Daily Dingleberry: WTF????? 06-08-12

No hero here

Yesterday when I was reading various posts decrying the incompetence of those in charge of investigating Jasmine Lowe’s death, I reserved judgement. I was hesitant to believe the flat out craziness of the reports. I really didn’t want to be a part of yet another instance where people exploit a tragedy to make political statements in  attempt to malign the government.  BUT THEN, I wake up this morning and Aria Lightfoot had written an article backing up everything everyone else had already said yesterday.

There are no words. My stomach hurts and words are swimming in my head, my emotions too big to manage. I want to scream and cry and curse and hit and pound my fists. How the hell did this happen? We are NOT this fucked up right? We just cant be! I mean shit! Anyone with the smallest bit of understanding/intelligence and observational skills can deduce simple, basic things that need to be done in an investigation. Do you not watch tv??? AND YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE TRAINED! WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS!

What do you mean you didn’t make molds of the tire tracks? What do you mean you walked all over the scene? What do you mean you didn’t take fingernail scrapings? A DNA SAMPLE????

Seriously people…it is one thing to have tragedy hit home but when you can’t even depend on seeking justice, much less getting it…how can we not expect people to take matters into their own hands? I do not advocate violence but my goodness! This is a perfect storm!

Shame on you! Shame on the Police Department! Shame on all of us for letting this happen! I call for a serious investigation into whoever was part of this and demand that they are fired. This shit has to stop. NOW! Prosecute them for criminal negligence. This is not funny and should not go unpunished.

And Jasmine, I’m so sorry.

I pledge to do my part to help undo the gross negligence in this case in order that we do not allow this child’s memory to be dishonoured. Who is with me?

Daily Dingleberry 06-05-12 No Jubilee Fuh Me

We cut off the hand the could have fed us.

England is celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s 60 years of rule with a grand show of pageantry and seemingly genuine sentiments of gratitude and pride. I’m going to say something that is NOT going to be popular but I have long held this opinion, even as a child. One could accuse me of being influenced by my father who opposed independence in 1981. While his son, Henry Jr.,  was meeting the Duke, my dad was at the cayes building his house, refusing to be a part of what he saw as a premature move on George Price’s part.

However, I am unwilling to say that it is his influence which makes me have this very strong conclusion still to this day: we should not have asked for independence when we did. I really believe that we were unprepared as a people to take over the role of leadership. I believe that it was a very self serving agenda upon which George Price embarked. He cared more about his legacy than the shambles in which his decision would leave us.

See, what we refuse to admit is that we did not have the tools for rule. Not yet. We are a small nation with a small population with little and poor infrastructure. Old George asked us to enter the game very late and compete globally with economic giants. We didn’t have roads; functioning medical clinics; developed industries; an educated and experienced pool of people from which  to chose our new government; an army; a proper airport….and the list goes on. You can say to me now: “Well we have all of that now.”

Really? At what cost? Our crime rate is ASTRONOMICAL! We owe sooooooo much money and our people are suffering with a truly disgraceful number of 50% BELOW the poverty level. Our justice system is a JOKE. Yeah. I said it. There is NO justice when lawyers run our country into the ground, using their knowledge to intimidate and STEAL from our people.

We should have prepared ourselves BEFORE jumping up and down like impatient children waiting for the ice cream truck. We did not need to get independence in order to develop as a nation. We should have made the British Empire develop allllll that stuff for us first. After all they owed us. They took all of our resources and left us with nothing. And we let them because we had stupid, blind, false pride. We were gonna show them we didn’t need ’em. So we kicked them out and left ourselves stranded and struggling. Nowhere is safe in Belize anymore. Is this what we imagined? Was our precious independence worth all this killing and strife?

Our best minds keep leaving, never to return, afraid, because the risk hardly seems worth it. Our children are raped and murdered with no recourse. Our people are dying in record numbers from all kinds of diseases and cancer is ravaging our population. Guatemala is still claiming us and forcing us to have a referendum over something that should be moot by now. Our citizens are having to fight ignorance and archaic laws to just establish basic rights. Children are going to school hungry or none at all. Our land is soon to be ours no longer since the only way to make money is to sell the one asset we do have to the Americans or the Chinese.

Don’t get it twisted people. I have no love for colonialism nor any allegiance to royalty but I sure as shit would have preferred making them give us what we deserved as their subjects before kicking their asses out because now we sure are in the crapper and I don’t know how we are going to get out of shit hole we dug ourselves into.

Daily Dingleberry 05-31-12 Blame the Victim PLEASE

She is someone’s child

This picture is going around ..not sure who she is or even if she is Belizean, American or what. Most people are sympathetic but many myths and simply wrong information is being perpetuated as well. One person said that the reason it keeps happening is because the women tolerate it and don’t press charges….

