he moved to Guyana.   I began to ask about Scott Stirm, a native of Waco Texas. (hmmm sounds eerily similar to another fanatic).

Scott is affiliated with a Ministry in the US called Extreme Prophetic Ministries.  Patricia King in the following video describes Scott Stirm as their “missionary in Central America, Belize” and called him a “prophet and wonderful intercessor:  see Prophet .  David Koresh was also called a prophet.  There is nothing troubling about this video until you start to examine who Patricia King, the speaker is.

Patricia King belongs to this ministry in the United States called Extreme Prophetic Ministries that reportedly is a part of the hardcore Seven Mountains Dominionism movement, which is also linked to the New Apostolic Reformation movement.  Seven Mountains dominionism seeks to place Christians in control over the seven forces that shape and control our culture: (1) Business; (2) Government; (3) Media; (4) Arts and Entertainment; (5) Education; (6) Family; and (7) Religion.    I want my readers to grasp the order of which this is placed; business first and then government.  Are they attempting “shape and control” Belize?  Do you see any hard core personalities in the media today affiliated with Stirm? Didn’t they recently pressure the Minister of Education in his educational materials?    I also read somewhere that Stirm is training a radical new set of Christians. Radical means favoring drastic political…reforms.   Seven Mountains theology, believes that Jesus “doesn’t come back until He’s accomplished the dominion of nations.”  And the way “dominion of nations” is accomplished is by having Christians gain control of these “seven mountains” in order to install a “virtual theocracy” overseen by “true apostles” who will fight Satan and his Antichrist agenda.” Explain to me again how they are preserving Belizean culture by this advocacy?  Who will be these true apostles running the new theocracy of Belize?

Additionally Patricia King has a reputation in Arizona for going to morgues and trying to raise the dead. Yes Raise the Dead! Check it out: Raised from the Dead   Yikes…Nothing strikes me as crazy as the lady who believes she has Jesus power!  She also makes a lot of infomercials and peddles the word of God for profit.  Selling God.  If you are buying God, they will sell it.  I still cannot grasp how the established churches in Belize are part of this nightmare!  Shame on the Catholic and Anglican Churches!

I also found a long winded piece called Time and Eternity (which is about how long it takes to read it) at Time and Eternity . The writer was impressed with Scott Stirm and describes Stirm as someone who “ had given up drugs, booze and living on the wild side a little over two years earlier as a sophomore in high school. Scott had “given his life to the Lord”.”   Obviously he didn’t descend from sainthood.  Please know that I am not judging him, I mean we all make mistakes and fall short of God’s Grace.  However, I believe Belizeans need to know they are part of a bigger agenda that is borne out of the Ministry where the crazy lady tries to raise the dead and calls Stirm their prophet.

Finally Lauren Jacoby gives her account of visiting Belize in her blog. In her blog she boasts of Stirm power in Belize as “key leader in Belize” and having contact with thousands of pastors in Belize (we have thousands of pastors?)  and Belmopan being the spiritual hub of Belize?  Whoa..Spiritual hub? What snake oil are they selling people? (see blog )  Whatever they are selling, they have done a great job of selling it in Belize.

So convincing is this movement in Belize that even the original bullshitters, the politicians of both parties, made testimonials about their commitment to God.   Stirm have incited debate and incited fear and hate. They are steering the “Christians” to selectively battle the “abomination” of homosexuality while ignoring the other 50 abominations plaguing Belize.  Wake up Belize, this agenda has nothing to do with homosexuality. They just knew that waving the homo flag in a homophobic country of ours would blind us to their true agenda.  They got the prominent churches, politicians, attorneys, many well intentioned citizens in such a state of fear that they have joined a misguided agenda. A lie is dependent on the innocence of the believer. However, with all the news of church leaders using and misusing faithful believers, I find our blinding faith incredulous bordering on stupidity.

I will be the first to say we have been hoodwinked, tricked, deceived and there is a bigger agenda at play. The Jubilee Ministries of Scott Stirm is connected to Patricia King, a self-proclaimed dead raiser, who seeks to control Belize via the seven forces.  Have fun drinking the Jim Jones kool aid Belizeans but know that sweet taste in your mouth is poison!

