MORE McAfee…Aria Made Me Do It! 05-25-12

John McAfee

So I wasnt going to update you all about McAfee ’cause seriously…don’t we have a good picture by now that he is just out and out nuts? But several people sent me new articles, including my husband and my brother, so ARIA made me update you all! LOL

In the first one, he tries to appeal to our sympathies but really…it just comes across as a desperate ploy. Still, did you know that there are no toilets in the jail cells in Belize? Who knew you had to use a cut up milk jug???? That needs to change….and no beds? What the hell? Sux for you!

The second one explores his background a little more…I had no idea he was British! From Gloucestershire! Can you even pronounce that???

Happy reading lovers! AND pretty please, go tell those very concerned ladies who were so ashamed of backwards Belize and who thought we should APPOINT McAfee to discuss the Superbond ALLLLLLL about these articles….pleease? They are so concerned and realllllly should know how he is doing. LMAO OMG SMH I would put more acronyms but you get the point…wait…one more: ROTFLMAO

One thought on “MORE McAfee…Aria Made Me Do It! 05-25-12

  1. Yes, I knew there were no toilets and beds in the jail cell. And the floor used to be dirt; I had to take someone from there couple years ago and the place was nothing but a piss house. Inhumane to say the least!!

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