I have serious beef with this one.

There is a psychological process going on here that is being willingly ignored. A woman doesn’t grow up thinking “I’m going to marry an abuser when I grow up.” Even if she is in a home where she witnesses violence, she is hoping for someone who loves her and will care for her. So when this person, in whom she has placed her trust, to whom she has made a commitment, pledged her love, starts to hurt her, she is confused, betrayed and embarrassed.  She is ashamed because she believed that she was a smart person who “knows better” and makes good decisions. So at first she may hide it and not tell anyone because she hopes it is just a  one time thing….a phase, it will go away.

And then she has children with him and they can have a decent life with Christenings and Easter vacations, Christmas gifts and Valentine dinners. All the while, she is being beaten and told she is worthless. He isolates her from her friends, calls her a whore if she wants to go out with them. He tells her she can’t talk to so and so because she is a bad influence. Before you know it, she doesn’t even go to visit her mother because he accuses her of neglecting her duties as a wife. Soon, she doesn’t have time anyway because he expects a clean house, three meals a day and the kids must be clean and in bed on time.

He monitors everything…her cell phone…who is she talking to? who is she texting? why shi di waste time pan facebook? Even if she works, he might confiscate her paycheck or make it impossible for her to save anything because he spends it on liquor, electronics, gambling, friends.

Everything about her is attacked: her independence, her intelligence, her capabilities, her security, her mental and emotional well being, her identity. This is the woman you want to go to the police station and tell her story to a bunch of untrained bullies? When they arrest the abuser, he threatens her in front of them but they do nothing? She is frightened that he will come after her and her children. He promises to kill her when he is released on bail. Where is she supposed to go? How is she supposed to feed her children? Pay the mortgage?

Everyone has a lot to say. I will help you. You need to leave him. Have some pride. How can you let someone do this to you?

The problem is who will be there in the wee hours of the night when every creak and whisper makes her jump? afraid he has come to make good on his promise?

My aunt-in-law went to live with my uncle and  aunt in the hopes that they could protect her. She left her son with the man who married her at 14, raped her everyday and punished her by making her sit on a hot comal, bare assed. He came for her in the middle of the day when my aunt and uncle had gone to run some errands. He slit her throat and sliced her belly open in front of his 4 year old son and his two nieces. They watched as my mother scooped up my aunt’s guts and press them back into her abdomen until they could get her to the hospital. She lived but only because my uncle could afford to send her to Jamaica to recover and also make sure that my other uncle was prosecuted and sent to jail….

Most people don’t have that and still…she almost died anyway.

We just don’t have the proper supports set up to protect those who need it most. The most we can do is help each other on a one on one level. Don’t hang with people you know are abusive…shun them…make them know you disapprove. You men who like to say that the women deserve it because they stay…go yell at the guy beating her…tell him you are watching him and that YOU won’t tolerate HIM. You women who sleep with them knowing what they do to their wives, just don’t…tell them you deserve better. Raise sons to respect people. Raise daughters to fight for themselves. Be part of a community movement to address and confront this issue because in the end…it will affect all of us in some way. And stop blaming the victim. Please.

MORE McAfee…Aria Made Me Do It! 05-25-12

John McAfee

So I wasnt going to update you all about McAfee ’cause seriously…don’t we have a good picture by now that he is just out and out nuts? But several people sent me new articles, including my husband and my brother, so ARIA made me update you all! LOL

In the first one, he tries to appeal to our sympathies but really…it just comes across as a desperate ploy. Still, did you know that there are no toilets in the jail cells in Belize? Who knew you had to use a cut up milk jug???? That needs to change….and no beds? What the hell? Sux for you!


The second one explores his background a little more…I had no idea he was British! From Gloucestershire! Can you even pronounce that???

Happy reading lovers! AND pretty please, go tell those very concerned ladies who were so ashamed of backwards Belize and who thought we should APPOINT McAfee to discuss the Superbond ALLLLLLL about these articles….pleease? They are so concerned and realllllly should know how he is doing. LMAO OMG SMH I would put more acronyms but you get the point…wait…one more: ROTFLMAO


Belizean Stage Not Big Enough For McAfee! Taking His Poppy Show INTERNATIONAL!!!!

John McAfee


And I quote:

“As of noon, today….I will no longer be speaking to the Belizean press the dialog between myself and the Government of Belize deserves a larger stage, and a press that is not aligned with local politics….it is time for cooler heads to consider our dialog, and time for a larger audience.”

