European Deception – Argument for reparations in pictures by: Aria Lightfoot

Some of the biggest European lies that persist today:

  1. You are natives/inferior and need protection if you are not white-
  2. Natives/indigenous people were/are primitive
  3. Natives need to be saved by Jesus Christ
  4. Brown, Yellow and Black people are minorities
  5. Non-whites are genetically predisposed to certain characteristics and behaviors
  6. History Books of the world.
  7. The world was disconnected tribes of people living in isolation until Europe connected it.

Europeans systematically  destroyed  worldwide cultures, identities and reprogrammed cultures to stay in a  present condition of fear, victim hood and despair where people cannot see the atrocities committed and celebrated in today’s labels such as “First World”, “G20”, “Advanced”, “Superior” ” Weapons of Mass Power” .

England used a celebratory Chinese invention,  gun power,  to conquer and dominate the world.  European crimes and atrocities against humanity/nations and cultures  are beyond anything one can phantom.

Pictures below are taken from the world’s “ancient architectures” . As you can see, cultures of “ancient” civilization were far from primitive. They were superior in architecture, and also in music, writing and scientific discovery.  The Maya Calendar, Math and Astronomy, even though it predated the “discovery of the world being round” and discovery of planets and solar system, is accurate as today’s calendars and discoveries.

I theorize Europeans “discovered”  the “New” World during invasions of Africa where they gathered stories of great wealthy civilizations in other parts of the world. Europeans may have forced  “primitive” seamen and trading partners who traded with Africa,India, Asia Central/South America to show them a sea route where the wealth originated.  In Europe’s insatiable greed to continue their path of expansionism, they offered commissions to many people to find the sea route to wealth; with Christopher Columbus being the first European to make the “discovery” . Once colonization occurred, “primitive” cultures’ knowledge, wealth and history were abnegated and everything we know from there became rewritten European lies to hide merciless bloodshed,  terrorism, genocide, theft, and rape….that make Europe and by extension, the USA wealthy today.

When Africa and the “New” world  were invaded by Europeans,  books were burned, ideas stolen, wealth stolen,  women raped, cultures destroyed  and coincidentally Europe went thru a renaissance period of discovery.  A sudden burst of new ideas, culture, art and buildings.

I find it hard to  believe that Columbus and Europeans were welcomed with open arms by tribes without a familiar face on board invading ships. I find it hard to believe the designs and buildings were so similar for disconnected cultures;  I find it hard to believe Christoper Columbus just happen upon the “New” world by accident; I find it hard to believe Spain would pay for an expensive trip without proof of the new world; I find it hard to believe Europe just miraculously went thru an enlightenment period;  I find European history books  hard to believe when the pictures tell a different story of a connected world.

Pictures below are of ancient architectures in: Africa; Middle East; India;  Australia;  South America;  Central America; Asia

Let who have eyes see….Are you willing to challenge indoctrination?


ancient 1

ancient 2ancient-4.jpgancient-3.jpgancient 4ancient 5ancient 6ancient 8ancient 10Ancient 9ancient 10ancient 11ancient 12ancient 13ancient 14ancient 15ancient 16ancient 17ancient 18ancient-19.jpgancient 20ancient 21ancient 22ancient 23ancient 26ancient-27.jpgancient 28ancient 29

ancient 33

ancient 32

Ancient Europeans ancient 30

ancient 31