Civility Please! by: Aria Lightfoot

A national political campaign is better than the best circus ever heard of…” H. L. Mencken

Whoever coined the term “silly season” has understated the ridiculous fever pitch the Belize elections is unfolding into. For starters, I am personally sick and tired about hearing about Belize’s new “heroine”  Schakron . We are celebrating a character that withheld vital information from her party,  turned her entire party into a bunch of flip floppers instead of doing the “heroine” thing and stepping aside for a qualified candidate.  Apparently political animals suffer from separation anxiety because at this juncture it is safe to say the PUP are flogging a dead horse, failing to let the Schakron issue go and with only two weeks to go before the elections.   I am not sure anyone but diehard PUPs see Schakron as a victim, therefore,  after singing to your  choir, and the choir has responded in kind and not gaining one vote from the entire debacle and possibly turning off  independent voters from the charade, PUP should be like me and  never mention her name again.

 Secondly, what is the purpose of  defacing signs?  How  childish!  Do signs really pose a threat? Do people look at a sign and think “OMG, I didn’t realize what a great party that was until I saw his sign! I will surely vote for  X because their sign really did it for me” . Are we electing leaders or children? When I see sign defacement , I see an immature act and begin questioning what that person has to say that makes the other party feel so threatened.

And this is the biggie for me. Lying to voters!  Just bold face, unapologetically,  lying and misinforming the people, hoping to win votes.  This behavior is a big turn off to me and many voters. Lying, cheating, stealing, withholding information and deception all speak volumes to a person’s character.  If you will lie for something insignificant, imagine when you are in office and faced with tough decisions where character becomes key, what then?

Is asking our politicians to behave in a civil manner asking too much?  This should be a time where voters can be confident that the information leaders are sharing are reliable; a time when our youths can learn how to compete fiercely and fairly; a time to teach our people about our constitution and political system;   a time to realize that Belize’s dire conditions requires maturity beyond the present disgraceful display. Grow up politicians and future leaders! Earn respect and act in a respectful manner. You are an embarrassment to the youths, voters and the world. You are leaving behind images that are viewable throughout the world on YouTube, Facebook and online media sources. And just in case it didn’t occur to you,  those footprints you are leaving behind will remain searchable forever!

3 thoughts on “Civility Please! by: Aria Lightfoot

  1. you got to hand it to him, the prime minister, in a brilliant move called early elections. no doubt about it the pup, even with four years to get its act together was nowhere near ready. the p.m. knew it, now it is manifesting itself so that the voters can see it.

    the pup is still the party that was overwhelmingly voted out in the last election. they did not get the message. it has not evolved, same players, same game plan, same mentality. terrible, terrible leadership on the part of the pup executive.

    so not suprisingly, what we are seeing is the desperate squeals of a wounded animal. it will surely lose this election. the question is what the extent of the damage will be. a landslide victory for the udp, serves no one, not even the udp. without a check on udp’s power, their view of themselves as King and God for another five years will only be reinforced, and belize will pay a dear price (as it did during the second term of the pup).

    the question is will this version of the pup die this time. will it finally give way to better talent, new ideas, leadership and vision? belize deserves that. belize deserves a viable opposition to keep the ruling party in check, and the pup is failing us. they can’t even help themselves much less the people of belize. sad, sad, sad…..

  2. When you take reality as it is, perhaps we should realize that our need is not to ‘find something to believe’—but rather to discover that our lives indicate what we believe right now. This is the place to start. Its time ‘We the people…’ We are, and we should be, both a gentle, and an angry people to change our reality…..

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