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  2. I wouldn’t rely on Coulson. He hasn’t duteispd this data, and he’s been caught in the past lying and having to retract his statements:Voucher Group Defends Coulson’s Deception Submitted by Kevin on September 21, 2006 – 11:31am UPDATE: Within hours of this post, Cato removed the offending article from its website. A few days ago Right Wing Watch noted that Cato’s Andrew Coulson was caught falsely casting aspersions on an academic research center in Indiana. The Center for Evaluation and Education Policy recently released a survey that found falling public support for vouchers. Unwilling to believe the results, Coulson launched an untruthful ad hominem attack on CEEP claiming that their study couldn’t be trusted. Now, Clint Bolick’s Alliance for School Choice has stepped up to defend Coulson. The folks over at PFAW’s blog must have at least pulled a muscle when they stretched to take a swipe at Cato’s Andrew Coulson. Here’s PFAW’s account: Earlier this month, Andrew wrote a column in the Indianapolis Star critical of Indiana University’s Center for Evaluation and Education Policy. CEEP periodically polls Indianans on school choice, and recent poll results have shown declining support for school choice among respondents. Andrew’s principal complaints: CEEP’s financial ties to IU’s Department of Education make the group biased against school choice, and the question design was flawed. CEEP’s Jonathan Plucker fired back that CEEP is financially independent of IUDOE; that the costs of the poll are likewise paid by CEEP to prevent any hint of bias; and that CEEP works with outside polling experts to make sure the results are accurate and reliable. Bolick’s group , does not dispute that “Andrew” was lying. Instead, they praise him for issuing a purported retraction, to which they provide a link.However, PFAW oddly fails to mention that, five days after the column ran in the Indy Star, Coulson subsequently posted this on Cato’s blog. Sure enough, there is a post on Cato’s blog, dated 9/8, in which Coulson acknowledges his error:In a recent op-ed for the Indianapolis Star, I wrote that Indiana University’s Center for Evaluation and Education Policy (CEEP) had a vested interest in finding school choice to be unpopular with voters — because it was a part of the University’s Department of Education, and that department could well be rendered obsolete under a large scale school choice program. As it turns out, the Center is largely financially independent of the Department, and so would not likely go down with the ship under a voucher or education tax credit program.But on that same day, Coulson’s column, including the passage he admits is false, was posted on Cato’s website, where it still appeared without the correction nearly two weeks later.Coulson himself may have apologized, but Cato and the Alliance for School Choice don’t seem to have a problem perpetuating his false allegations.

  3. Thousands of years (nay, just hundreds of years) ago, when science was in its infancy, God (or Gods) were used as an explanation for events we did not understand. Flood (God is angry), bountiful harvest (blessings) et. etc. Now we have science, but people are still believing every word written in a book during those times of scientific darkness.

    The bible speaks of the father who claims that God told him to kill his son…excellent insanity plea nowadays. Immaculate conception or a good coverup story for a young girl who let her morals stray and was scared of the consequences? The bible has lots of wonderful motivational and uplifting stories but also a lot of hatred there too…it’s amazing that in this day and age it is still read literally.

  4. its a wonderful insight.. I am a christian but whenever someones wannts to condemn or insight hate against another person or minority like storms does, we belizeans need to be smart that yhey are the wrong persons… Unfortunately, there are many christians who follow crazy pastors and are quick victim of these.Mr. stirm need to be careful and belizeans need to awake.. Christ our savior wa sonly one thing.. LOVE, FORGIVENESS, AND NO JUDGING.. whoever, clings to their bible judging others and instiling faear and hate in another human is not christian..Scott stirm is wrong for belize.. Excellent article…

    • I agree; good article….the hate and judgement we see in Belize is a result of the rabid fundamentalist thinking originating out of the north. They like to go in poor communities and use the bible as an excuse to hate and condemn people; they have moved into our school system and have influenced decent minded people to follow their vitriol. Persons, like the author of this piece need to be commended and encouraged to continue to write and call them out- whomever they are.

      Keep writing brave one!

  5. Being homosexual a sin or not should be left to judge by God and God alone. Believing In pagan Gods and strict doctrines like Indians, Asians or the islam religion should be religions that the christian communities should attack or erradicate but they dont take that challenge because they know it a losing battle. Then why try to create a social war in the country in the difference of opinion? why cant we just respect each other for what we are? God gave us the freedom to decide right form wrong and who are we to judge or change or rip people of from their freedom to believe what to them is rigth. Why the the Churches dont attack the “Prostitution and adultery community” which according to the Bible is also a sin( and a sin is a sin no matter how big or small).
    I honestly think that if you want to fight for a cause or want aperfect world you should fight against all evils and not only selected ones

  6. Preying on the vulnerable, unintelligent and desperate. That is what Satan leads these false prophets to do. They manipulate the minds of the foolish and lead them straight to hell. Stop thinking about sex all of the time and concentrate on finding the true path to righteousness. That is through humility and through doing good works. Don’t allow these men, crazed for power and money, to mislead you and do the Devil’s work. Only the Devil would make the claims and do the things that they do. Pray sinners and beg God to save you from evil men like Strim and Wade. They are taking advantage of you and making you feel that you are dependent on them. See the danger.

    • Wow A great article…i am a believer in true Christianity, not the lopsided arrogant and self righteous American import that seam to be the rage these day. I guess the Jesus that these bigots serve now has a name Dominionism… a pit trick to pronounce…i will call it the dom belief.

    • Ixchel, although I agree with what you say, please dislike your comments about “self righteious American import”. Although the article is about one, we must be reminded that Evil Radicalized Belizeans are supporting and promoting this evil Stirm.. Wade jr. Even if he is promoting total lies to gain power and control over others, he states “Just by saying ‘the Bible says’, makes the majority of Belizeans pay attention.” This is the endoctrination the Nazi’s used togain power over Germany.. Promoting fear from within rallies the mass’ around the one who creates the fear. Stirm, supported and promoted by Wade Jr at trying to create fear among the mass’ is only trying to create power and control over the less enlightened.

