Do You Know This Man???????

The only information we have up to date is that he is known as Gordo or Panch. He has been arrested and charged with indecent assault on minors.  San Ignacio police would appreciate your help. Contact Superintendent Williams if you have any information regarding this man.

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  1. Name: Fransisco Tzec. Moved from his rented house in Kontiki area San Ignacio after this police report. Lives by El Pilar Bullet Tree. Last seen growing a beard and his mustache. If he has nothing to hide, why grow his hair to make himself unrecognizable? hmmm…a girl that I used to go to school with told me he always harassing her sexually. But she neva gone report. 😦 When you small you afraid for what people will say if you report something of this nature. I hope they send him dah jail. How he claim he confuse a child vagina for an old lady vagina (the child’s grandmother) jeez! and then claim the girl has something against him and inventing. Who the hell wants to say something like that to get back at someone. Jeez! He think people stupid.

    • OMG! This is just unbelievable. The things people come up with. I hope justice is served and I hope your friend understands that we are behind her. May she find some sense of peace.

    • One way to catch him is reporting incidents, documenting evidence, let people and police know about any instance of abuse, harassment, or any unwanted advances, specially with children. Report it, document it and keep telling authorities about it. Silence is the predator’s best tool.

    • A great person? Why was he acussed several times of child abuse? Why students are afraid of him? Why people in Bullet Tree village don’t want him close to any child? Everybody is lying? Why? What is the evidence to demonstrate that he is a great person?

  2. Well I know this person, what stands out for me is that he is homophobic and demands the death of gay people. Well looks like molesting little girls are perfectly normal to him.

  3. likes to harrass girl students!!!!!!!!!!!!!! extrememly pervert!!!!!!!!!!!! garbages like him should be put in jail forever….

  4. Well as far as I know, his name is Fransisco tzec. He use to teach at sacred heart primary school located in San Ignacio… He drove a black looking jeep ( probably painted it blue as other’s have mentioned). I know his mother is a teacher also who taught at sacred heart primary school. Her name is Fransisca Tzec…

  5. Francisco Tzec – He’s a teacher, taught at Sacred Heart Primary, in San Ignacio. Lives on Beetle Juice Street in Kontiki Area, San Ignacio Town

  6. last known info on my side: he lives in Maya Vista Area, in a small blue house. the only one with a small blue jeep parked outside. close to the gas station. and if he doesnt live there anymore, his wife and kids still does. get more info there.

  7. Looks familiar, but can’t quite place him. Is that a tape measure or spirit level hanging in the background of the photo. Wall coloring is sort of like hospital colors…just looking for clues to spark a memory.

  8. The report says that ‘He has been arrested and charged with indecent assault on minors.” If this is the case, then the police should have more information on this scumbag. Or did they forget to ask him his real name or even take his fingerprints? And what the hell is he doing out and about if he had been arrested. If they did have him and have screwed up another case, then it just shows us again how inept our police force really is.

    • i think i know him…his name might be Fransisco Tzec…. He Teaches at Mopan Technical High School in Benque….i hope i am not mistaken…

    • you are not mistaken. His name is Fransisco Tzec. He use to teach at Sacred Heart Primary School in San Ignacio a while back.

    • was a teacher at sacret heart as far as im concern he was expelled for reaching to school a morning quite drunk…he was then a math teacher at Moppan Technical High School…and as far as im concern he is a perv…he is Francisco Tzec was my frind on facebook but had to block him for posting way off comments and messages

    • “Teacher” Francisco Tzec, from Bullet Tree Falls, was kicked out of Sacred Heart College for drinking and showing up intoxicated to school. He fought back against the school with a lawyer. He already has a lawyer this time. He will fight the abused girls and mother who denounced him.

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