John McAfee, Channel 7 News, Belize

LMAO!!!!! WTH??????? What does he expect to get? Nobody gives a shit about this crap internationally?! As a matter of fact, he might wanna siddown and STFU ’cause the scuttlebutt is that the IRS is very interested in his ASSets!

Aye…this is getting sad ’cause it is hard to make fun of someone you suspect of being kinda gone in the head, ya know?

Links to latest and previous articles:






John McAfee AGAIN 05-12-12

John McAfee

I won’t even bother writing anything….just read the excerpt from the report made by Channel 7…maybe it’s true, maybe it isn’t…

there is a quite remarkable development in the John McAfee case. You’ll recall that McAfee is the American investor who was strung up by the GSU when they searched his Orange Walk Estate ten days ago.

Well, this evening the Commander GSU says that a public officer tried to get a GSU officer to turn informant for McAfee – and tell her whenever the GSU will make a move on him again.

Here’s how it went down: On Monday of this week 44 year old Matilda GARNETT, a Second Class clerk who works at the Vital Statistics Unit allegedly contacted a member of the GSU and asked him to meet her. He did, and GARNETT, claiming that she was acting on behalf of McAfee proposed to the officer that if he would provide her with reports on the operations of the GSU as they related to McAfee, he would be quote, unquote, “handled” well. The officer reported the matter to the commander of GSU and a sting operation was conducted the following day.

During that meeting, GARNETT is alleged to have introduced the officer to another person who she said was one of McAfee’s “right hands”, 40 year old Rodwell RICHARDS – a former policeman. He is alleged to have made the same offer to the officer and allegedly went as far as giving him $200.00 with a promise of being “well taken care of” once he kept them informed.

And so this evening, GARNETT was charged with “attempting to corrupt an officer”. RICHARDS was just arrested and will be charged for the same offence.

The GSU says that According to GARNETT and RICHARDS, McAfee had become paranoid since the GSU raid and was since living in fear that the GSU would visit him again, so he wanted a “heads up”.

We could not reach McAfee for comment – and he did not respond to our request by text message.”

Link to:http://www.7newsbelize.com/sstory.php?nid=22426

It’s My Birthday Bitchezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! My Favourite Gift So Far by Fayemarie Anderson Carter

Life Is Divine


When Aria posted her “ramblings” I was like nahuh….I’m not doin’ daaaaat! But birthdays have a funny way of making you reflect and so here we are.

I couldn’t have anticipated much of what has occurred in my life…it vaguely resembles what I had planned, more like a Monet or a van Gogh…you know they are flowers but you nevah saw no flowers that looked like that! LOL

As I moved through life, from child to teen, to young adult and now what I consider my “conquering the world” adult years, the way I tell my story has changed. As a child, my life was points on a line: first this, then this, then that. And in relaying it to others, there was a sort of unspoken competition as to who had the worst, or most interesting thing happen to them. So, it was about being born in one place, moving a bunch of times, catholic school, getting stitches, ruined birthdays, Santa Claus, caye trips, death, car accidents, visits to family in faraway places, mean teachers and strict parents. I knew that much of my experience was traumatic and as such had an impact on my attitudes, beliefs and decisions I made. I was aware of that much at least. So, I acted from a place of “I’m not going to do anything that will get me into trouble and make my life more complicated”.

That sounded like a good plan but it didn’t work. Emphatic FAIL. I became an over achiever, a perfectionist, succeeding pretty much at every challenge I undertook which sounds awesome but I was an anxious worry wort, always waiting for the next bad thing to happen. And while it is prudent and wise to be cautious, it is crippling to the soul to be in the grips of fear. That was what I truly was, in the grips of fear. I told myself that I was being smart, being prepared, avoiding mistakes with dire consequences. But the truth was, I was hiding from life. I had to come to believe, not all by myself, of course, in a devastating untruth. You know the one: if you work hard, great will be your reward? And so I did. I avoided the pitfalls such as experimenting with drugs, breaking the law, getting pregnant, failing out of school. But along with that was a great avoidance of many other things and before you know it, I had backed myself into a dark little corner. So afraid was I of being vulnerable and failing that I rejected new adventures, developing my talents, even friendships and I demanded utmost integrity and loyalty from those I did let in.