    • Ian- the thing is I grew but in a different Belize, we are religious but not to the extreme…I think it was the 80’s when they start coming to our shores, right at the time when the immigrants from Guatemala and Salvador were pouring in- they were able to gain congregation among them easily and eventually many people began to join…those were the days of jimmy swaggart…yeye avila who were claiming to do miracles. I remember many poor people sold their fowls and pigs so that they could give it to these “miracle workers”….both of who turn out to be charlatan. I think the sad think is that the cool aid was addictive because many Belizean now have grown up into that belief….many young people were sexually exploited by religious fanatics over the years and then defend by the likes of Strim and wade jr. I am sure with time more people will come out of the woodwork and show how hypocritical these pastors are. I think it is dangerous to have these fanatics be given a voice but they have ( wade jr communication business) . I am glad that people like yourself are willing to stand up to them and point out there arrogance, lies and bigotry. I think if given a fair chance belizeans will reject what they represent.

  7. A fact in the real world: We are not judged by the best of our actions, unfortunately, but by the worst. It’s like a diet: you can be good and careful and moderate all week long, but that apple pie and ice cream pig-out on Saturday destroys the whole week. I am absolutely sure that Pastor Scott Stirm has done some very nice, very noble, very decent things in the world, particularly with is flock. But I am also aware of the slanders, lies, distortions, fear-mongering, hate-filled accusations clothed in Christian love, and other assaults on LGBT Belize citizens that he has committed and continues to commit daily. It’s one thing to hold homosexuality as a moral wrong and a sin. It is quite another to go out of your way to actually harm homosexuals. I think a great deal of the animus toward Stirm in this blog post and in some of the comments is directly prompted by Scott Stirm’s vicious attacks on gay people in Belize and elsewhere. As you sew, so shall you reap, Pastor Stirm.

    • I can’t imagine Pastor Scott assaulting anyone nor going out of his way (or in his way ) to harm anyone. where are you getting your information? i don’t think your sources are reliable. I have never heard him bash homosexuals or anyone. “vicious attacks?” that is what this blog is.

    • Karol, whom I respect and care for, you haven’t read, apparently, where he has talked about gay people as evil (not sinful, but evil), has equated homosexuality with pedophilia, “murder, theft & robbery, rape, child abuse, domestic violence, etc.,” and consistently used inflammatory language when speaking about real human beings who happen to be gay. Here are some direct quotes:

      “5) homosexuals want to INDOCTRINATE CHILDREN by their own admission, against the will of their parents and even STATE! 6) Homosexuals have brought COUNTLESS lawsuits against anyone who believes differently to FORCE people, states, etc. to not be able to speak against them.” “NOT equating homosexuality with pedophilia (please read that again), but LIKE pedophilia, it is a CHOICE people make, it’s their PREFERENCE, not a ‘human right’ or a ‘civil right.’” “[A]nother definition or application of ‘perversion’ (applied with no sexual connotations whatsoever, like ‘perversion of justice’ or ‘perversion of truth.’) You are SWIMMING in it man!” “It is not intelligence, or a lack thereof, that leads a person to reject belief in God. It is a lack of morals that leads a person to reject belief in God.” “[Homosexuals] base their comments upon a preconceived idea of a separation of morals from law & legalities, but really, you cannot
      separated law and morals! Thieving is immoral, and also illegal. Pedophilia or incest is immoral, and also illegal. Not to mention murder, rape, and a very very long list of other crimes that are also very immoral. Truth is, they are trying to change the moral foundation upon which we have stood as a nation. . .” “the legalizing of homosexuality is morally wrong, full stop! And it’s not just the homosexuality, yes, the adultery, the sexual promiscuity, the pedophilia, the prostitution, the sexual abuse, the incest, the murder, all of it! It’s all wrong!” “murderers are not organizing to change our laws on murder, the pedophiles are not organizing to change our laws on pedophilia, but the homosexuals are organizing to change our laws on homosexuality!!” “They will plow forward, pushing their message of twisted atheistic perverted immorality into our schools with our children!!”

