Allegedly unconfirmed by: Aria Lightfoot

I can’t stomach anymore hypocrisy this election season!  Thank God there is less than a week left!     This morning a lady did her Facebook thing and went on a verbal rampage against one of the electoral candidates.  Unfortunately she was not legally sophisticated to understand that personal knowledge is not enough to type or say things about people. If there is no proof in hand,  one may be held liable for libel and slander.  No sooner had she said it, out pops party counsel to advise her that she can be sued for her statement and should remove it forthwith, which she did.  I know you are sitting there thinking…”Whatever!  I see political proponents mudslinging all day. If that was true, they would be sued too”…Beware!  For every lie or misinformation shared with you, it is normally preceded with “unconfirmed” or “allegedly”.  Be careful how you follow these politicians and attorneys my Belizeans.  Don’t be an information mule, because they are exhibiting bad examples of leadership and will set you up to make crazy allegations which you may be potentially liable for.  They also have the legal body of their party backing them up…So unu stop di repeat and re-post things whe unu can’t prove!   The trolls are on Facebook!  I found the entire incident quite hypocritical as another prominent attorney from the same party is all over Facebook tagging people into some salacious gossip preceded by the words “unconfirmed”.   Hold it together my Belizeans…don’t be pawns to this game cause as I have said before, this game bigga than you or me!