Positively Change a Child’s Life! Restore Belize!

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I came across this and I love this idea.  This allows you to effectively make a positive change in child’s life.  Many times circumstances and not ability prevent children from achieving. My only suggestion is that Restore Belize  should have the children,  who are involved in the program, engage in community service efforts such as clean-up and beautification campaigns, hospital visits, help feed the poor  and youth group engaging in positive changes etc.

Please my friends..Please adopt a child.



Dear Friends,

RESTORE Belize, has recently launched its Adopt-a-Student Programme. The goal of the “Adopt-a-Student” Programme is to engage the wider community in providing Belizean children with the necessary financial and social support to make it successfully through secondary school. International studies indicate that education is one of the greatest mitigating factors against violence. Unfortunately, school participation in Belize has been identified as one of the greatest current social needs in Belize, with nearly 50% of our school-aged population not attending high school.

The “Adopt-a-Student” Programme allows each donor the flexibility to choose the level of giving with which he/she is comfortable. It also allows you to pool together with other friends/family/co-workers to cover all the expenses of a Belizean child. A full description and a detailed breakdown of the cost of educating a Belizean child for one academic year are attached. The Adoption Process works as follows:

The Adoption Process works as follows:

1. Mrs. Tina Cuellar-Augustus, our Human Development Programme Officer, will be the primary liaison officer throughout the adoption period.

2. RESTORE Belize will suggest to you a child that currently is in need of adoption and provide the estimated cost of adoption for the year, with invoices or payment requests provided by the school and an “Adopt-A-Student” Sponsorship Commitment Form for your signature.

3. You can then decide whether you will cover the full cost of the child’s education, including tuition, fees, books, uniform, shoes and incidental expenses. Alternatively, you may choose to cover a particular portion of the education expense (only tuition and fees, or only books) or make a fixed contribution to the overall cost. In the latter two cases, RESTORE Belize will seek complementary funding to ensure that the child’s full educational costs are met.

4. Furthermore, you can choose the time frame of your commitment, whether it is for one year only or until the child completes his/her secondary education. You may choose to adopt for an initial period of one year with the option to renew at the end of the year.

5. You would then advise RESTORE Belize of your chosen level of commitment by completing, signing and submitting the “Adopt-A-Student” Sponsorship Commitment Form.

6. You may then deposit the amount into our “I Am Belize Scholarship” Account and advise us when the payment has been made, or make a payment directly to RESTORE Belize.

7. RESTORE Belize will then make the necessary payments to the school and send you copies of the receipts received from the schools, bookstores, or other service provider, once the required amounts have been paid. Please note that it sometimes takes a couple of months to complete the payments, especially for the books, which may not all be available at the start of the school year.

8. You will receive mid and end of semester reports on the child (children) you have adopted.

9. You may also chose to become more involved socially with the child by becoming a mentor for him/her, through which you can serve as a positive role model for the student, by engaging with him/her in various social activities and providing general guidance based on the student’s needs. You will be able to indicate your interest in mentorship on the Sponsorship Commitment Form.

Thank you for your consideration this request. We hope that you will partner with us to support our Belizean children. Please contact us if you are interested in joining this programme as a student sponsor.

Warm regards,

Luwani F. Cayetano luwani@restorebelize.gov.bz<mailto:luwani@restorebelize.gov.bz>
Resource Mobilization Coordinator

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