      Many people have strong sincere beliefs, and the promulgate those beliefs privately and publicly, something that I think is a good thing. But do you not see how inflammatory and insulting Pastor Stirm’s language is in promulgating his beliefs? I could, for example, never imagine you speaking to anyone with the nastiness of rhetoric and tone that Pastor Stirm uses in the quotes above. You are more decent than that, even though your beliefs mirror his in most ways. Consistently juxtaposing homosexuality and pedophila, prostitution, sexual abuse, incest, perversion, rape, murder, immorality, and so forth, while attempting to get off the hook by saying he’s not equating these things is unconscionable. It reminds me of a letter I received from Michael Bryant of Belize, where he wrote: “I disagree with you in a loving way, as I am and not by referring disrespectfully to you as a fa**ot or any other demeaning word.” I wanted to write back to him (though I didn’t) saying, “and yet faggot is the word that came into your head. I never used that word, only you.” People’s use of language betrays their inner thoughts and attitudes, even when they don’t intend to. How would you feel, Karol, if people used such language in describing your life and your beliefs? Do you think you might feel insulted? Hurt? Belittled? Assaulted? But Pastor Stirm thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to be insulting, hurtful, belittling, and assualtive to persons whose moral values differ from his, to call them immoral perverts as a global statement without regard to what else besides their homosexuality is good and decent and moral in their behavior. No, Karol, this is not decent, loving behavior toward the stranger, the outsider, the different. And as for Pastor Stirm, I stand by my words: J’accuse.

    • I have come to love and respect you much Asa, Yet I still think this is a vicious and vile attack upon a man who doesn’t happen to agree with a certain lifestyle. The thing is, he is not giving HIS opinion but he is basing his debate on what the Bible clearly says and what the statistics show. For that he is slandered and bashed? i hear so much about “tolerance” but it always seems so one sided; Christians (or just conservatives) seem to be the ones that are demanded to show tolerance to everyone, no matter what, yet they (we) are open game to be ridiculed becuz of our beliefs. just the rude remarks in many of these comments (above) will show you what i mean. i gave my opinion on this blog and I was answered with an insulting, demeaning, arrogant ‘smack and run’. I know this is not about me (ha) it is just that it makes my point.
      Scott Stirm is a good man who has done a lot of good in this nation. I have known him for nearly 3 decades. I do not see that what Scott said (in your quote) was insulting, arrogant, name calling etc. i think that he gave his opinion. I don’t understand why folks can’t be civil (like you are). you and i debate and disagree yet we have come to love and respect one another. I doubt you would ever write a distasteful, negative blog about me because i disagree with you nor would i do that to you. That this blog was ever written is a shame. if Aria disagrees with Scott then say that but don’t try to defame him and every other Christian because she disagrees, It is so much easier to name call and speak ill of those we don’t agree with. there is much more I want to say but i am weary of this negativity. there is enough of that already, Can’t some of these blogs talk about positive things happening? that would be such a refreshing change from all the negative news and stuff that we see and hear daily. I don’t plan to visit this blog ever again so don’t respond to me on here. i am sick at heart with this ugliness and would rather focus on nicer things. i will see you at our regular meeting place!

    • I certainly think there has been enough negativity as well. You make a very interesting point: You and I discuss, and we don’t seem to harm each other. I feel personally attacked by almost everything Pastor Stirm says. Clearly there are ways of expressing one’s opinion that doesn’t do damage to the target, and other ways that do. Believe me, I support Stirm’s right to his opinion, his faith, and his right to express both. I do not support his effort to demean and vilify others, including me. That is not what my idea of a Christian is. But more importantly, it is not my idea of what a decent person is. All of Stirm’s good works, and I know there must be many given your high opinion of him, are but dust in the face of his indecent treatment of those who disagree with him, even though you are right that there are people who agree with my position who return such indecency in kind. I regret such behavior on either side.

    • Karol, the real Stirms in this world, you do not know.. beneath all the seemingly good deeds, he promotes hate, segragation of society, deminishing the rights of minorities.. by quoting with rancid old testiment punishments of death, it could be considered enciting the mass’ to kill specific named minorities. We see it all over the world, minorities, or those minimized by a religious sect, are being beat, hung, burried to the chest with their arms at thier sides then stoned to death, their heads being smashed in by rocks. This is because of mass endoctrination by people like Stirm and Wade jr. Thos who pick only specific scriptures and pound them into society until one, then two, then more start acting on those scriptures.. its happening all around the world right now.. it happens in Belize all the time.. you might not see it but then you are not a minority being attacked by those like Stirm and Wade Jr. Are you?

    • vicious? really Asa? in this whole debate and debacle of the homo agenda in Belize the only vicious attacks have come from your people…this blog is a prime example. nothing but a vicious attack on a great (not perfect) man that is well loved, respected and admired here in Belize. you are no different then this Aria character, you don’t even live here and want to claim some sort of expert analysis of Scott Stirm. fools. that’s what you look like…Aria for writing such crap and you for defending her. shame on anyone who would ever do this to anyone. Pastor Scott has done nothing more than disagree with your views, state viewpoints and beliefs that are contrary to yours. but you people get so offended, intimidated and bent out of shape by a bunch of God fearing people who actually take God at His word and when you can’t handle that you guys find it in your hearts to tear them apart? call them crazy, vicious, narcissistic, liars, slanderers, and haters…that’s exactly what you people are!! poor things can’t even see past your own logs. God help us ALL. i am a christian and i am angry. i will not hide that fact. angry that people feel so little about themselves (although they mask it with confidence and boldness) that they feel the need to write garbage like this to get attention, make themselves feel better about themselves and then actually try to justify it???