This behaviour created great dissonance. See, that is not me. Inherently, I am a dare devil. I am a fighter at heart and this role I was trying to embody was too safe, too perfect and absolutely unattainable, at least, by me. I was trying to be  Brie Van de Camp and while I have some similar qualities, there is so much to me that is in direct opposition to Brie. And thank god cause seriously, she is one messed up chick 🙂 and uhm she lives on tv. LOL  To get beyond this self imposed prison of Briedom, there was something I had to do first. I had to accept I was not Brie. Ok, now what? ARGHHHHHH! Ruuuuuuuuun! My real self is tooooooo much! She is loud! She is foul mouthed! She loves Kathy Griffin! She doesn’t care about being thin! (WTH?) She likes pizza! And sex! And wild children! And gay people! And COLOURS: Burnt orange and teal!  O yeah, and she doesn’t believe in god…hmmmm. And she just might be a democrat… o gosh!

It took years and years of lots of painful reflection, stop-starts,  denial- confrontation,  to get here. It was not easy at all and there were moments when I wondered if all this was really worth it. I mean, couldn’t I just go on with life, prescribed and just put one foot in front of the other, miserable but knowing where I was going? But, my inner fighter demanded more. She knew I could do better and I knew that if I listened and tried again and again, I just might be happy for the first time in my life. Besides, having two girls made it impossible to give up because I wanted better for them and the only way I could do that was if I started being/doing better myself.

See…acceptance is way bigger than what we think it is. Sure, we know what it means. It means to surrender, acknowledging a reality and not attempting to change it. Hmmmmmmm….I have said many, many, many, many, many (you get my point) times that I accept something but then found out I really hadn’t. I would find myself rehashing things in my mind, thinking of what I could do different or how I could get the other person to “see” my point, hoping against hopes of hopes that magically everything would be ok and these people would say sorry and spend the rest of their lives making it up to me… LMAO…buwhahahaha….I can laugh boisterously now but for so long, it was definitely NOT funny.

Part of it was just lack of experience…I was just not old enough to know that some things just are and they stay that way. Some of it was a need to have everyone I love, love me back. And then there was the impossible standard I set for myself that I could get anyone to at least respect my views, feelings etc even if they didn’t agree. I never really took into account that others are not like me, that they have different values and gifts and levels of understanding, compassion etc….I “knew” it intellectually but I didn’t ACCEPT it. And as such, I set up myself for a lot of repeated scenes in the same act of the same play, never really moving to the next phase…Today, I think I am there.

This is truly the best gift I could have ever given myself: the gift of self acceptance. It takes a lot to accept. It is rejecting ideas passed on to you; societal expectations; familial pressures; history. It is admitting that those, who taught you the rules of life, were wrong. It is saying goodbye to old things that no longer apply, those things that can not be relevant if one is to embrace the future and the promise of things being different. You can’t hold on to the pain of the past, if you want to truly feel the pleasure of the present. You can’t fret about the mishaps and mistakes of the past if you hope to achieve true fulfillment in the future.

It felt risky. It was very scary for me to let go of all that I knew and to go searching for that which was unknown to me. There was no guide, no older, wiser leader showing me the way. I had to stumble and fall, stumble and fall some more till I thought I would just lay there and give up. I broke down all that  had made me feel like me before, brick by brick, till there was nothing left and then brick by brick I rebuilt, not a wall around me, but a giant stage for me to stand on 🙂

I have come a long way and I know there are still more things to find out and accept and it will be difficult at times. As a matter of fact, I was challenged just a few days ago and I was knocked sprawling to the ground. I slipped into old patterns of responding by internalizing and acting angry and hateful, playing the nasty words over and over in my head till they became my words. Then I gave myself a stern talking to and reminded myself that that was not me anymore. And I had to accept yet something else, that I still will not always be prepared and I will do the wrong thing; but, now I’m not so scared and I am not worried about laughing at myself when I take things too seriously and end up failing spectacularly. I accept and forgive and accept and forgive myself some more. And the more I do it, the freer I become and happier I feel. I am not going to be a famous doctor or actress or whatever the hell else society considers success and I accept it. I have a different definition and I accept it. I am good enough, today. And I accept that.

UPDATE: Just How Nutz Is This Nut???? Who is John McAfee? by Fayemarie Anderson Carter

John McAfee

Full Article on McAfee: https://twocanview.com/2012/05/04/just-how-nutz-is-this-nut-who-is-john-mcafee-by-fayemarie-anderson-carter/

There are people rising up to defend John McAfee by attacking the source of the works I quoted, saying it is mere speculation and there is no proof. One comment called me “judgmental” reminding me that those living in glass houses shouldn’t cast stones.

WTF??? Really? LMAO! O Good Lordamerci! Why get so personal over a man neither of us knows???

I want to ask: how is it that I am being “judgmental” when I give information about John McAfee but those who threw this word around didn’t call what they were doing as “judgemental” when they presented their “information” about the GSU?  I love sharing information and receiving information but you can’t designate the very same action a different name just because it’s me and it’s you and it’s McAfee and it’s the GSU…info is info. That would be saying that while I shit, you spread joy and love even though we are both taking a dump on a toilet! And I quoted Channel 5 too…how come no comments or attacks on using them as a source HUH???? Biased much?

