Daily Dingleberry 10-11-12 Sedi Dun “Sed-it” Yu On Yuh Own

I know. I know. You haven’t heard from me in a long time…my squawk box was broken and I had to take some time so it could mend. Miss me? Didn’t think so. So now to business.

I am extremely grateful to the people of Cayo who have continued to demonstrate all that is good about Belize and our people. They have once again raised their voices in solidarity and solemn determination to fight against the sickening crimes crippling our country. They have been respectful, peaceful and firm in their convictions. They have laid out their concerns and have turned to the government, who promised that it is the choice of the people, the voice of the people and are of the people, for direction and support. AND WHAT DID ITS REPRESENTATIVE DO? Hold me back now!


He sat there and basically blamed his people for where we are and told us to fix it ourselves….I can’t even imagine what a mother or father who has lost a child must have felt to hear those words. What went through their heads when it was confirmed by the gatdamn  Attorney General   himself….you will not be getting no justice no time soon people…sorry your kid died but uhm…das yo problem boo…so Mistah Sedi…wut u gone do when people staat tun up DED????? Hangin from the lamp post? In front of the court house???? Maybe your front door?

Because….people will only take so much. When people come to believe that no one cares and there is no hope, they take drastic measures. I don’t want this to happen. Of course not. But if we can’t support each other in what is a debilitating situation affecting everyone of us, what can we expect?

Here’s what: Mr. Sedi Elrington was cruel in his dismissal of people’s pain and their pleas for his help. He was callous in his judgement and cold in his attitude toward his own people. Shame on you Sedi. Shame on our government for mishandling such an opportunity to join hands with the good people of our nation in a fight for our children.

May this fight continue in the name of Jasmine Lowe, Suzenne Martinez and all the missing/murdered girls and boys.