    • As always Asa, your words and insights are truly remarkable. Let the “Christians” take a page from your book and learn how to disagree respectfully yet firm.

    • Thank you for your kind reply, Ixchal Pop; but I am reluctant to paint all Christians with one broad brush, just as I don’t think anyone should paint LGBT people with one broad brush. The disagreeable comments here and other places, from both Christians and gay people, are not a function of being in one or the other group. There are very pleasant and kind Christians who firmly reject the morality of homosexuality, and very pleasant and kind LGBT persons (many of them also claiming the Christian faith) who firmly reject the immorality of homosexuality. Disrespect and vilification come from the person, not the belief. We all should be a bit kinder to one another, don’t you think?

    • Yes Asa, your are in fact, very correct on this issue but oftentimes those who make the most noise is the obnoxious branch of Christendom who surround themselves with a few scriptures to justify their homophobia while ignoring the message of love….in a sense you and others like you continue to instruct them of what it means to be a true christian.

  8. wow, this a horribly vicious, mean and untrue article.and for what purpose? I guess we don’t have enough negativity here in Belize. Wish to GOD that there were more Scott Stirms in our nation! we could use some more righteousness, kindness, and integrity. I have known Scott since he was a young boy and came to Belize nearly 30 yrs ago. he is one of the kindest, most ‘real’ persons that i know. i think it is shame to slander and unfairly accuse people like this. especially someone who is here helping so many people. Scott and his family are excellent people who have helped make this nation a better place.
    I have seen someone raised from the death bed, he had been sent home to die after a week in hospital as the gramaxone that he drank had damaged his internal organs, he was gasping for each breath & a group of Christians prayed and after prayer, the man stood up and walked to the bathroom. the family was in the next room building his coffin and they were amazed. Why can’t the God Who gives life raise people from the dead? What is so hard to believe about that. I wish people would spend more time writing good things about good people, we need the refreshing break from murder and cruelty that we read about daily. Scott Stirm would be a good start. why don’t you come see what he is doing and has done and then write a positive story about someone? He is a great guy who is probably blessing you at the moment.

    • he was not quite dead, he was sent home from the hospital to die as there was nothing they could do after a week of the poison doing its thing to his organs. he stopped breathing a few times while we were there. they were building his casket, he is alive today, walking, living and thankful for the Christians who came to pray for him that believed God intervenes. He acknowledges that he is alive today because of that. you be the judge (since you obviously are already) who do you mean by “you guys?” if you read the Bible that will answer your question.

    • can you not respond respectfully the way that i responded to you? do you have to resort to name calling and demeaning words?

    • The truth is mean and viscous? I guess only when it calls you out for being a hypocrite and a bigot…or maybe it is just bitter.

  9. For the record… you write a story half of which talks about 2 women and their belief and then claim the story is about Scott Stirm. Then… you assume that because both women CLAIM they know Scott Stirm you automatically assume that Stirm knows them too. You then go further to assume that since Stirm knows them he must also endorse their claims about him. You then also assume even further that if he endorses their claims about him, he must also share their belief system. Instead of researching Stirm, you instead research the person who claimed they know him. You then came to a concusion about her and attributed those conclusions to him! Since you have assumed sooo much… please let me assume that you must be a very, very, very bright journalist.

    • You are a sick, sick person aria. Please try and get some professional help. This is a pathetic way to get attention. Clearly you don’t know what “judging” means. I have copied your article and use it to show how not to write, how research is not an end in itself, and what it looks like when you believe in freedom of speech but lack ethics and moral foundation. The fruit is evident aria… Get help.

    • I think you guys have been uncovered! You fail to comment now on the fact that the pastor is in fact affiliated with this international church whose agenda is questionable by any right thinking Christian. Please explain to us the theory of the seven powers?

    • Scott is only playing a secondary roll and I a tertiary one. When it is over I will tell you who have been the primary players and where the war was won. For now we are happy to play the roll we have been requested to do. To think that “evangelicals” such as Scott and I are the powerful ones in Belize is to show how far you’ve missed the boat and you dont know how Belize works. You are falling for what Finnegan called “the noise in the market”. That alone satisfies me.

    • How vague! And once again you failed to answer any of my questions. Are you guys believer in this new age Christianity? What are the seven powers?

    • Louis M. Wade jr never answeres questions posed to him basee on his ethics.. never.. he talks double take making accusations and showing the hatred that swell from within him. A word he likes to use is “CRUSH” .. very christian lke.

    • Bigotry murders religion to frighten fools with her ghost. And yet you call yourself “christian”……

    • Yes she is a very outstanding journalist. The problem you have Wade is that some Belizeans will simply not shut-up and drink your cool-aid. And your arrogance ( lord save us) is so “unchristian”.

  10. I read in Harry Potter that Unicorn blood can keep you young. It practically resurrected Voldemort…it’s in a book so it must be true. I also read on CheezBurger that rhinos are fat unicorns, so a trip to Africa is in order. Who’s coming with me?

