Daily Dingleberry 10-11-12 Sedi Dun “Sed-it” Yu On Yuh Own

I know. I know. You haven’t heard from me in a long time…my squawk box was broken and I had to take some time so it could mend. Miss me? Didn’t think so. So now to business.

I am extremely grateful to the people of Cayo who have continued to demonstrate all that is good about Belize and our people. They have once again raised their voices in solidarity and solemn determination to fight against the sickening crimes crippling our country. They have been respectful, peaceful and firm in their convictions. They have laid out their concerns and have turned to the government, who promised that it is the choice of the people, the voice of the people and are of the people, for direction and support. AND WHAT DID ITS REPRESENTATIVE DO? Hold me back now!


He sat there and basically blamed his people for where we are and told us to fix it ourselves….I can’t even imagine what a mother or father who has lost a child must have felt to hear those words. What went through their heads when it was confirmed by the gatdamn  Attorney General   himself….you will not be getting no justice no time soon people…sorry your kid died but uhm…das yo problem boo…so Mistah Sedi…wut u gone do when people staat tun up DED????? Hangin from the lamp post? In front of the court house???? Maybe your front door?

Because….people will only take so much. When people come to believe that no one cares and there is no hope, they take drastic measures. I don’t want this to happen. Of course not. But if we can’t support each other in what is a debilitating situation affecting everyone of us, what can we expect?

Here’s what: Mr. Sedi Elrington was cruel in his dismissal of people’s pain and their pleas for his help. He was callous in his judgement and cold in his attitude toward his own people. Shame on you Sedi. Shame on our government for mishandling such an opportunity to join hands with the good people of our nation in a fight for our children.

May this fight continue in the name of Jasmine Lowe, Suzenne Martinez and all the missing/murdered girls and boys.

Another Missing Child Reported Taken to Cayo [UPDATE] CHILD FOUND BY MOTHER!

Anthony Martinez, 3 years old

Mother and Child reunited. Per the mother Savana Mckay, it seems there was some miscommunication when she could not reach the babysitter of the child.

Savana Mckay ” the way belize going the slight thing happen i trip so who is foolish to think i was wrong to post this something wrong the babysitter said they rob her fom the minute i had not heard from her i start trip an lot of crap happening in cayo but thank god he is safe.”

Belize City Will Have A Vigil For Jasmine Lowe

From the archives of Channel 7 News Belize



Candle-Light For Jasmine In City As Well
posted (June 8, 2012)

On Saturday night, the Cayo community will have a vigil for Jasmine Lowe – the 12 year old girl who was murdered earlier this week. The disturbing murder has left many Belizeans in shock, and paralyzed by fear. But it has spurred one citizen into action. Dianne Finnegan stopped by our studios today to encourage Belizeans to stand in solidarity and protest against the violence. She told us how you can do your part:Dianne Finnegan 
“When I heard the announcement about the vigil in Cayo, even though the outcry is tremendous nationwide, all of us won’t be able to go to Cayo and so what better way of expressing our solidarity than right where we are at.”

“I am asking that countrywide you go to your nearby park – you choose a place that you would like to hold this vigil. Come out with your candle and t-shirt. This is not just about Jasmine, this is about standing in solidarity and saying we’ve got to do something and I think we’ve been settling for too long.”

“If we don’t do something now I think what we are doing is actually inviting and saying it’s okay we can deal with, it’s going to last just a few days and then we go on as business as usual. No, as a mother, for me the sadness continues – the cry continues that we’ve got to stand in solidarity with parents, with mothers who are out there really feeling this hurt.”

The candlelight ceremony in the Belize district will begin at 7 tomorrow evening at the Battlefield Park to coincide with the simultaneous candlelight vigil in San Ignacio Town.

The Mishandling of Jasmine Lowe’s Investigation by: Aria Lightfoot

Jasmine Lowe – murdered victim of a child predator

Today I am overwhelmed with so many emotions.  I spoke to someone last night on the condition of anonymity (have not slept since then) who revealed some information about the investigation of Jasmine Lowe that causes me to believe that Belize is heading down a very dire path.  I trust this source, so I am going out on a ledge with my rant. When a state can no longer protect its citizens, people will become dangerous citizens of the state.

I was told that the forensic expert could not make a determination as to the cause of death just two days later. He did not extract any fluids from the child to conduct a DNA analysis. No fingernail analysis, no rape kit…nada.  I really cannot believe that “Mr. Death by asphyxiation” did not make at least that determination. In fact, in all my years I can remember, his “expert opinion” has mostly been inconclusive or asphyxiation, unless it is obvious the bullet is exiting the brain.

I have watched enough autopsy stories by Dr. Baden on HBO to know that Belize needs to start replacing inept and dysfunctional entities from top decision making position with post haste.    Two days later, they cannot extract evidence and the child is hurriedly buried?   What is the point of having an incompetent person leading our forensic investigation?  Does he lack the necessary up to date training? Has he seen so many dead bodies that each death means nothing more to him?  Is he just lazy and complacent?  Did this death inconvenience his schedule? WAKE UP! People are seriously upset over this child’s death and the authorities NEED to understand this.

I was also told  that the police contaminated the scene and failed to collect the tire track marks. They failed to effectively preserve the crime scene and trampled all over it. I heard they were playful and were slow to initiate the search for the child.  If I were the Minister of Police, heads would be rolling right now. Everyone would stand in my office and justify to me why they should keep their jobs!  People blame the lack of prosecution, but how can you prosecute incompetence before a trained  defense attorney?

The Government is setting themselves up for a dangerous vigilante society.  As a former resident of the Belmopan, Cayo District, I can tell you growing up in our small gossiping society, we have a close family bond with our kids and residents. How do you think John Saldivar won Belmopan? He is a product of Belmopan. We look out for each other and I know San Ignacio and Santa Elena are no different. We are NOT like Belize City (sorry my city residents) where someone’s worth is measured by placement in society or economic status. We love all our residents and this monster killed one of the well-loved children of the Cayo District society.

Here is the synopsis my Belizean authorities. Even if someone is caught, based on the information I received, he WILL NOT be prosecuted; there WILL BE NO death penalty.  The evidence seems to have been mishandled and trampled. The memory of an angel may remain just that, a fleeting memory. These complacent individuals have become robots and lack empathy when investigating.

Do not stare in the camera reassuring Belizeans that this perpetrator will be caught, knowing that the investigation at this stage is useless.  Someone go and get evidence from that child before it is too late.  Someone hire a new forensic expert and my God get the police who actually give a damn to investigate every death; the ones who believe each and every life is important.  Reach out to the US Embassy and British Embassy for expert help and not just vehicle donations. It sounds like the father of the child may be an American citizen, if that is the case, the US should have an interest in investigating this case.

I have made this child my spiritual daughter.  She is haunting my thoughts and dreams. I speak because she no longer has a voice.  She expects and demands that the authorities in Belize properly investigate this crime,  respect her memory and take this monster off the street. The clues are within her….

Candlelight Vigil for Jasmine Lowe; We need your support.

The Cornerstone Foundation and the Scouts Association will be holding a candlelight vigil in memory of young  Jasmine Lowe.

When: Saturday 9th June 2012

Where:  In front of the San Ignacio  Police Station

Time:  Starting 7pm sharp

We need all to attend and support. Bring your candles and white t-shirts!  Let’s pray for our country and children.