Twocanview wishes everyone Happy Holidays/Holy Days and Merry Christmas! – Aria A. Lightfoot


As I complete my second year blogging, I must say the experience has turned out to be far more rewarding than I anticipated. I have gained  friends, enemies and frienimies. I have gained the trust of   readers and supporters from countries all over the world.

This year proved to be a rewarding year for me. My first born son completed high school and became an adult;  I became a U.S. citizen;  and I graduated from University of South Florida with a Master’s in Public Administration.  I remain thankful and humbled by the opportunities that life has afforded me. I recall coming to America with practically no funds and a dream to achieve…sometimes in life,  a leap of faith and an action plan guided by a trust in God is all you need!

Also 2013 was one of my saddest year. I lost a very close friend, Keino Quallo. He was someone who loved people, loved Belize and fell victim to the environment he always wanted to protect… a person whose murder remains unsolved clues, no updates, no eyewitnesses,  no suspects in a congested city where people practically live on top of each other…his memory will not fade away into the abyss of nameless victims…

With that said..I wish all my readers: Happy Holidays, Happy Holy Days and a very Merry Christmas. Please plan to have a prosperous 2014!  Reflect on your past only to steer your future! What is done cannot be undone so leave the burdens of regret behind. Whatever you want to achieve, have a plan in place and believe in yourself always. Start with loving you first and everything else will follow! Stay blessed and please keep reading and sharing.

I appreciate your feedback or ideas for the coming year and  Thank You for reading!