    • OMG these people are insane!!!!! I watched one of the videos. THEY CLAIM TO VISIT MORGUES AND TRY TO RAISE DEAD PEOPLE ….. WTF?

    • I wish everyone would take time to watch the videos and research this new age “Christian” agenda and will see I neither exaggerated or made any false claims. They are speaking for themselves.

    • I believe people will say anything when they don’t want to obey Gods word. Also people should check the word of God before accusing others of wanting Jesus power . For in John 14:12 Jesus said himself “Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in me the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go to the father.” I watched the videos and i feel sorry for you. Your accusation and judgments are very Antichrist. I just hope that you are not blinded so much by your pride that you cannot see the truth.

    • So you endorse this new age Christianity? Please quote in the Bible where God calls for Christians to take over the world and to raise people from the dead!

    • well if Jesus raised people from the dead, David quoted above where Jesus says that who believes in him shall do the works he does also and he even adds, that believers will do even greater works. as for taking over the world, you have failed to understand the reality of what the 7 mountains are and it’s not world control or domination (that’s what the antichrist will attempt to do) you refuse to look at the facts, it’s about Christians getting involved in every area of society and making an impact. “16 Then the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go. 17 When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted. 18 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” this is taken from Matthew 28 and i do believe Jesus said EVERY NATION, not only preaching the gospel but teaching people to obey his commands.ALL authority in heaven and on earth has been given to him, and since the bible says that his children are joint heirs of Christ, meaning we too have God given authority…gotta actually open that bible and read it. it’s in there. we are neither fools, dumb, stupid, blinded, uneducated, drinkers of kool aid…whatever…just people living by faith in God’s word. as Christians you should actually expect this of us.

    • Jesus may have said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to [him],” but the constitution of Belize says differently, in fact, the opposite. It retains the right of Christians to “make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and [teach] them to obey everything [Jesus has] commanded [them]”; however, it forbids compelling others to accede to any of these demands or to make them the law of of land. It is a feeble faith indeed that believes that it can win over followers only by force.

  11. This is the absolute worse article I have ever read. Posing as a Journalist without a shread of ethics. Half of this article is about 2 individuals who CLAIM they know Scott Stirm. Absolutely no mention is made that Scott knows any of these people. Clearly, no attempt was made to interview Scott Stirm and NO attempt made to see if, though the people claim they know Scott Stirm, if Scott knows them! By stating that the two individuals Know Scott, Aria automatically assumes that Scott knows and is affiliated with them. She then discusses in detail what the individuals believe and AUTOMATICALLY credits that to Scott’s belief system! Unbelieveable!!! If I were Scott Stirm I would sue her butt. Free speech is no excuse for deflamation of Character and I would have her arrested as soon as she enters Belize. Only on the web could such garbage pass as “serious journalism”.

    • Sue is a fear mongering tactic preserved for people in Belize. In fact Patricia king identifies Scott as their missionary in Belize and have more links on her page. If you took time to click on the links it is all there for you to see. Sorry if I upset your world. However I was writing about how we fool fool Belizeans ready to follow anyone who holds a bible. Kool Aid is strong for you. I understand!

    • One more thing, on the video where Scott is identified as the “missionary for Belize” and prophet, Scott himself talks on the video..i am sure that is evidence they know and are affiliated with each other…

  12. Aria I understand your concern in doing background checks about people as I believe this is reasonable and right, however I believe you are making some extreme and irresponsible remarks. I am a member of Jubilee ministries and have known Scott for many years, a man of tremendous integrity. He has mentored many Belizeans in getting freedom in their hearts from past hurts and wounds from their upbringing and contributed tremendously to the development of this nation in impacting youths especially to have better marriages and families. He makes sure I dont become a cheater or mistreat my family in any way, a very Godly value that helps to develop nations. Your remarks are inaccurate. I would advise you to be careful when you make such remarks about spiritual leaders as God Himself will hold you accountable. These kinds of remarks can have devastating effects when you are found to be wrong as scriptures states. Under such circumstances, i would want to hope you are right, but the overwhelming evidence has proved otherwise. On the other hand to address such issues,it will require that you read the bible through and through to get a thorough understanding. Your own bible in your house, and not that of Scott Stirms. You really stepped out on a limb here!

    • Let me know what is inaccurate…I gave you the links with Patricia King making claims and I gave my opinion on the issue. I think all you supporters need to take a deep look within as you promote hate and quote death verses from Leviticus. Sorry, but didn’t he know of a n of an alleged pedophile and kept it under wraps ? Where was his high esteemed Integrity?

    • You are grasping at straws here. A few people quoting Levitical death verses are just that…a few people quoting death verses. Again, Why don’t you approach Pastor Scott yourself and ask him questions you are grandiosely offering answers and opinions to on here? You are free to speak your mind but you are not free to slander or degrade another persons character and integrity based on assumptions rather than actual truths.

    • Neither slanderer or defame. To do so wound indicate I engaged in malice and falsehoods. Also check out the US laws about fair comment. Since I am posting in the US.

