Will not be posting Dingleberries for a while…Im sure you can understand that I am very busy with making arrangements for my brother’s funeral and just can’t really focus on politics…Aria I am sure will keep discussing relevant issues and while I may not comment or participate…I will be following. Just want to remind everybody the total value of the essay contest is around $1100. Please encourage our young people to write…the deadline has been extended since we will actually be in Belize 😉


RIP Henry D Anderson March 26, 1976- February 20, 2012

Henry D Anderson

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  1. “LOSING LOVE IS LIKE A WINDOW IN YOUR HEART – EVERYBODY SEES YOU’RE BLOWN APART, EVERYBODY SEES THE WIND BLOW…” Fom one who knows, depest condolences to all your family, Faye.

  2. FAC….take care of yourself and your family…..Belizean politics will be right here for you to try to improve when your personal work is done.

  3. My Warmest & Sincerest Condolencnes on the loss of your beloved brother ..take consolation in knowing that it was his time to traverse the universe and he is unto a better place , free of earthly pain and suffering!! I have always found comfort in this statement —-“To live in the hearts and minds you left behind is not to die !!” leon uris fondly njr

  4. Deepest sympathy to you and your family FayeMarie. May your brother rest in peace and may you find the strength and courage to handle this untimely loss.

    • Could anyone send me Henry Darley Anderson’s official obituary? I want to be sure I sent flowers to the correct location.

    • The Funeral will be held at Sacred Heart Church, Dangriga @3pm Saturday Feb 25, 2012. AL on behalf of FAC.

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