Urgent Disease Warning!!!! – Aria Lightfoot


News has reached twocanview.com of a dangerous and highly contagious disease afflicting Belizeans. The disease is said to cause delusions, fear of fire and confusion. Reports keep pouring in of numerous victims who have lost their abilities to think, reason and read independently; many victims are reportedly showing signs of anger, self hate, guilt, loss of compassion. Many are said to promote hate and violence. Some victims are said to become fixated on issues like sex and the personal lives of others while ignoring their own lives. Some are said to become domineering and scary. Lying, distortion and twisting of information are not far-fetched and have been identified in many victims. Some are said to act like robots  and keep quoting  selective biblical lines…Many  only respond when like victims are in the vicinity. Some attack rabidly if you try to reason. A few are suspected of trying to take over Belize and politics. Many fear this new disease is hard to treat because it hides in its hosts under the guise of Christianity, Hell and Fear. No one knows why some victims succumb and others are immune.. The disease is reportedly the Dominion Rising of evangelism.  We will try to keep you informed of new developments…but we are losing thinking people daily… This message will self destruct in 3….2….1….