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Election Date has been set for November 4th, 2015.  Michelle Obama once said that you should not be cynical about politics – Voting is an important part of democracy and extremely important to forge a nation forward. Additionally, we the people elect our leaders who are accountable to us ….When you don’t participate, you allow someone else to make a choice on your behalf.

In commemoration of voting in the upcoming elections-

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Citizenship – Why I will vote on Nov 4th 2015.

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Deadline for Essay is 10/23/2015.

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Open to all Belizean Citizens in Belize -18 years and older


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2 thoughts on “Best Entry wins $200.00BZD – Citizenship: Why I will vote on Nov 4th 2015

    This year the plight of going to the ballots hit us at its earliest it has ever had with eighteen months shy from the possible call for elections, it has come to us some three and a half years earlier; with both political machinery on the ground pumping their oil “money” literally into the Belizean people. You might say the United Democratic Party has the Petro money rolling for us, but this was no hurry and come-up starting fund for prize horses, this was around from the period of the People’s United Party.
    The question begs not who you should vote for, or what we should vote for, but in deed why we should vote: after all both political party has admittedly failed the people and fall short but is there a better more valuable option. The third party of candidates of Belize Progressive Party one would say lack experience, but you have to start somewhere. The People’s United Party looks as if though they are not ready to lead a hall (Independence) much less a house (National Assembly) and the United Democratic Party has gotten on such a high horse with there heads in the cloud they have lost there connection with the very people who place them there. All is disconnected. But what better position there is than to not vote?
    It does not matter weather you go UDP, PUP, or BPP the either as a citizen of this beloved country is to cross that street, and mark your “x” and received your blood stained ink on your finger that you have received after you have cast your vote for the devil as to not sit back and complain for the next five years, it is the satisfaction of knowing that you had the powers that be to made changes and did something about it and not just sit back playing with your thumbs in hope that the politician change to more favorable grounds, unless you are on the ballot this is the only way that you indeed make your ballot count and make your voice be heard.
    Don’t wait for change to happen but become the change! There is an obligation by all citizen whose citizenship is not restricted to be the voice of change, this is the first step by selecting their policy makers to become a representative of them and hold them to that position, for your vote does not end there, your vote never ends, it starts every morning that you awake to the sun to be a production and voice and echo of Belize into the world, every time you remind them of whom holds the powers that have made them an break them through protest and consultations, every time you remind that they are indeed equals but it begins at the poll. So on this election day vote to be the voice of reason, vote to be the voice of caution but more than anything vote to be the voice of change!

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