    • Why don’t you answer my questions about why you don’t actually get on a plane and come to Belize and speak for yourself to the man you found so much info about on google? It might do you some good to actually come to Belize where you could get to know him yourself and then actually write an intelligent and real opinion. And although you did post links to some of your sources you failed to link the source of your 7 mountains rant that was copy and pasted from a right wing watch group. As if that is accurate and responsible or even sensible. All you did was find a website that hates Christians and what they stand for as much as you. Like I said before your kook aid is bitter and any knowledgable person would spit it out.

    • Truth is bitter..I hope you have the same requirement for Patricia King to come to Belize and explain what is her interest in tryng to change the face of Christianity and Belize..a country she has no ties with except for her missionary in Belize.. Taking over the world and raising the dead is not the Bible I read…

    • Well that is a thought. I hope that Scott takes time to interview each and every gay person he condemns in is sweeping homophobic rants….truth is indeed bitter.

    • “Your remarks are inaccurate”…isn’t that the same thing as calling someone a LIAR?” So christian -like…

    • “By their fruit you will recognize them.” Matthew 7:16. I have provided direct quotes of Pastor Stirm’s words in a comment above. They are slanderous, mean-spirited, assaultive, disrespectful, and hurtful to sinners (by his model of Christian morality), behavior completely contrary to the teachings of Jesus in Jesus’ own words. These are the fruits by which I have come to recognize Pastor Stirm. He is clearly sincere and devoted in his beliefs, but he is nasty, pugnacious, mentally rigid, and thoughtless in character when challenged.

    • Asa – I continue to be amazed at the depth of compassion, practiced balance and fair mindedness you bring to task when contemplating characters such as Strim and Wade. As always you are sharp, firm and tasteful in your assertion. I am a bit curious, a re you some sort of pastor or religious leader?

  13. “Stirm have incited debate and incited fear and hate. ” I think that you have done the exact thing you’re accusing Scott Stirm of with this article. for starters… Scott Stirm did not move to Belize with his entire family. He moved to Belize as a young man on his own. He later met and married his wife here in Belize and they had their children here as well. He has been in Belize for almost 30 years.
    Anyways, I just wanted to say that I’m a member of Jubilee Ministries, and proud to call Scott Stirm my Pastor. He has done so much for this country. You neglected to talk about the countless marriages he has helped to save from divorce, teenagers he counseled who were on the verge of suicide, young ladies abused and all the other things he has done, but I’m sure you’re not interested in that.
    I won’t go back and forth here, just wanted to add my 2cents and to let you know that I am praying for you, in fact there are many prayers being said right now concerning this article, for you and for Scott Stirm.
    Please know that you will be held accountable for every word, but I’m sure you already know that.

    • Accountable to God, not man. It’s the Bible. All of us will be held accountable my dear.

    • Not to mention the pedophiles he’s prayed with and counselled but not turned in. Amazing how one man can convince a bunch of intelligent people that they are not capable of being faithful or good without his guidance. Sheeple. I suppose if you don’t have your own sets of morals to depend on, it would be easy to be fooled into thinking that a false prophet (probably the devil in disguise) is able to help you to be good. You poor sinners. Start praying that you can learn to be good people or enjoy your walk to hell because that is exactly where these false prophets are leading you.

  14. why don’t you actually move to Belize and live here and find out for yourself who the real Scott Stirm is? your opinionated article was entertaining and sickening all at once. why didn’t you report on the kids he and his family have taken in and raised to be really wonderful men and women, the families they have helped. how he will drop anything to come to the aid of a friend and how he has literally laid down his life for the sake of MANY other people. why don’t you get on a plane and come to Belize and interview people who really know him, rather than stalk facebook and look up youtbube videos or googling people. that is a disservice to you as a reporter or writer. Shadel quoted a scripture above that states what Jesus did and tells us to do as his followers, he also told us that we will do more and greater things than him. the same power that conquered the grave (raised him from the dead) lives in every believer. philippians 4:13 says that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. if we call ourselves Christians, what is wrong with actually believing what the word of God says. wouldn’t you expect that from Christians? you are a typical belizean (who doesn’t live here) cause you started out talking about Scott Stirm by saying “i began to ask ABOUT Scott”…really? you asked ABOUT him? why didn’t you ask HIM, rather than ABOUT him? typical. that is exactly how cruffy go on. talk talk talk second hand info…with no real facts about a person. and that is just what this article is…lotta wind, no seh nuttin sensible. you start by saying Patricia King calls Stirm A prophet then you end by saying he is THEIR prophet. big difference. to many holes in your writing to even take this seriously. Sorry for all your readers and followers. People like you and the way you think are far more dangerous to Belize than anyone else.

    • Whew! Now that you have gotten that off your chest, is he not in fact affiliated with Patricia King and does he believe in this seven powers doctrine?

