MORE McAfee…Aria Made Me Do It! 05-25-12

John McAfee

So I wasnt going to update you all about McAfee ’cause seriously…don’t we have a good picture by now that he is just out and out nuts? But several people sent me new articles, including my husband and my brother, so ARIA made me update you all! LOL

In the first one, he tries to appeal to our sympathies but really…it just comes across as a desperate ploy. Still, did you know that there are no toilets in the jail cells in Belize? Who knew you had to use a cut up milk jug???? That needs to change….and no beds? What the hell? Sux for you!

The second one explores his background a little more…I had no idea he was British! From Gloucestershire! Can you even pronounce that???

Happy reading lovers! AND pretty please, go tell those very concerned ladies who were so ashamed of backwards Belize and who thought we should APPOINT McAfee to discuss the Superbond ALLLLLLL about these articles….pleease? They are so concerned and realllllly should know how he is doing. LMAO OMG SMH I would put more acronyms but you get the point…wait…one more: ROTFLMAO

Belizean Stage Not Big Enough For McAfee! Taking His Poppy Show INTERNATIONAL!!!!

John McAfee


And I quote:

“As of noon, today….I will no longer be speaking to the Belizean press the dialog between myself and the Government of Belize deserves a larger stage, and a press that is not aligned with local politics….it is time for cooler heads to consider our dialog, and time for a larger audience.”

John McAfee, Channel 7 News, Belize

LMAO!!!!! WTH??????? What does he expect to get? Nobody gives a shit about this crap internationally?! As a matter of fact, he might wanna siddown and STFU ’cause the scuttlebutt is that the IRS is very interested in his ASSets!

Aye…this is getting sad ’cause it is hard to make fun of someone you suspect of being kinda gone in the head, ya know?

Links to latest and previous articles:

John McAfee AGAIN 05-12-12

John McAfee

I won’t even bother writing anything….just read the excerpt from the report made by Channel 7…maybe it’s true, maybe it isn’t…

there is a quite remarkable development in the John McAfee case. You’ll recall that McAfee is the American investor who was strung up by the GSU when they searched his Orange Walk Estate ten days ago.

Well, this evening the Commander GSU says that a public officer tried to get a GSU officer to turn informant for McAfee – and tell her whenever the GSU will make a move on him again.

Here’s how it went down: On Monday of this week 44 year old Matilda GARNETT, a Second Class clerk who works at the Vital Statistics Unit allegedly contacted a member of the GSU and asked him to meet her. He did, and GARNETT, claiming that she was acting on behalf of McAfee proposed to the officer that if he would provide her with reports on the operations of the GSU as they related to McAfee, he would be quote, unquote, “handled” well. The officer reported the matter to the commander of GSU and a sting operation was conducted the following day.

During that meeting, GARNETT is alleged to have introduced the officer to another person who she said was one of McAfee’s “right hands”, 40 year old Rodwell RICHARDS – a former policeman. He is alleged to have made the same offer to the officer and allegedly went as far as giving him $200.00 with a promise of being “well taken care of” once he kept them informed.

And so this evening, GARNETT was charged with “attempting to corrupt an officer”. RICHARDS was just arrested and will be charged for the same offence.

The GSU says that According to GARNETT and RICHARDS, McAfee had become paranoid since the GSU raid and was since living in fear that the GSU would visit him again, so he wanted a “heads up”.

We could not reach McAfee for comment – and he did not respond to our request by text message.”

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