I didn’t focus on the GSU because really, that is a WHOLE OTHER article and I did talk about them in the context of THIS particular incident. MY PURPOSE WAS TO EXPOSE JOHN MCAFEE!!!

Don’t get it all twisted lovers! I could give a shit about the man for any possible personal reasons…don’t know him, will gain nothing by deliberately disparaging him, reiterating once more: I AINT GETTIN PAID FAH DIS and even if I were, is nuh mi style fi di lie fi nobadi, even mi own pickney! Ask dem! Mi mek dey get suspended and go dah court by demself when dey get ketch fi duh stupidness.

AND again with the accusations of being spin doctors! WTH???? What am I spinning???? I just did some background research on the man..because even if I nuh si di damn fish, AH SMELL IT!!!! And why is it when we question anydamnthing or anydamnbody mi hafi yer bout di paliticians dem just as corrupted and tief and dis and dat! Is mi tawkin bout dem ret now?????? LOOKYA! mi nah gat all day and needah do you fi di read all dat! Stick to di topic! Basic English Composition 101!!!!

Jeff Wise

With that said: Jeff Wise? the guy I used as my source? is not some random dude with no credibility…he is a respected author and contibutor to many reputable magazines and blogs, including The New York Times, Psychology Today, Men’s Healthto name a few. Check out his bio: http://jeffwise.net/about-the-author/

Jeff Wise faced his own critics when he wrote this article about McAfee and the magazine he wrote for got a lot of flack but he is sticking by his story and it would seem, with good reason. Here is his rebuttal to those attacking his article: http://www.fastcompany.com/1625080/john-mcafee-belize-quorum-sensing-female-viagra

I don’t know people….perhaps it is your disappointment in the man that is evoking this reaction against me and Aria…that’s cool…but seriously….please…always know that we do come from only the best place when we write. We really do want to elevate our collective attitudes/belief systems/ethics to reflect integrity and intolerance of corruption. I’m only one person. I can’t DO more than I can do. While I can hold people accountable morally and ethically, I can’t enforce laws and prosecute criminals, perform heart surgeries and rescue cats outtah trees(btw seriously, that only seems to happen with American cats right??)

*sigh* I digress….you get my point. Please understand our purpose. Understand yours. That is the first step to eliminating a lot of the confusion and backlash we tend to get …At the same time, if you got a legit point and feel like arguing it (respectfully and always with humour, man..life ain’t dat serious) BRING IT KITTIES!!!!

O yeah and BITE ME! LOL heeheheeeheheheeeee

Just How Nutz Is This Nut???? Who is John McAfee? by Fayemarie Anderson Carter

I am not ever going to excuse or condone use of excessive force EVEN if it is in the process of protecting our nation.

That said….there are several disturbing things going on with  John McAfee. Let’s look at an article written almost exactly 2 years ago to the day, by an American journalist, Jeff Wise.http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/145/fantasy-island.html.

The original purpose was to interview John McAfee about his research on quorum sensing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quorum_sensing. Quorum sensing refers a process by which receptor bacteria receives signals from inducer bacteria or the signalling bacteria and as such function in gene expression. In other words, they decide what genes are reproduced in a particular environment. The following is an excerpt from the article:

“I’m working on a medical research project that has enormous potential,’ he told me. “I hired a young researcher, Dr. Adonizio, who is the leading researcher on a new branch of antibiotic development, using medicinal-type plants.”

McAfee explained that infectious bacteria become dangerous only when they multiply to a certain concentration, at which point, thanks to a process called “quorum sensing,” they collectively shift to a pathogenic mode. The signal that modulates this response is a certain chemical pheromone — if a drug can block its action, the bacteria will never become dangerous. And because no bacteria are killed, the accelerated evolution that results in antibiotic resistance never occurs. “

Whew! Got that? Good. The journalist was perturbed however by the “leading researcher” Dr. Allison Adonizio, about whom several things McAfee had said about her turned out to be untrue.  Wise says that they “began their work together — not, as McAfee had told me, two years earlier, but just seven months before. She had identified, she says, not six promising herbs, but two. Nor, it later emerges, was she “the leading researcher” in quorum sensing, as McAfee had described her; several eminent scholars in the field told me they’d “never heard of that person.”who he says “nobody has heard of”.  Also it would seem  that the research facility appears hodgepodge since Wise describes the one room back building at Galen University as having just been “knocked together” two days before his arrival. The next thing is that they aren’t really focusing on quorum sensing research but rather an herbal compound to enhance the female libido. Wise says that McAfee plans to use the money he makes from this to then further his research on quorum sensing…HUH?????

