School’s IN! Pull Di Dallahs OUT!!!! by Fayemarie Anderson Carter

Adopt A Student!!!!!!

Last month Aria brought a wonderful project to our attention and so now as the new school year approaches, I want to reiterate. Did you realize that just about 50% of all Belizean children are NOT getting an education? Half of our boys and girls are being prepared for a very difficult future ahead of them. Lack of education makes our children extremely vulnerable to crime and victimization.

In response to this alarming reality, Restore Belize has launched a program “Adopt A Student”. Restore Belize is appealing specifically to Belizeans abroad to provide the funding for this endeavor. There are different levels of sponsorship starting at $250 US per student per year. There are about 15,000 students in need so we have got a ways to go BUT I know we can do it! You can sponsor individually OR you can get together with your friends and family to sponsor a child. Americans are always asking if there are programs like this in Belize when they find out where I am from and before, I really couldn’t give a good answer. Now I can and you can too.

Right now, it seems the schools that have been identified are high schools focused in the city. Hopefully, with our help, Restore Belize will be able to extend this project to include the districts as well as elementary schools. Join Aria and myself in literally changing the future of a child in need. We have decided to sponsor a girl at Sarteneja High School. Please read more by clicking on the link: