Daily Dingleberry 03-21-12 I Told You So Part II

AYAYAI!!!!! I had a sneaking suspicion ALLLLLLLL along that someone is using the Maya to create discontent and bad press. I kept asking who wrote the infamous letter circulating all over the internet, displaying the letterhead of the MLA but bearing no signature. Then here is the transcript from interviews conducted with Mayas from Toledo. I want you to please notice how shallow their grasp is on their own situation. Here we are on the outside trying to protect the damn Rosewood from being exploited and right there in the their very words, you shall see that they don’t have that intent for themselves! They put conservation and creating a sustainable economy second to the immediate selling, no matter the repercussions, of the Rosewood for pocket change if you ask me. MIRA! LEA!


I guess they didn’t learn from their own fackin’ history nuh?


Daily Dingleberry 03-21-12 I Told You So

Ok I really didn’t think that this was gonna be this fast….Remember when I said that if the MLA kept making an issue out of nothing the backlash wouldn’t be nice? According to a statement made yesterday, it would seem the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples is already dropped. Kaput. Gone.

The following is a direct quote from: http://www.7newsbelize.com/sstory.php?nid=22017

And while we are still on the subject, we have one more bit of news. We note that the announcement on the Moratorium came from the Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development. What’s odd about that? Well, there’s no Indigenous People in it! That title appears to have been excised – only days after it was announced.

And it’s not a typo. We checked with senior government sources who indicated Government is rethinking its position of creating such a title after the Mayan Leaders Alliance slammed them last week for doing so without prior consultation. So, the plan now is to first consult, and then proceed – not quite butter for fat, or fish, but apparently a concession by government that it is too early in its term to start quarrelling.

And now there is even more backlash: http://edition.channel5belize.com/archives/68274 where it is being reported that a busload of Maya, on the way to a protest, was turned back for NOT having a charter permit. Of course, no matter that they broke a rule, the incident will no doubt be billed as further proof that the GOB is being disrespectful to the Maya.

So, a ministry that COULD have brought attention and funding to a previously under served sector of our population seems to have been effectively eliminated and now you done gone pissed off the powers that be so they are not gonna let anything you do slide. Classic case of shooting yourself in the foot, cutting your nose off to spite your face, throwing out the baby with the bath water…..

O well…whoever was advising the MLA needs to rethink his/her tactics caz they SUCKED the big one and accomplished nothing but more grief. Yeah for big ass egos!





Daily Dingleberry 03-16-12 WHEN BABY WHA BAWL

I can not believe the reaction to the formation of the new Ministry of Indigenous Peoples. Stann Creek and Toledo voted out the UDP because they were not pleased with their representatives AND YET, the Prime Minister saw it fit to address their concerns ANYWAY. Now that is a true change from what has occurred before. But instead of acknowledging this very different and appropriate action, he is being called “arrogant” and accused of making “unilateral decisions”. Uhm. Last time I checked, he is the leader of the party in power and as Prime Minister, he kinda gets to choose his ministry???

What is the issue here? The Mayan Leaders Alliance or MLA has decried the appointment of Ms Alamilla because they were not consulted and had they been consulted, they would have proposed that Mr. Choc be appointed. NOW. Since when do we have a voice in who the hell is appointed Minister???? Our voices are heard on election day when we choose who gets to make those decisions. It is preposterous that any one special group gets to exert such influence. Now, who is being “arrogant” and wishes to make “unilateral decisions”??????

I am so pleased that our people will have representation because frankly, the south has always been ignored by our government, blue or red. I know, because I am from Dangriga. But I also know that sometimes, we southerners can be our own worst enemy because of all the infighting. I have watched it happen over and over where initiatives are implemented then people play the race card, try to push out those not identified as such, and then everything goes to shit. Who loses? the children, every sackin time.

Don’t frustrate people with good intentions. Or you will be cast aside yet again and you will be crying fowl when it was you who stirred the shit bucket.