Wise also talks about how McAfee says he has bribed his way into gaining cooperation of the locals (that’s us) in the following excerpt:

By now it seems pretty clear that McAfee isn’t as impoverished as he’s let on. The double lot he lives on — one of “several properties” he’s purchased, according to a local realtor — is worth about $1.5 million for the land alone. Then there is the $1 million patrol boat he donated to the Belizean coast guard. (In a letter to The New York Times, he described it as an act of philanthropy; later, he tells me he had to bribe members of the coast guard to prevent them from hassling his ferry business: “This is a third-world country. I had to bribe a whole bunch of folks.”) Throw in a $400,000 set of greenhouses, a handful of other businesses, the rent on a half-million-dollar boat, 35 to 40 local employees, lab buildings and equipment, and the fact that people keep asking him for $1,000 here, $5,000 there, and it all starts to, well, add up.

Which brings me to my original thought when I read the comments both McAfee and his supporters made after he was detained on May 2, 2012. The prevailing sentiment was that the Belize Government is harassing someone who has been such a benefactor to Belize and its people, even the very police who came to execute the warrant. Uhm…so? Just because you throw some money around, you should be beyond the law? And then I read this here article and he in his own damning words admits that he is basically bribing his way so he is left alone. I wasn’t the only one with this impression. Read what the journalist himself observed:

One night, over dinner in Belize, the conversation turned to the subject of a seawall McAfee had built on his property. Seawalls are regulated on Ambergris Caye, as in many places, because though they may retard beach erosion in one place, they tend to accelerate it elsewhere. And so a pair of police officers came to visit him. “We are sorry that we have to tell you to stop building that wall,” they said. “I am sorry that I have to tell you that I am going to build it anyway,” he told them, and they left.

To McAfee, this exchange was proof of the evolved level of discourse in Belize, where a person is largely left to do as he pleases. Yet surely there is a point to laws and regulations, I protested. How would he feel if a neighbor built a wall that caused his beach to erode? “That would be fine.” What if his neighbor built a 20-story high-rise that loomed over his villa? “I’d let him.” Really? “Who am I to say whether a skyscraper is a good thing or not?” he countered. “Just look at the skyline of Manhattan, how beautiful it is.”

At the time, I thought that he was simply being argumentative. But McAfee seems to want freedom without limitation.

So this guy Wise goes home and starts digging around to find out that McAfee is being sued because of his disregard again for rules. He, in his misguided enthusiasm, decided to open a flight school to teach aerotrekking, something McAfee basically made up. He had hired his nephew, Joel Gordon Bitow, as a flight instructor even though it is ILLEGAL to give instructions when all you have is a SPORT PILOT CERTIFICATE, much easier to get than a PILOT’s LICENSE. Bitow went to one of the most dangerous parts of the canyon in Arizona where he crashed and killed his student, Robert Gilson. Frank Flemming on behalf of Gilson has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against McAfee:

The Superior Court of Maricopa County, Arizona, will decide whether McAfee should be held responsible. Was Bitow acting under McAfee’s instruction, or on his own? To Fleming, unsurprisingly, the case is clear. It was McAfee who conceived of the sport of aerotrekking and who promoted it in the national media. And it was McAfee who gave Bitow the trike to fly and put him in charge of the flight school. “Pushing his nephew, Joel Gordon Bitow, into a situation where he’s giving dual instruction in an illegal operation, to innocent people off the street, and encouraging people to perform low-altitude, high-speed flight over unforgiving terrain with no margin of error — that to me is no different than being a drunk driver or a reckless speeder in a school zone,” Fleming says. His civil complaint seeks $5 million in damages. Punitive damages could run much higher.

SOooooo…..Wise says that McAfee became a permanent resident of Belize because:

“A judgment in the States is not valid down here,” McAfee tells me. “And lawsuits in process in the United States have a difficult time in the collection stage.”

Oh and did we mention he is sleeping with a 17 year old minor???? How long has this been going on? Was she of  the age of consent when the affair started? Even so…it could be an indication of just how much disregard he has for social mores. Or is it pointing at the fact that he likes to do what he wants when he wants and let’s face it, how powerful is a 17 against such an older man? He probably figures he would just pay her off too.

