Wa lee breeze in Paradise by: Aria Lightfoot

Today I was on the receiving end of a patriotic tongue lashing on Facebook. It was done unapologetically and in no uncertain terms I was told that I was “full of crap” and I am trying to make “Belize into what it is not. “ It was done by one of those very happy people who refuse to take me off her newsfeed but seemed genuinely disturbed by my posts.

Some of my Belizeans like their world to be filled with sunshine, roses, sugar, spice, and everything nice; never wanting to be exposed to a reality outside their happy circle. Cognitive dissonance maybe? Many people in the US normally need prescribed happy pills to keep them in such constant state of oblivious bliss. I theorize that some Belizeans come with an unusually high amount of serotonin that keep them happily devoid of the reality around them.

I guess my patriotic Belizean friend has never ventured or worked amongst the poorest and downtrodden. She has never cried the tears of thousands of mothers who lost sons and daughters to the blood bath in the city and probably have never had to cross a London bridge to poor living conditions during a rainy season that brings out the harsh elements of nature. Rainy days in Belize to her were probably pellets on the roof that lulled her into a calm comforting state where she eventually drifted to sleep.

So why did she lash out today? Belize is a place she uses to reclaim her happy memories. My guess is that since Belize is a growing hot spot for tourists; the tourist board is in full prostitution mode. They are selling the dream so well that even Belizeans in the United States have become convinced by the information intended for tourists. Some have conditioned their minds to believe that those who are victims deserve the violence, death and carnage that befall them. If they would only hurry up kill out themselves so we can make the tourists happier! Some lack empathy and lack trust for our own Belizeans preferring the opinions and expertise of foreigners. Don’t believe me? Take time and browse the government links and pictures and it seems that our elected officials have exploited the invaluable resources of oil and land. The Belizean politicians are accommodators and traders to the  bloodthirsty corporate businessmen that have descended in droves to feed their insatiable appetites and ravage our virgin soils and exploit our unsophisticated business minds. The entire tourist industry is riddled with non-Belizeans benefiting from coveted contracts to be photographers, singers, filmmakers, realtors and advisors. Sadly the average and poor Belizeans barely benefit from the crumbs that fall off that table.

According to Trip Advisor,  Belize is rated one of the best tourist destinations in the world with a beautiful barrier reef and the happiest people on earth.(my serotonin theory)  Less than two weeks later the United Nations rated Belize one of the murder capitals of the world. Outside the bloody violence of Belize, traffic accidents rates are astronomical with bodies of victims littered all over the highways. Within the political spectrum, shameless nepotism places family and friends within vital government and quasi-government industries. It is rumored to pay exorbitant tax funded salaries where qualifications are optional.

I could write more on this but it is a Labor Day weekend, a big concert is planned in Belize, the drinks are cheap and party mode is in full effect. In fact wa lee breeze has already blown over the concerns expressed here. Just another day in Paradise…


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  1. Tragically your description of the mindset of a significant number of our people is real.

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