Daily Dingleberry 08-24-12 Wheel and Leave The House ‘Till You Learn Some Manners

This is irksome and tragic….we need better quality  leadership than this. One in a position of authority should handle himself with a certain decorum, his influence with caution…this is a shameful display of immaturity and disrespect for his office, the government and the people….this show of machismo was unnecessary and frankly scary. The following is a long winded response to a question posed by Julius Espat.
Dean Barrow
“Mr. Speaker, as I believe you pointed out, he has to learn that in fact in here you and the standing orders govern and so he needs to learn these standing orders. He needs to try to educate himself; he needs to try to school himself so that he may be able to apply the standing orders to his duty. This is what forms the matrix of his representation and when he does that he will perhaps learn how properly to ask questions in order to get the answers that he seeks. Now, why have I engaged in this fairly long, prefatory introduction? Because you see Mr. Speaker, in terms of his question, I can say categorically that Ambassador Mark Espat has been appointed as an ambassador for economic affairs without any kind of remuneration. He gets no salary at all, no pay for that. With respect to the Debt Renegotiation Team, this is where the member gets into trouble. If he had the wit and sense and if he had perhaps studied his standing orders he might have framed his question differently because, you see, as he has put it down the short answer is that Mark Espat also gets absolutely no money, no pay, no remuneration for his work with the Debt Renegotiation Team. There is a company called Hallmark Advisory Ltd. and it’s with that entity that the government has entered into a contract. You may have framed, you might have, as I said if you had the wit and sense, you might have framed your question in such a way that I could have given you the answer. But since you asked specifically whether Mark Espat is being paid the short answer is no. Now you can come back next time and ask me about the professional rates of fees that are part of the contract with Hallmark Advisory and I will be more than happy to give the answer to you but yoh know how ears hard pickney haffi go da market two times, wheel and come again.”

Mein….leave all that posturin for the dancehall…pull up yu pantz G.

Daily Dingleberry 06-15-12 Why Uno ‘Fraid Fi Dean Barrow?

I, along with many other Belizeans, tuned in two days ago for the first press conference since the elections..and it was ok for the most part but my goodness…the reporters asking questions were a little goofy weren’t they? One of them giggling like a little school girl even…oi…the questions were soft and sometimes even ridiculous and evoked responses that really shed no new light on anything… Even the way Mr. Barrow answered some of the questions showed that he thought the questions were silly…

I have a question…when these press conferences are called, is the media advised as to what the content will be? And if not, could we start doing that? That way, reporters can better prepare to ask relevant questions. I mean Mr. Barrow was being asked about vehicles provided to ministers rather than real questions like what are we doing about our justice system since crime is a major concern…are we afraid to touch that subject?

C’mon people…Mr. Barrow loves a battle of wits…start practicing…and at the budget speech, lemme hear some witty banter rather than this kindergarten ish …and then slam home the real questions we all need answers to…like who is investigating these corrupt ministers, police people and how do we intend to prosecute murderers without evidence…

Update On Kim Simplis Barrow’s Condition

First Lady, Kim Simplis Barrow

Belmopan. Thursday, 31st May, 2012.


Mrs. Barrow remains in the Intensive Care Unit at a Miami hospital receiving treatment for complications with her heart and fluid in her lungs. She is showing signs of improvement and is strengthening. It is expected that Mrs. Barrow will be transferred from the Intensive Care Unit to a regular hospital room in the next couple days. Prime Minister Dean Barrow remains by her side in Miami and is scheduled to return to Belize over the weekend.

The Prime Minister and his wife thank everyone for the continued prayers and support.


From: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Office-of-the-Prime-Minister-Belize/317057388365804