My point for doing all of this digging around although thanks to Jeff Wise, a lot of it came in a neat little package, so that I only had to verify what Wise said for the most part, IS: do we know who this man is? AND WHY AGAIN?????? ARE WE DEFENDING SOMEONE WHO IS OBVIOUSLY USING THE WHOLE DAMN COUNTRY TO ESCAPE HIS MORAL AND LEGAL OBLIGATIONS? Even if that Gilson lawsuit is lost, the way McAfee is handling it shows his disrespect for life through his blatant reckless and irresponsible actions behind his flight school and now his running away and hiding all his assets in our country. The way he talks about us is we just need some money, the little peasants and they will do what I want…even in his own interview with Channel 5, he shared his indignation that the Minister of National Security did not bother to call him back: http://edition.channel5belize.com/archives/69954

“I attempted to reach Mister Saldivar, the Minister of National Security on six different occasions. He did not return a single phone call, neither did his secretary—which as a last resort, I tried to reach him through his secretary. I sent him a text saying Mister Saldivar it is urgent that I speak to you. He did not respond. He is a member of the same party that was slighted by my refusal to donate. So this is astonishing too; the Minister of National Security. And I was going by to meet with him anyways—I would with any new minister just out of courtesy. I am a foreign citizen in this country; I want to meet the minister to let them know I am here if I can help in any way, hello, goodbye, whatever. It’s just politeness. He refused to respond to my phone calls, to give me an appointment to meet him or in any way to talk to him. And this was three weeks prior to this event that I was trying to reach Mister Saldivar. So Mister Saldivar, please would you call me now?”

I mean this is laughable really…to expect that you get to text a minister and demand his attention. Ever heard of a letter? for the matter of record??? What is he doing with the man’s private cell number anyway? For all we know? Dude  is making this shit up…no proof…lesson learned Mr. McAfee.
So about the raid…McAfee went on and on about how uncomfortable it was to be in jail and how he lost sleep and how he didn’t get anything to eat. I am sorry that he wasn’t treated to basic human accommodations but what is the usual experience in a Belize jail…does anybody know? Fill us in in the comments below K? Anyhow, beyond that question, how comfortable is jail supposed to be? And let’s be fair, the man had armed guards and 13 dogs (I bet that number is significant). This is an excerpt from the report in Channel 5 News: http://edition.channel5belize.com/archives/69891
During the search ten firearms—seven, twelve gauge pump action shotguns; one, twelve gauge single action shotgun; one Taurus nine millimetre pistol and one, nine millimetre CZ pistol were found. Five air rifles with scopes resembling sniper rifles that use six point two six millimetre slugs were also found and two hundred and seventy twelve gauge cartridges.  Additionally, thirty nine millimetre rounds and twenty point thirty-eight rounds were also taken. 
Is the GSU supposed to knock politely on his door so he can send them away like he did the policemen in San Pedro? Mister “No mattah wot u say Mistah ASSifah, I’m gonna do what I want anyway” McAfee? Quote from Wise’s article: “Success for me is, Can you wake up in the morning and feel like a 12-year-old?”  How much more plain can McAfee make it for all of us? He wants to act like an adolescent…no responsibilities…want his cake and yours too!
It would seem that the GSU did have just cause and even the killing of the dog was justified. The major news houses keep mentioning a press release from the GSU but I haven’t seen the actual release just bits and pieces of what is supposed to be in there BUT it would seem that there was an illegal lab in there, unlicensed arms, and bodyguards without licenses? Again, an  excerpt from the report in Channel 5 News: http://edition.channel5belize.com/archives/69891

Analysts at the Forensic Laboratory, and personnel from the Ministry of Health were taken to inspect the facility and samples of an alleged antibiotic apparently being manufactured at the Laboratory were also taken for analysis. The Ministry of Health has already confirmed that no licence has been granted to McAfee or any of his agents to manufacture antibiotics in Belize.  Doing so without a licence is an offence under the Antibiotics Act.

Further investigation led into a query regarding the employment of the security guards. This revealed that only two of the four guards on the premises were licensed to act as security guards.

And in regards to the fatally wounded man’s best friend, the GSU says that three of the eleven dogs on the premises attacked and bit one of the officers on his right thigh. The same dog then attacked a B.D.F. soldier who responded by fatally wounded the dog.

At the end of the search, three of the security guards were arrested and charged for “Providing Security Services without a License”. While McAfee, who was initially detained and charged for the offences of Kept Unlicensed Firearm and Ammunition, was later released.  This aspect is still under investigation as no such licence has yet been found in the records at Police Headquarters.

We need to be careful here. Just because this man has money and is supposedly being generous which could easily be construed as bribery, he is not NOT above the law. At the same time, if what he claims is true, we need to clean that mess up and expose that politician for what he is, a goddamned crooked extortionist engaging in political victimization. And as for the GSU, please behave according to protocol and severely deal with any in your unit who abuses his/her power. We can’t fight crime by acting like criminals. You must be beyond reproach or don’t bother at all because the cases will get thrown out; you will create bad press,impacting our financial outlook both in tourism and investment dollars;  impair any sort of goodwill efforts; and worst of all, fail the very public YOU ARE working for.

