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  1. After reading the article written by Kim Simpliss Barrow in Complexd Magazine, I am compelled to write the following:Cancer is something that has affected me deeply. I have seen loved ones bravely battle this disease, some loosing and some WINNING! All who are supporters of Mrs. Barrow describe her going public with this disease as a brave move and one that show's first hand her strength and dedication to bringing awareness on a global scale! I agree, her strength is obvious for us all to see!

    My idea of a woman of strength and someone who I would have preferred to read an article about is as follows.My Belizean woman of strength is too tired to get out of bed yet she finds the strength to read passages from the Bible to her 5 year old son. She suffers from headaches 24 hrs a day but sings her favorite songs often with her children. She knows her life is coming to and end but she is determined to hang on at least long enough  to see her eldest child turn 18 yrs so that when she's gone her children aren't separated and placed in various orphanages in Belize. Her eldest will take  on the role as head of household.This woman cant't work, she bedridden. The little money she gets is given to her by her ailing,elderly grandmother, yet when I visited her last, her neighbor’s 3 year old daughter was invited to join the family for lunch. The mentioning of Mrs. Barrow’s extensive wardrobe or what she snacks on during a photo shoot does not phase me. Interestingly enough however, during the same week Mrs Barrow was receiving her last round of chemotherapy in Miami, in Belize, a group of Canadian Doctors and  representatives from a company that supplies radiation therapy machines held a seminar at the KHMH. Although invitations were sent out to representatives from the Ministry of Health, NO ONE from the Ministry attended. So…… It makes me question ……what’s the use of bringing about a Global Awareness when there seems to be only a superficial awareness campaign taking place here at home …in Belize!
    Radiation therapy has a far higher rate of curing certain cancers than chemotherapy)

    • It is interesting that you continue to dismiss Mrs. Barrow’s struggles. Everyone faces a different set of difficulties. It is quite insensitive to say that one woman’s struggles is more significant than another. The reality that Mrs. Barrow is in fact more privileged should not make her battle any less painful or difficult nor should we ignore that she has a specific set of challenges that not many other people will face. For example, the fact that she has to fight this fight in public while attending to her duties as First Lady, a position that comes with many varied obligations; then as a mother to a daughter, whose future must be an all encompassing concern for her; and as a wife to the Prime Minister of developing nation. She and every action she takes, is open to scrutiny and criticism such as yours. Perhaps, this is your opportunity to do something you feel passionate about. Why don’t you write about these women you sympathize with and get their stories out? We do have a page that can be used for that…the Community Outreach? You may use it as a forum if you like? or you can just as well create a FB page to suit your purposes. I hope to see your efforts dedicated to some such purpose.

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