    • now that you are done asking those questions, why don’t you write about something pertaining to Scott’s real character. rather than tidbits of half truths and out of context issues pertaining to people that are not Scott Stirm. i don’t care who Patricia King is, i know Pastor Scott…you have the 7 powers thing all wrong. You have blown it out of proportion and attempted to create such fear in your reader. i believe it refers more to Christians being involved in and an integral part of all areas of society and culture, just like anyone else. but not being doormats, rolling over and letting the “secularists” run the show. it’s important that Christians play a key role in every nation’s culture. for so long the church (and i mean the church at large…not any one church) rolled over and played dead…having little relevance or impact in various issues/areas…basically staying shut up within the 4 walls of the church and keeping silent while the secularists had their field day. well on many issues the church is a woken sleeping giant and beginning to take back their rightful role. here in Belize the mindset says you cant be a christian and be in politics…huh??? that doesnt make any sense. but this is how people think…so that is one example. the 7 spheres thing seeks to get christians to step up and start serving in their God given rights, abilities and gifts…having influence across the board…not the scarey world domination as you see it. if you have read literature contrary to what i have described i am only sharing my views and how it has been presented to me in the few times i have been part of teaching and sharing this idea here in Belize. this is no covert operation, but a challenge to Christians to wake up and get involved.

    • i love how you have copy and pasted from a right wing watch group…clever. what do you think they are going to say? it’s no surprise. you aren’t the first nor will you be the last who attempts to blast the character and true integrity of a christian with biased and inaccurate information. why didn’t you go directly to the 7 mountains website and copy and paste their info, instead of to a second hand opinion source that seeks to discredit, with little quotations around choice words? your kool-aid is bitter and your intent is clear.

    • Wow Liz…why don’t you bring that shit to the US where you are from and see how far you will get. Run your home with religion BUT DON’T YOU TRY TO RUN ME. FEEL ME?

    • And so it goes, Christians say don’t you try to run us. You can run your home with secularism, BUT DON’T YOU TRY TO RUN ME. FEEL ME? And for the record, I don’t subscribe to religion. Religion kills, religion stifles and enslaves…but relationship with the living God, my Savior Jesus, the one who gives life, who raises people from the dead and gives sight to the blind, heals the sick and wounded, who gave His life so that the nations of the world could be in right relationship with God, to live right, with integrity, honesty, kindness, self-control and humility because we were created in his image…and to share that love, that plan and his good purpose for every human being…that’s what I am talking about. And whether it’s in government, media, entertainment, family, education, etc….every Christian has a responsibility to be involved, engaged, and making an impact. YOU FEEL ME?

    • No one challenges the right of Christians to participate in government. I can’t imagine, given the number of fundamentalist Christians in the GOB, making such a silly, untutored statement. What is being challenged is the attempt by some Christians, and Pastor Stirm in particular, to force their particular morality on everyone through law while not doing the ethical act of speaking out in a public way, as public as their attacks on LGBT people in Belize.

  15. Excellent article, hopefully this is the start of a more public outpouring of concern over these crazy pastors who are not exactly humble and pious.

  16. In reference to Patricia King and her raising the dead. The author of this article said nothing strikes her as crazy more than someone who believes she has Jesus power. WELL – Matthew 10:8 captures Jesus saying to His people: Heal the sick, RAISE THE DEAD, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.” Crazy huh? Know what you’re talking about before you release an article please, shows how flawed your creditability is. Poor article, for the simple fact that it is filled with a bunch of supposed theories and nothing substantial at all. Your English is good however.

    • Sure, the Acta Sanctorum records 873, while Saints Who Raised The Dead documents over 400

    • Why does it really matter if I can or cannot relay an incident to you – will that take away from the fact that there are real episodes? No. You asked if there were any cases (cause it seems that you are skeptical that it actually happens) and I gave you over a thousand documented cases. If you really are that interested and want to know names and places, simply read the book.

    • I think raising the dead in eery and scary and anyone who engages in it should consider some sort of counseling. If you think you gave evidence of raising the dead, I think you need to examine what works for evidence. Can you share if your church in Belize believe in raising the dead and or engages in it as Patricia King seems so enthusiastic about?

    • These people claim to raise the dead. Another sign of devilish false prophets trying to lead the desperate and immoral astray. Pray people that you find the strength and guidance to follow the true Christ and not those who profit in power and money from your foolishness.

  17. Thank you Aria! I thought I was the only one who was seeing what is going on. I wonder how many pedophiles have to be associated to a church/pastor before the government will start to investigate them??

    • We definitely need to examine the background of people before they are given any type of missionary status or allowed to work with children.

  18. You’ve nailed it. But I regret that you’ve compared Stirm to Koresh, Jones, and Bin Laden. Stirm is is a raving narcissist, not a psychopathic narcissist. I greatly appreciate your stating the covert Dominionist agenda of these folks who constantly talk about the gay agenda. Dominionism is counter to democracy, freedom, justice, equality, and free thinking.

    • The only reason these people talk about gays all of the time is because they are led by the devil. They are false prophets. Only satan could keep their minds full of this filth.

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