And as for those damn henz crying about poor Mr. McAfee: Know who the hell and what the hell you fighting for?! How uno could get soh blinded by soh lee money whe hi throw wi way…we nuh soh cheap man…cian’t!

Daily Dingleberry 05-02-12 Snake in Our Garden

Yesterday, I was the recipient of some pretty hateful speech and I want to share it with you because at first, it may seem personal but trust me it is very political and relevant.

My husband posted what seemed an innocuous status on his Facebook page about it being time to find out what I wanted to do for my birthday week…(he has decided to give me a whole week this year cuz I’m awesome)

His friend responded with “your money“…I was immediately taken aback and insulted but decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and took it as an example of just a joke gone awry…as my husband answered, it became clear he was not joking as he then went on to insult my intelligence.

So I said…in Creole, “sorry fi you” which you know in real Creole would be way less English than that…to which he then responded with wth does it mean and I explained “Sorry for you” making me wonder about his intelligence ‘cuz really, how hard was that to decipher?

He then attacked my immigrant status saying he is sorry if I can’t speak the language of the country in which I live…I put it in proper grammatical form so you can read it…anyway I knew what he was saying so I said less than eloquently: “Anyway, f*ck you” because by this time it was obvious he was not joking, he really was going there and he was going to just go on…

He then went on to explore his point even further by asking about what kind of money I bring in and even if I bring in any it’s so little that I don’t pay taxes…blah, blah blah…I removed my previous three comments, hoping he would notice that I no longer wished to communicate and discuss my marriage, employment etc. But he didn’t notice or didn’t care so he went on to say that my husband could do much better and that bc of my social work background, I was holding him back and that all I wanted him was for his money and proof is that I, as an immigrant, couldn’t possibly bring my own food to the table and that democrats like me would miss him when he died because he pays for everything I have…hmmmmmmmm.


So what do I take away from this…besides the jealousy displayed towards my husband, our marriage, me and my beauty (he compared me to Marilyn Monroe and Jim as the Kennedys LOL)? He hates Obama, immigrants, social programs,women, democrats, and goodness knows what else….

He is an example of the worst kind of Republican…believing that everyone is out to get him and that anything with a hint of social interest is someone trying to get something for nothing: zero sum mentality…immigrants want free ish from the government; poor people are poor because they choose to be and don’t work hard enough, women get married so they can use men for their money; Obama is ruining the economy and this country and what it stands for….OMG

So what does this have to do with Belize? Plenty….we look to America for precedents in law, social policies, education…you name it. We want American investors to come to Belize and develop industry. We want Americans to come as tourists and explore our beauty whilst giving us a living. We look to America to send volunteers to help us set up clinics, school programmes, sports scholarships etc.

Is what he thinks what they all  think of people like us? Unfortunately, some of them do and from the fury of the Republicans and the nuts in the Tea Party, this sort of hatred seems to be escalating.  We need to make sure who we let into our country, giving them concessions and leases to our land…selling them everything down to we ass and wi chambah. We better be careful that soon nuff we don’t become second class citizens in our own country because we chasing the almighty dollah.

Not only am I asking us as Belizeans to be careful of who we invite into our garden, I also want us to use my story as a cautionary tale. We must NOT act like this. We have our own immigration issues. We treat them badly. We give them the worst jobs and don’t care how they live. We complain about our tax dollars paying for school for “them”, and medical for “them” and worry about how they sell their votes to get their papers fixed. How ugly is hatred. Let’s try to remember that behind every “issue” are real people. He is someone’s father,brother,son. She is someone’s mother, sister,daughter. While we treat them like dirt, they are someone’s heroes.

So what I am saying is: if someone can think I am a piece of dirt and treat me as such…I, who have never committed a crime; I, who paid my way through school with scholarships and grants by working hard; I, who raise two special needs children with virtually no help; I, who dedicated almost 8 years to social service, first as an intern, then as a therapist; I,who volunteer, make donations to charities, work to raise awareness for cancer, injustice, human rights, you name it….how do you expect someone with no education, no voice, no hope to be treated and more importantly, respond? Do we want to make others feel defeated? desperate? unworthy?

Don’t be a part of that. Raise the bar. Don’t allow anyone to treat you as less than human because they say you are, or think you are so desperate and need their money, or think you are so ignorant that you know no better. And as such don’t treat anyone like that either.

“The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good.”